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Loopholes In A Press

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This landlord got three months — with 15 years tacked on if he ever re-enters the rental business — in what prosecutors say may set a state precedent by holding a landlord criminally responsible, in this case for a fire caused by faulty, home-rigged wiring in his unit.

The outcome of that fire? Five people — an entire family — died, including children ages 7, 6 and 4.

If the punishment seems light, welcome to the tenant’s world, say advocates, because the sentence is no surprise: Landlords simply aren’t held accountable when they fail to meet health and safety codes.

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Rental Laws In A Press

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Too many tenants fail here, unaware that by law the landlord must repair the primary heating unit — and air conditioning and major appliances, etc. — swiftly. Failure to do so breaches the rental contract and poses a safety risk.

So why is this critical for the tenant to know? Shouldn’t the landlord know this? Isn’t someone watching the landlord?

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Played In A Press

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Wow I Really Believed, Like An Idiot That The Last Conversation That I Had With The Landlord And The Property Manager Was Understandable, I Pay Rent, You Supply Heat. Apparently They Believe That I Will Not Go To Court, Of Course No One Likes To Go To Court. But I Think That I Have Had Enough Of The Lies.

There Was No Heat At All Yesterday, Sunday – April 17th 2011. This Morning I Called The Property Manager At 9AM. By 11:30 AM I Still Did Not Have Heat, So I Called The Landlord In Pennsylvania. I Asked Her Why Is It That I Don’t Have Heat, And Why Do I Have To Call Her To Ask For Heat.

She Called My Neighbor In Who’s Apartment The Thermostat Is Located, And 2 Minutes Later I Heard The Furnace And Heat Came Up 1 Minute Later.

Why Do I Have To Keep Asking For Heat, If This Is The Heating Season And The Average Temperature Has Been, 40 Degree’s At Night And 50 Degree’s During The Day.

The Other Question Is The Legality Of The Building Thermostat Being In An Apartment As Opposed To The Basement.

The Other Question Is Why Can It Be Manually Controlled At Another Rent Paying Tenant Whim, Whenever They Choose To Get Up, Or Whenever They Are Home. If They Go Out I Get Screwed And Have To Live In The Cold.

It’s Really Something…

So I Will Have To Use The Little Cash I Saved For Emergencies To Take Them To Court. I Will Call The NYC Public Advocates Office, Again. Bill De Blasio Should Follow Up On His Own Program’s.

Grandpa In A Press

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Well As Promised, The Landlord Has Sent Her Father To Check On The Heating Situation, A Heating Situation That As Of 10pm Last Night Has Been Resolved. The Solution Was A Simple One. Turn The Thermostat On.

I Had So Much Heat Last Night That I Had To Turn Off The Radiator. Be Careful What You Ask For Comes To Mind. Why I Had To Call Everyone And Their Mother To Have Heat I Do Not Know. This Game Is Simple, Believe Me It Is A Game.

Take In All The Rent You Can And Use The Least Energy You Can Without Getting Caught, Like Forced Conservation. This Is Where City Agencies Lack Intelligence. That Is Why I Call Them Useless, And A Waste Of City Taxes. In Any Case I Got A Promise From The Grandfather To Relocate Said Thermostat, Where There Would Be No Question On It’s Activation By Human Control Method’s….I.E. Thumb’s…..

NYC Public Advocate In A Press

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I Wrote To The NYC Public Advocate’s Office And Complained That I Have No Heat And Have Not Had Any Since The Last Rent Payment On The 4th of April. I Explained That It Is Unjust That I Have To Pay Rent Without Any Service’s Rendered.The Other Apartments All Have Heat And Have Had Heat For The Past Three Month’s, And It Is Unacceptable That I Should Be Made To Suffer These Past 4 Month’s.

I Forgot To Mention That The Thermostat Is In Another Tenant/Super’s Apartment And Can Be Controlled Manually. Second, The Property Manager Refuses To Give Me Her Address To Her Business Office. I Have Asked Her For The Past Four Months.

Thank You Hon. Mr. De blasio And Giovanni, For Your Time And Patience In This Manner. I Have Called HPD Today.

