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Slushfund Speaker Christine Quinn, Queen Of Housing In A Press!

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How Is It Possible That After Recieving Several Rental Assistance Check’s, My Property Manager Informs Me That She Was In Contact With My Case Worker And That He Has Sent Her Any Checks In Dispute And That Several Checks Were Cashed Not By Her, My Landlord Or By Anyone That Has Anything To Do With My Lease, And That He Will Not Tell her Who Has Cashed Those Checks… I Will Request That The Federal Government Investigate This Inconsistency And Possible Fraud.

Whether They Involve People From the Bloomberg Administration And/Or That The Speaker Had Prior Knowledge Or Had Anything To Do With The Witholding Of Rent Payments To Landlords Under The Current Budget To Balance The Books In An Attempt To Do What The Mortgage Housing Crisis Criminal’s Have Already Done To Add To The Start Of The Meltdown And Berni Madoff’s Infamous Scandal…i.e. Fending Off Creditor’s, I Do Hope That Bloomberg’s Alledgedly 2 Billion Rainy Day Fund Does Not Contain My Monthly Disability Rental Assistance To Plug Said Budget Shortfall, Is It True…We Will See!

Well This Should Help In Explaining WHY The Homeless Population In NYC Continues To Rise. Artificially Creating A Crisis Was Recently Accomplished By The US Government When It Came To The Credit Rating, As Well As Cuomo And That Round Kid From N.J. Christie, Who By The Way Says He Has Lost Some Calories, Yes He Has Lost Calories But Has Not Reduced His Weight By 1 Gram….In That Scandal, The Port Authority Of NY/NJ Proposed Toll Hikes Of 10 Dollars And Above That So That The 2 Idiots Who Head The Twin State Administration Governments Can Be Excused.. They Settled To Sign A 3 To 4 Percent Hike So That The The Tax Payer Can Fork Over Fund/Fees To Build The World Trade Center Edifice’s That I And The Rest Of NYC Cannot Live In…

I Continue To Say Over And Over Again, Continue To Do The Same Thing’s And Expect Different Result Is Akin To Insanity. But Heck What Do I Know. In Any Case Here Are the Relevant Sources:

Not For Nothing But How Is This Possible When The Voter’s Elected A New Public Advocate, Had Spekaer Quinn Develop And Implement A New Housing/HPD Protocol Invloving The HPD/FDNY/HRA/DOB…That Involves All Agencies To Coordinate Together That These Things Do NOT Happen Again, And That With The Public Advocates Input Do Not Get Overlooked…I Will Post Photos, Sound Bites Of Just How The City Of New York, HRA And The Department Of Homeless Services Are In Favor And Involved In A Criminal Enterprise To Expand Their Budget’s, Sustain There Services Without Actually Having Clients Afford Stable Housing…..What Say You…You Want To Go For A Hands On Visual Tour?…..


Conversations With A Slumlord In A Press

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I Will Be Updating This Conversation As It Goes Along!

New Update December 1, 2011.

Well My Friends I Have Written A Thanksgiving Week Post Of What I Lived Through And The Correspondence Given By The Property Manager Soraya, Here:

And Here Is MY Last Update For That Post:

New Update As Of December 1, 2011.
Well As I Knew What Would Happen, The Super Did Not Return From Out Of State Until Tuesday Mid Morning.
The Property Manager Never Stopped By, Nor Did The Landlord, That Returned To His Residence In Pennsylvania On November 22, 2011 In The Evening. That Is The Pattern Of Previous Issues, That Is Their Motis Operandi When There Are Problems, Knowing Well That HPD Were Not Going To Pay A Visit During The Holiday’s, They Never Do Until Someone Loses Their Life Or Property Damage Occur’s. This Is Another Pattern That Has Many People Under Conditions That Humans Cannot Live Under.
What Is Funny Is That Today, Thursday, December 1, 2011 I Both Recieved A Call And Text Message From The Property Manager Soraya Stating That She Would Call To Arrange A Meeting For My New Lease. Unfortunately As She Always Does, She Knocked On My Door Not More Than An Hour Later While I Was In The Tub Soaking My Feet. I Answered The Door And She Began To Say That If I Had Time To Talk About The New Lease And At I Answered That Now Is Not A Good Time As I Did Not Feel Well And I Was Taking Care Of My Needs. Wow I Could Not Believe That This Is Happening, Was Not One Of The Agreements When She Needed Something To Call First To Set An Appointment When Both Parties Are Free. She is Like A Super Property Manager Stalker When She Needs Something, But A Mutt When I Need Services. Wow….


