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Update: Hope Restored In A Press: A Garden Grows from Recovery and Penance in Bushwick.

In Activism on August 25, 2017 at 1:01 PM

This is an update as of October 29, 2017…I expected as well as I know that NYPD the 83rd prescient is in the pocket of Maritza Davila, that’s how she and her file clerk were allowed to file false charges and use domestic laws to get paula Melendez an order of protection even though I don’t know this corrupt person nor do we have any common link…they used the judicial as well as the law enforcement to issue legal documents to take over our community garden.

well its all good. because their time in office is running out. and Of course I alerted the Internal Investigation bureau of the NYS Senates office of her actions. No person holding office is allowed to ride free…ad havoc with out community. they will bring her down. she herself caused her own downfall.

She hides behind help for Puerto Rico, while allowing our communities to be taken over by Gentrifiers and the nefarious jews that donate to her campaign warchest. she is as crooked as they come, she learned from the very best, Vito Lopez…but her time in office will be over…

I met with the current Hope Gardens manager and he Lied concerning the garden being under the scope of The RAD program. A black man that lied through his teeth, a violation of his contract to be exact. and a Felony. But we will get to that at a later time.


On April 26th, 2016 I recieved a letter from Ms. L. Richards, NYCHA Hope garden Property Manager requesting that I have a meeting with her concerning a request by Public School 376’s staff member for the purpose of allowing the school to share some area of our community garden for istruction of their pupils.

On May 4th, 2016 I met with Ms. Richards and we discussed possible area’s in the garden that could be used for the students. I was presented with photo’s and a sort of blueprint of the garden with all of it’s plots outlined.  I was asked by Ms. Richards to point out which area’s were not occupied by the community plot’s and I pointed to those area’s.  Also we agreed that the students will use the space for three (3) days out of the week.

On April 28, 2016 I wrote a letter of understanding from the community member’s and I as a response that I presented to Ms. Richards during our meeting, in which we express the desire to share the space for the purpose of enrichment of the pupil’s education on biology and gardening. The meeting ended well, or so I thought.

Since the date of my last meeting with Ms. Richards I continued to maintain the Community garden. On April 22nd, 2017 the community came out and had a community wide event to gather with friends, family and neighbors. There were beverages, food and a portable radio for entertainment, nothing loud or intrusive.

Everyone had a great time and complimented us on our labor to create this space for the past, almost Nine (9) years using only funds supplied by myself and some labor from the children and members of the community.

On April 28th, 2017 While attempting to enter our community garden I was blocked by Assemblymember Maritza Davila’s Staff member who worked across the street at the Assemblymember’s office. Her Name is Paula Melendez. We stood facing each other and as I moved side to side to avoid any contact, someone from across the street called the local 83rd Pct. and then the assemblymember began to shout at me that the community no longer had access to the space after almost 10 years working the grounds.

I was called many foul names by this staff member and eventually arrested and taken to the 83rd Pct. and booked and charged with Harrassment at first, taken to central booking and the next morning charged with other false charges that were all dropped on monday May 1st, 2017 as long as I took a plea to a vilation, which I did.

While this was something major, the real came during the following months not to myself but to our community garden.

Before I was arrested the garden looked like this.

Since the Illegal takeover of our community garden, it has been run down by neglect and abuse.  This is what the space looks like today, just four (4) moths later.

I Had a meeting with the new nycha, hope gardens property manager to see what was going on and to voice my concern over the space.  I was told by him that the space was under the U.S. RAD program.  Yet I researched the proposed locations and building sites under the PERMANENT AFFORDABILITY COMMITMENT TOGETHER (PACT) PROGRAM, and our location and the garden are not included here. 

BUSHWICK II (GROUPS A & C) 580 Central Ave 300 25
BUSHWICK II CDA (GROUP E) 172 Menahan St 276 5
PALMETTO GARDENS 85 Palmetto St 115 1
691 31

So not only has the Assemblymember Maritza Davila and her staff lied to the community, but so has the new Property Manager at Hope Gardens.

I thank The Most High That He Showed Me What A political WHORE this Davila person is, no was…and thank my mother for the grace…not to slap this garbage, understanding from the trash she is used to and how she came to her position, heh, italian vito lopez.

21106646_10203768976900372_1579072875832270893_nNo one in this community Knows any of these fucker’s… from williamsburg..She Davila is a stranger, yes two years later she still is..she still brings the Hasids and continues to invite them into our community..lying to us about not selling our homes.and yet inviting them…I request to see her financial records and her investments…..I wanna see which hasid paid the most…. a Corrupt Leadership, from the top to this bottom… This was the day after and she took this photo of the work to get rid of me and and her abuse. so good that she had to sent it out to the community like she did somthing good…and Ooh look at me…she want’s to get elected…I don’t think so…



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