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Update: Hope Restored In A Press: A Garden Grows from Recovery and Penance in Bushwick.

In Activism on August 25, 2017 at 1:01 PM

This is an update as of October 29, 2017…I expected as well as I know that NYPD the 83rd prescient is in the pocket of Maritza Davila, that’s how she and her file clerk were allowed to file false charges and use domestic laws to get paula Melendez an order of protection even though I don’t know this corrupt person nor do we have any common link…they used the judicial as well as the law enforcement to issue legal documents to take over our community garden.

well its all good. because their time in office is running out. and Of course I alerted the Internal Investigation bureau of the NYS Senates office of her actions. No person holding office is allowed to ride free…ad havoc with out community. they will bring her down. she herself caused her own downfall.

She hides behind help for Puerto Rico, while allowing our communities to be taken over by Gentrifiers and the nefarious jews that donate to her campaign warchest. she is as crooked as they come, she learned from the very best, Vito Lopez…but her time in office will be over…

I met with the current Hope Gardens manager and he Lied concerning the garden being under the scope of The RAD program. A black man that lied through his teeth, a violation of his contract to be exact. and a Felony. But we will get to that at a later time.


On April 26th, 2016 I recieved a letter from Ms. L. Richards, NYCHA Hope garden Property Manager requesting that I have a meeting with her concerning a request by Public School 376’s staff member for the purpose of allowing the school to share some area of our community garden for istruction of their pupils.

On May 4th, 2016 I met with Ms. Richards and we discussed possible area’s in the garden that could be used for the students. I was presented with photo’s and a sort of blueprint of the garden with all of it’s plots outlined.  I was asked by Ms. Richards to point out which area’s were not occupied by the community plot’s and I pointed to those area’s.  Also we agreed that the students will use the space for three (3) days out of the week.

On April 28, 2016 I wrote a letter of understanding from the community member’s and I as a response that I presented to Ms. Richards during our meeting, in which we express the desire to share the space for the purpose of enrichment of the pupil’s education on biology and gardening. The meeting ended well, or so I thought.

Since the date of my last meeting with Ms. Richards I continued to maintain the Community garden. On April 22nd, 2017 the community came out and had a community wide event to gather with friends, family and neighbors. There were beverages, food and a portable radio for entertainment, nothing loud or intrusive.

Everyone had a great time and complimented us on our labor to create this space for the past, almost Nine (9) years using only funds supplied by myself and some labor from the children and members of the community.

On April 28th, 2017 While attempting to enter our community garden I was blocked by Assemblymember Maritza Davila’s Staff member who worked across the street at the Assemblymember’s office. Her Name is Paula Melendez. We stood facing each other and as I moved side to side to avoid any contact, someone from across the street called the local 83rd Pct. and then the assemblymember began to shout at me that the community no longer had access to the space after almost 10 years working the grounds.

I was called many foul names by this staff member and eventually arrested and taken to the 83rd Pct. and booked and charged with Harrassment at first, taken to central booking and the next morning charged with other false charges that were all dropped on monday May 1st, 2017 as long as I took a plea to a vilation, which I did.

While this was something major, the real came during the following months not to myself but to our community garden.

Before I was arrested the garden looked like this.

Since the Illegal takeover of our community garden, it has been run down by neglect and abuse.  This is what the space looks like today, just four (4) moths later.

I Had a meeting with the new nycha, hope gardens property manager to see what was going on and to voice my concern over the space.  I was told by him that the space was under the U.S. RAD program.  Yet I researched the proposed locations and building sites under the PERMANENT AFFORDABILITY COMMITMENT TOGETHER (PACT) PROGRAM, and our location and the garden are not included here. 

BUSHWICK II (GROUPS A & C) 580 Central Ave 300 25
BUSHWICK II CDA (GROUP E) 172 Menahan St 276 5
PALMETTO GARDENS 85 Palmetto St 115 1
691 31

So not only has the Assemblymember Maritza Davila and her staff lied to the community, but so has the new Property Manager at Hope Gardens.

I thank The Most High That He Showed Me What A political WHORE this Davila person is, no was…and thank my mother for the grace…not to slap this garbage, understanding from the trash she is used to and how she came to her position, heh, italian vito lopez.

21106646_10203768976900372_1579072875832270893_nNo one in this community Knows any of these fucker’s… from williamsburg..She Davila is a stranger, yes two years later she still is..she still brings the Hasids and continues to invite them into our community..lying to us about not selling our homes.and yet inviting them…I request to see her financial records and her investments…..I wanna see which hasid paid the most…. a Corrupt Leadership, from the top to this bottom… This was the day after and she took this photo of the work to get rid of me and and her abuse. so good that she had to sent it out to the community like she did somthing good…and Ooh look at me…she want’s to get elected…I don’t think so…



Una Bendicion in a press..

In Activism on June 21, 2017 at 8:14 AM

Today I experienced and learned about Cuba. President Obama normalized the status yet here we go we have a childish president that is an idiot and does not know how to ask for help, mind you this asshole has the coordinate for nuclear launch, hope the football can and may need to smack him awake…not want to make it better, but is somewhat jealous of other leaders accomplishments….how sick is that… Wow I Miss you brother..



Today I write thinking of my dad, a good man that advanced us all five of us into worlds, Dad wow I miss You.