From: soraya******
To: copynow05
Sent: Tue, Sep 27, 2011 3:47 pm
Subject: Refusal of Services

Mr Ramos, As requested, I am sending you a written summary of our phone conversation this morning. I called to schedule a date to have a new metal entrance door installed for your apartment. You stated you did not want a new door and refused to give permission to have it installed. I also tried to schedule dates for workers to paint your apartment. You stated you wanted the “hole fixed.”
As it has been previously explained to you, there is no hole. It is simply a small spot which needs some compound. I explained that the patch would take no more that a few minutes to fix and that it could be done at the same time that the workers paint your apartment. You proceeded to say that you did not want your apartment painted. I summary: You refused to let the owner install a new metal entrance door to your apartment. You refused the offer by the owner to paint your apartment. You stated all you wanted done in your apartment, was to fix the “hole” which again is a small spot that needs some compound. I requested that you please put your refusals in writing and you asked me to do it. If there are any further questions, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank You, Soraya ******, Property Manager, Lin’s Realty LLC


It Is Unfortunate That You Chose To Call Me At An Inopportune Time On September 27, 2011 With An Avalanche Of Information, Requests On The Phone, And Offers Of Services That Need To Be Made In Person. It Is Also Unfortunate That You Take A Refusal To Aquicend At The Moment As A Refusal In Total, Of Any Future Services.

Today September 28, 2011 At About 1 P.M. You Show Up Without Calling Ahead, Demanding That I Sign A Copy of This E-Mail. Then When I Refuse To Sign Something That Has No Detail’s Concerning The Schedule For Repairs, You Seemed A Bit Miffed. As You Understand I Am A Disabled American With Ongoing Medical Conditions And Your Action’s To Date Have Caused A Stress On My Medical Condition.

In This E-Mail You Continue To State That I Say This Or That. At No Time Was A Schedule Presented In Writing, And When You Asked When Can This Door Can Be Put In I Informed You That My Apartment Had A Fairly New Door That Was Put In Less Than A Year Ago. You Stated That Everyone Is Getting A New Door. I Stated That At The Moment I Will Not Be Available To Have This Work Done In My Apartment, And I Further Stated That Having Witnessed First Hand The Dust, The Process Of Removing The Old Door, the Construction The Door Jam’s, The Dust Particles That Float Everwhere, All While The Tenant Was Present In Their Apartment’s, While This Work Was Going On Without Any Concern On The Present Health or Past Health Issues Boggles The Mind.

On The Issue Of Painting The Kitchen, I Requested That The Hole In The Ceiling In The Livingroom, Be Repaired First, And You Did Not Allow Me To Explain The Reason’s That I Wanted This Done First, So That I Can Close Off The Living Room To The Dust That Will Be Created When And If The New Door Goes In. I Requested Beforehand That Any Questions, Request’s For Services Be Put In Writing And That I Be Allowed Advance Notice Of Any Visit By You.

It Is Unfortunate That You State That Our Conversation Was Recorded By You, As I Have Not Given Any Prior Consent That My Voice Or Conversation’s Be Recorded By My Door, And As Such You Have Violated My U.S. Constitutional Right’s To Privacy, As Well As Several NYC And NY State Laws Concerning My Right’s To Be Free From Harassment By An Agent Of The Landlord, As Well As Created A Breech In Our Mutual Agreement Set Forth By My Lease.

I Do Not Take Too Kindly Being Interrogated By My Apartment Door Or In My Own Apartment Every Time You Freely Decide To Stop By.

Any Mistrust Was Created By Yourself And It Get’s Worse On Every Visit.

In The Hope’s Of Repairing Any Mistrust, I Have Scheduled With The Landlord / Installer To Have The Door Put In Tomorrow Morning At 8 A.M. It Is The Only Time I Have Open. He Has Agreed.

Any Painting Will Be Done On A Later Time When A Window Can Be Established On A Mutually Scheduled Date And Time.

Please Feel Free To Text Me ———– At Your Earliest convenience Concerning These Matter’s.

Respectfully Submitted,

Luis A. Ramos


From: soraya******
To: copynow05>
Sent: Wed, Sep 28, 2011 8:44 pm
Subject: Re: Refusal of Services