The Property Manager Maintain’s That I Am The Only One Complaining. It Is A Six Apartment Residential Building With Only Three Tenant’s Who Occupy Three Apartment’s.

I Apologise For The Trouble. I Just Got Off The Phone With The Landlord Who Stated That The 20th Is The Day That She Will Come To Begin The Repairs To The Building, And That Is The Day That She Will Fix The Radiator That Is Waterlogged. I Told Her That, This is Unacceptable And Unjust That I Have No Heat And Would Not Get Any Until Then. She Stated That Monday Her Father Will Stop By To Check The Radiator. All I Can Say Is, WOW…..

I Just Recieved A Call From Ms. Huerta Saying That She Would Call Me Back When She Get’s Off The Train???

In Other Developments, I Had The Water Leak Damage In The Bathroom Repaired. It Had To Be Recaulked And Repainted. The Cost Was Paint, Caulk, Labor. About 50 Bucks. I Am Now Heating The Apartment Using The Oven, Stove And Electric Heater So That I can take A Shower.

Here Are The New Photo’s Of The Repair:

Standing In A Press

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Well The Landlord Did As I Expected, Her Property Manager Came By For The Rent This Morning, The Heating Was Quite Well And Toasty Warm.  I Went To Take A Nap, And Woke Up A While Later To Find The Heat Off And The Apartment Frozen In A Press…..

I Will Be Screwed This April, Because Just Like Shopping In A China Shop, If You Break It, You Bought It..So I Already Paid April’s Rent And I Know Next Time I See Her Will Be May 1st.

I Meant To Comment On The Last Post About The Prior Post: Public Advocate de Blasio
Launches 8-point Housing Initiative to Repair Run-down Apartments & Protect Tenants.

Specifically This Point:

•City legislation to bar landlords with a long history of severe housing violations from receiving taxpayer dollars through rent programs like Section 8 and Advantage.

Will The City Stop Rent Check’s From Going To These Landlord’s And Yet Protect These Tenant/Client’s From Eviction Proceedings And From Being Evicted In A Capricious And Vindictive Manner.

About The Water Leak In The bathroom, I Said The Property Manager Came By To Collect the rent And Asked To See The leak. She Twisted Her Head, Looked And Exited The bathroom. Not One Word As To When It Will Be repaired, But Judging From My Next Door neighbor’s Wall’s, With It’s History Of Water Damage, NEVER!

So I Contracted Someone To Repair It And Paint It. I Guess I Will Give her The Bill Along With Next Month’s Rent.

Of Course The Rent Minus The Expenses For The Damage. Here Is The Progress:

Public Advocate de Blasio In A Press

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Public Advocate de Blasio

Launches 8-point Housing Initiative to Repair Run-down Apartments & Protect Tenants

New laws and initiatives will use City contracts and subsidies, tenant organizing, private law firms,, online Watch List to hold landlords accountable

Contact: Wiley Norvell 212-669-4813/646-422-9614

NEW YORK – Standing with tenants at a dilapidated Bronx apartment building today, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio launched an 8-point housing plan to hold the city’s worst landlords accountable for repairing their buildings. The set of initiatives will bar chronically bad landlords from receiving taxpayer dollars and mobilize tenants in deteriorating buildings. The plan also includes an innovative partnership with private law firms to provide pro bono help in housing court, and will alert apartment-hunters on about landlords with a history of neglecting repairs.

Housing and landlord complaints are the number-one reason New Yorkers call 311. More than 172,000 complaints about lack of heat alone flooded the system this winter.

“We need to change New York’s approach to holding chronically bad landlords accountable,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. “We need to creatively use the tools we have right at our fingertips so that more New Yorkers can finally live in safe apartments.”

