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Una Bendicion in a press..

In Activism on June 21, 2017 at 8:14 AM

Today I experienced and learned about Cuba. President Obama normalized the status yet here we go we have a childish president that is an idiot and does not know how to ask for help, mind you this asshole has the coordinate for nuclear launch, hope the football can and may need to smack him awake…not want to make it better, but is somewhat jealous of other leaders accomplishments….how sick is that… Wow I Miss you brother..



Today I write thinking of my dad, a good man that advanced us all five of us into worlds, Dad wow I miss You.

Today Fathers day I give thanks. Both my dad and my younger brother repose, they rest, I not ever knowing n]my brothers demise. Where did you go brother, how was your lat moment. I can only imagine brother, I imagined your confusing.  I imagined your hurt because we were not there..

I want you to know brother that We were always there, we always had you in our heart and minds. Yeah brother you were never alone because between us all someone had you in our prayer.

dad and bro.jpg

Wow brother my baby brother, intelligent and social you were.  Wow brother thank you for sharing your mind.

Today I lift you up thanking the most high for giving us such a gift. Repose Father And Repose brother each in the single space. The most high has called you both one, out of sheer trabajo y preocupacion. the other because maybe he was also tired and we did not know it.

We began both two different journeys, you a driver, a skill that you studied for in the prior weeks which you constantly reminded me while we sipped our beer’s…in my kitchen.  I as well never imagined that I would return to school, no never until your passing did I think. Our daughter Crystal pushed me forward at your wake. a waste of time I was having, so why not do a Joker…I live you brother for giving me courage for giving me strength….Rest In eternal glory with our dad Teofilo. Descansen..Los Dos..

this is what brothers are about…RIP Joker…

In Activism on September 10, 2016 at 7:55 PM

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Communication in a press

In Communication, People, Uncategorized on February 17, 2016 at 3:23 AM

Well let’s see how I decide to communicate and what system I will use to speak about my current modules that seem to go on forever.  I could only think to pay respect to the lessons that they would teach me on how to get my message across these various channels to a specific audience.

I had a specific audience that I wanted to reach when at first I began this blog.   I kind of expanded it to include my own personal feelings and experiences as I grew.  One never knows where in which way the wind would blow and so one adjusts as I have.

This is my blog that I created that came out of finding myself without an ear or an audience to hear my concerns and my thoughts, they being pressed into reactions, or actions.  Those things that speak louder than words….

So I write this last post to make clear that I understand the purpose of learning how to better communicate  using the tools within the system and the process of getting a message across.  At the end of the day I will continue to update this blog.

Sometimes with insight and at other times with boring particulars that interest no one.  Thats life…