Mr Ramos,

Unfortunately if you continuously contradict yourself, you probably cause yourself the stress. Now, I am sorry that you consider three topics an “AVALANCHE” of information and this overwhelms you. I assumed that your were capable of discussing these three simple matters at the same time. For that I do apologize.
However, I do not understand how a request made either by phone or in person, to improve your apartment can be considered harassment or a cause of stress. During our conversation on September 27, 2011 you refused service. I called to schedule a time and date for the improvements and Your words were, “OK I do not want my apartment painted. How do you like that?”.
You have previously stated, and repeated it again today, that you recorded our conversations, without my permission and knowledge. I have since followed your example and done the same. Your suggestion has come in quite handy since you have been proven to time and again that you do not keep your word and you contradict yourself. You lease states that you must provide access for all purposes with reasonable notice. That was my reason for calling. To provide you with notice. NYS considers reasonable notice to be 72 hours. I did not try to impose a date or time but rather tried to find out what date within the near future was convenient for you. I was unable to schedule a date and time for the repairs before you refused service. Again, you clearly stated…”No, I do not want a new door..” Those words are clearly expressing refusal of service and are not open misinterpretation.
If there exists any mistrust, it probably began when you promised in writing that you would pay all past due rent by March 31, 2011 and to date, your account is still past due. It escalated with your false allegations of no heat during this past winter. These were proven false by statements made by the other tenants and by HPD inspections. This situation appears to be getting worse since you insist on lying.
You lied again in your email, when writing, “When I Refuse To Sign Something That Has No Detail’s Concerning The Schedule For Repairs.. as I did not present to you a letter to schedule repairs, but simply a letter stating that you refused the improvements offered by the owner.
During our conversation, I requested that you put your refusal in writing and you responded by saying, “You write it up and I will sign it.” In order for that to happen, I had to come in person to your apartment. I did as you requested and then you refused to sign stating that you would write the letter of refusal and send it to me as soon as possible.
Again, the recordings do come in handy as you lied in your email when you wrote, “That Having Witnessed First Hand The Dust, The Process Of Removing The Old Door, the Construction The Door Jam’s, The Dust Particles That Float Everwhere, All While The Tenant Was Present In Their Apartment’s, While This Work Was Going On Without Any Concern On The Present Health or Past Health Issues Boggles The Mind.”
You never said this during our phone conversation. Had you mentioned it I would have explained to you that if the another tenant chose to be in the apartment while the door was replaced, there was nothing we could do. The owner cannot force a tenant to leave while replacing a door. Measures were taken to minimize the dust traveling to other rooms. As other tenant’s in the building have mentioned, these workers are some of the tidiest workers that they have ever encountered and they try to keep everything as clean as possible.
Again you lied in your email when you stated: ” I Requested Beforehand That Any Questions, Request’s For Services Be Put In Writing And That I Be Allowed Advance Notice Of Any Visit By You.” or I have not received anything from you stating this, please se so kind as to send it again with proof of the original request.
Today was the first day that you mentioned this to me. Other times, when I have been in the building and I have knocked on your door, specifically the times I have tried to collect your rent that has been past due since December 2010, (more than 9 months) you have simply stated, “I do not want to talk to you right now” and have slammed the door in my face. When I have mentioned that you need to put your requests for repairs or anything else in writing, you have stated that you like to do things in person. You now contradict yourself again. You have called because you supposedly have rent payments and when I finally find you, you say “no I don’t have anything for you”…proving again that you lie and/or contradict yourself.
I am willing to look past all of this since our goal is to provide tenants with comfortable apartments. I hope that in the future, you will communicate clearly and not make any contradictory statements. This misunderstanding would have been avoided if during our phone conversation you would have simply stated it was an inopportune time and told me when was a more convenient time to call, assuming something reasonable of course. I would have happily agreed. If I call you or chose to visit at your apartment it is not with the intention of harassing, but with the purpose of resolving things in the easiest and quickest way possible.

I am glad that you have changed your mind and will allow the owner to make the improvements to your apartment as you will be the one to benefit the most.
I have responded via email and not by text since my response is too lengthy for a text message. I have unlimited texts but I do not know if you do as well and I do not want you to incur hefty fees if you do not have unlimited texts.
I hope you have a good evening.

Soraya ******
Property Manager, Lin’s Realty LLC


Ms, ******.

Thank You For You Lengthy Reply.
It Is Quite A Read Into Your Focus On Who The Blame For Your Lack Of Services During The Winter Season of 2010 Was. I See You Did Not Mention That You Were In Error Concerning HRA Rent Payments Due To The Wrong Address Supplied To Them By You, How convenient.

What I Do In MY Apartment Is My Business And If I Choose To Record Myself For 24 Hours And You Happen To Stop By In One Of Your Casual Unannounced Visit’s is Wholly Up To You. There Is No Need For me To Inform You Whether I Am Recording or Not.

As For The HPD And Heat Complaint’s, Just Because They Do Not Work After Hours And Cannot Confirm That My Apartment Lacked Heat Does Not Disprove Their Validity. Seeing That The Owner Is Not A Liar As You Are, I Have An Understanding With Them To Allow Them To Do What Is Best For The Overall Quality Of The Building, And I Understand The Uniformity Aspect Of The Intention.

Again In Any Case I Have All The Complaint Number’s, The E-Mail’s, The Detail’s Of Each Cold Day I Spent Here. What You Think Is Not Relevant. The Court’s Are Filled With Cases Of Slumlord And the Mentality That permeates It, It Is Enough For Me.

Notice That As Always You Continue To Mention The Past Debt, although It Is In Writing And I Continue To Make Payment’s On It, Not At Your Whim, But According To My Budget And Abilities.