The 8-point plan includes:

  • City legislation to bar landlords with a long history of severe housing violations from receiving taxpayer dollars through rent programs like Section 8 and Advantage
  • A partnership with the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to prevent new City office space leases from being issued to landlords on NYC’s Worst Landlords Watch List
  • Listing NYC’s Worst Landlords Watch List on as a resource for apartment-hunters
  • Working with the New York City Housing Authority to reduce paperwork requirements and streamline the process for responsible landlords who have made repairs
  • An innovative pilot project with South Brooklyn Legal Services to recruit private sector law firms to help law-abiding tenants navigate housing court, pro bono
  • The extension and expansion of rent regulations, which expire in June 2011
  • Sending field organizers into troubled buildings to help form new tenant associations
  • State legislation sponsored by Senator Liz Krueger to establish mandatory minimum fines for the most severe category of housing violations, like failing to provide heat

Senator Liz Krueger said, “When hundreds of thousands of New York City renters are forced to live without heat or hot water, it is clear that our housing code enforcement system has failed. Negligent building owners do not make repairs because they know that New York City’s enforcement agencies do not have the tools nor the resources to make them to comply with housing codes. I commend Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for developing an innovative plan to improve housing quality by creating both meaningful consequences for landlords who refuse to comply with the law, as well as assistance to well-intentioned landlords who want to improve their properties.”

“If rent regulations are not immediately strengthened, we will jeopardize millions of New York families,” said Senator Adriano Espaillat, top ranking Democrat on the Senate Housing Committee and lead sponsor of rent reform legislation. “That’s why it is critical that we advance Public Advocate Bill De Blasio’s tenant protection initiatives and why we must extend and strengthen rent laws slated to expire this June.”

“New Yorkers have a right to know that their unit and building are a safe place to live and raise a family. They have a right to expect that their landlord be responsive and follow the law or face tough penalties and consequences. They also have a right to the sense of security that comes from knowing you will not be kicked out of your home because of skyrocketing rent. That sense of safety and security makes it possible for New Yorkers and Bronxites to focus on working hard to better the lives of their families and tackle the challenges facing our communities,” said Senator Gustavo Rivera. “I am proud to stand with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, someone who not only believes in these inherent rights, but is taking action to ensure they are protected.”
“In theory, tenants do not need an attorney to enforce housing code standards in Housing Court. In practice, tenants do not have attorneys and landlords do, so an unscrupulous landlord can raise numerous procedural barriers that stop tenants from getting repairs completed,” said Brent Meltzer, Co-Director of South Brooklyn Legal Services’ Housing Unit. “At South Brooklyn Legal Services, we do not have the resources to help the crush of tenants in need of legal support. That is why we are excited to partner with Public Advocate de Blasio to help level the playing field in Housing Court between tenants and their landlords.”
Last August, Public Advocate de Blasio launched NYC’s Worst Landlords Watch List to shine a spotlight on repeat offenders whose buildings have fallen into dangerous disrepair. The online Watch List currently lists 418 buildings owned by 323 distinct landlords. As part of the initiatives announced today, Public Advocate de Blasio’s NYC’s Worst Landlords Watch List will be expanded so that tenants can easily network with others who live in different buildings but share the same landlord.

The enhanced NYC’s Worst Landlords Watch List is available at:

The full 8-point housing plan is available at: 

Dejavu’ In A Press

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Not To Be Outdone By The Current Lack of Services By The New Landlord – Lin’s Realty LLC, Last Night There Was A Water Leak In The Bathroom Ceiling From One Of The Upstair’s Apartments, I Do Not Know Which One, But The One Above Me Is Vacant That Looks Like An Abandoned Run Down Warehouse.

I Did Not Notice It  Until I Took A Shower. I Took These Photos And E-Mailed Them To Our Property Manager, Soraya Huerta.

She Was Supposed To Come By This Morning To Pick Up The April Rent, But Something Came Up, Could It Be The Storm That Is Over NYC Now.

In Any Case Her Reaction Was Casual, And She Did Not Comment. She Stated That She Would Be Here Tomorrow. I Informed Her That May Not Be Possible Because I Have Thing’s To Do. But We’ll See What We Can Do.

I Had To Put Me Oven, Stove Burners On Because There Is No Heat And Because Of The Impending Rain Storm, Mixed With Sleet The tepmperature Will Fall Very Rapid, As Predicted By The Weather Forcaster’s. It Is Cold Not And I Can Imagine From Past Experiences, It Will Get Colder.

More Personal Costs For The Same Or Worst Service. Reminds Me Of The MTA And The NYC Mayor’s Administration’s.
In This Case It Has Cost More Money For Less And In Any Case Hope You See The Pictures.