Your Attitude Constitutes The Form Of The harassment, And Has Been continuous From The First Day You Presented Yourself, And You May Want To Look Into That, It Is Unbecoming As A Professional. Of Course You Did Not Mention That I Called You To Give You A Check To Pay Down This Debt, And You Could Not Make It, So You Stated That You Would Send Someone Over….I Waited All Day And Evening…No, Instead You Decided To Come By, Again Without Calling Ahead, 2 Weeks Later To Request This Check. Wow, How Professional.

But In Any Case, The installer Is Here And I Have Prepped The Area For Him To Work. Thank You For The Swift Reply To The E-Mail….I Was Taken Aback By It…It Is Always Good To Remind People Of The Law….

Respectfully Submitted,

Luis A Ramos

New Response From Me:


October 6, 2011
Ms. ******,
I Am Happy That You Have Recieved The Check For The Month Of October Of $422.00, And A Payment Of $75.00 To Pay Down The Balance On Our Seperate Rental Agreement. That Seperate Agreement’s Remaining Balance Is Now $205.00.
I Have One Reciept For A Total Amount Of Both Check’s, Which Is Unacceptable, As Each Check Has Notes Explaining Each Check’s Purpose And For What Payment Or Service Is Covered By It. You Cannot Change A Banking Transaction At Your Whim, And The One Receipt Does Not Reflect The Purposes Stated. And I Require A Seperate Receipt For Each Check, That Is The Purpose Of A Reciept. How You Do Your Business Is Your Concern, Fortunately That Is Now How I Do Mine. Please Correct This Issue As Soon As You Get A Chance.
By The Way What Is A Past Registered Legal Rent Of An Apartment, And How Much Can The New Rent Be Raised…I Was Just Curious….
I Had A Visit From My Case Worker Today. It Was Productive. I Hope That All Issues Were Resolved.
Respectfully Submitted,
Luis A. Ramos
Today’s New Events:
Saturday, October 8th, 2011
Soraya H*****
Property Manager, Lin’s Realty LLC
I Have requested On Various Occasion That Any Work Done In 228 Wilson Avenue That Requires Entry Into My Rental Apartment Or Needs Anything At All For me To Be Present, To Please Give Me Advance Notice.
Today At 4PM The Building Owner Who Is Painting The Door’s Rang My Bell To Attempt To Paint The Newly Installed Door, Outside As Well As Inside My Apartment.
I Told Him No That I Was Not Predisposed At The Moment And He Got Upset. As I CVlosed The Door He Began Ranting About My Refusal That He Needed To Get This Done, And Statement That He Have Witness’. Well I Opened My Door And Asked What Witness’ And To What Issue, Because There Were No Need For Witness’ As I Did Not Refuse, Explaining That I Was Not Available At The Moment.
I Did However Ask Take The Moment To Ask Him If This Painting Was More Important Than The Heat, That He Was Supposed To Provide Me With As Of October 1st, And His Answer Was To Change The Subject And Stating That I Never Told Him.
Well That Was October 3rd As He Was Entering The Building To Do Repair’s Upstair’s In The Apartment That He Stay’s In Above Mine.
I Requested That He Speak With You To Arrange A Date Where, We Will Be Both Available And He Stated That He Did Not Need To Speak With You As He Is The One Doing The Repairs. I Stated That You Were The Property Manager And That He Needed To Understand That I Cannot Just Drop What I Am Doing And All My Commitments On A Moments Notice.
In Order For Him To Paint The Door At 4PM It requires That I Leave My Door Open And Maintain It Opened For Hours While It Took The Time For The Paint To Dry. I Was Expect To Submit Myself To This Intrusion, All While Going To The Bathroom To Shower And Shave, Get Ready To Go Out To One Of My Commitment’s. On Top Of That I Would Be Subject To The Fumes Of Vynal Paint As I Prepared Coffee And Had Something To Eat To Take With My Medications.
No I Refuse To Be Subjected To, At A Moment’s Notice Demands. This Is Why There Needs To Be Clear Conversation On What Needs To Be Done And What Hours Are Available For Both The Landlord And Tenant, Ahead Of The Work So That There Will Be No Misunderstanding Or Grandstanding.
The Fact That I Even Have To Write You E-Mail On A Continous Basis And Not Get Ready To Prepare Myself To The Prior Commitment Speaks Volumes. Please Repond So That This Work On The Uniformity Of The Building Exterior Can Be Finished.
I Would Have Called But I Do Not Want To Have A Long Drawn Out Conversation That Usually Get’s Nothing Done. This Is Business.
Please Contact Me So That I Can Arrange With You On A Suitable Date And Time For The Painting Work To Be Done.
Respectfully Submitted,
Luis A. Ramos
CC:   Mr. Michael B*******
         HRA – Case Manager