Today Fathers day I give thanks. Both my dad and my younger brother repose, they rest, I not ever knowing n]my brothers demise. Where did you go brother, how was your lat moment. I can only imagine brother, I imagined your confusing.  I imagined your hurt because we were not there..

I want you to know brother that We were always there, we always had you in our heart and minds. Yeah brother you were never alone because between us all someone had you in our prayer.

dad and bro.jpg

Wow brother my baby brother, intelligent and social you were.  Wow brother thank you for sharing your mind.

Today I lift you up thanking the most high for giving us such a gift. Repose Father And Repose brother each in the single space. The most high has called you both one, out of sheer trabajo y preocupacion. the other because maybe he was also tired and we did not know it.

We began both two different journeys, you a driver, a skill that you studied for in the prior weeks which you constantly reminded me while we sipped our beer’s…in my kitchen.  I as well never imagined that I would return to school, no never until your passing did I think. Our daughter Crystal pushed me forward at your wake. a waste of time I was having, so why not do a Joker…I live you brother for giving me courage for giving me strength….Rest In eternal glory with our dad Teofilo. Descansen..Los Dos..

this is what brothers are about…RIP Joker…

In Activism on September 10, 2016 at 7:55 PM

brother true love.gif

Corrupted Politics In A Press

In Activism on February 10, 2016 at 1:25 PM

Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire by 60 Percent of the vote, Yet just to prove how corrupt the Democratic process is, Hillary recieved 15 delegates while Sanders recieved 13 delegates….go figure…



fuck americkkka.jpg

And There’s maude…


the fuckers4


Watch out when amerikkka wants to oversee your own democratic elections WORLD!


A New Beginning In A Press

In Activism on January 14, 2016 at 4:33 PM


Well a lot has occured since my last post.  I enrolled in Boricua College starting September 2015 in brooklyn and in those first months I began to get adjusted to the classes and homework. I stood up many nights completing the modules and essays for the site visits as well as planning future programs for the school since I was elected to be a part of the student council. The colloquium class had a midterm brunch that was celebrated by all with good food and conversation.



Professor Maldonado and peers

While this blog is personal in nature it has always been a blog about people, housing, services, community and politics.  In this current time the homeless population has exploded under the current DeBlasio Administration although the then candidate for mayor bill deblasio had promised that it would be his first and foremost priority DeBlasio has utterly failed. That the homeless population was lower under then most reviled mayor Bloomberg aka. (Bloombito) it is shameful that I supported the current mayor deblasio. Today’s level of homeless population exceeds 60,000 homeless,  including 25,000 children, for the first time ever.

There was a rare lunar event called the “Blood Moon” that I watched with my neighbors, it was clear so we had the chance to see this event from start to finish. IT WAS EERIE.

We created events that correspond to the season such as thanksgiving and the christmas holiday. I started a toy drive in Boricua College for our local community for the childern of bushwick and williamsburg who while I am not well off are less fortunate than I am. These events were hosted by Commissioner Tommy Torres and Assemblymember Hon. Maritza Davila

I was paid a visit by my friends Jio and Luis even though I lost two good friends Jio and Ari after they moved to another state. I also lost Ari and Jio because of my mistakes in communicating to them my needs as a friend or my future intentions and what their friendship meant to me, this I have had to accept.  I still have my photographs and video recordings of them so that eases the lonliness when I remember them. One of my friends moved away to Pennsylvania and the other just got busy with work.



This winter was one of the warmest on record for New York and we had lots of foggy nights and 60 degree temperatures.

In any case I had a great end to 2015  and I attended a parranda with Dr. Drum from Bombayo, a traditional puerto rican dance group.  I started my year 2016 with my family and friends.  I enrolled for my second semester at Boricua College and collected the toys for the community that I began back in December. I attended the 2016 Three Kings Day Parade on Graham Avenue in Brookyn and I took many photos, hanged out with my daughter and my ex.

As for me I may say that has been a year of learning and that I have matured a little at a time. May this new year bring more growth and prosperity. Selah.



I end with my last grades. Here’s looking to the future.


One Last Thought In A Press.




My Return In A Press

In Activism on November 28, 2015 at 9:33 PM

Hi Everyone, I have Not Posted Since december 2014. A Lot has Has happened since then, i went back to college and i’m almost finished with my first semester. its been a good and bad year. My Father Passed on to his rest, a well deserved one for his age and for his afflictions. I iss Him Greatly like I miss air….

I because a cousin and an uncle all in one month this novemebr 2015 and they are beautiful. My living situation has improved greatly althought i had a heating issue it was resolved. This past spring and summer i only grew tomatoes in my back yard garden and did not do much with the community garden after march when my dad passed away….I had several run in’s with the 83rd precient, and as always it’s always over minor bullshit…..and the judge seems tired of dismissing these tickets/////well i will be back in a while to post some photos of my 2015 events and issues////

Harrassment In A Press!

In Activism on December 3, 2014 at 6:15 PM

There Was A BBQ For The End Of Summer In Front Of The Community Garden, That We Hold Every Year Since The Founding And Restoration Of The Community Garden.

This BBQ Was Given By Members Of The Community.

On August 24th, 2014 At Approx. 12:30 Plus Or Minus 1 Hour. I Was Arrested, Assaulted And Had My Right’s Violated By Police Officer’s From The 83rd Pct.

The Fact’s Of The Event Prior, During And After About What Actually Took Place That Led To This Arrest Were Omitted, Switched And Replaced With The P.D.’s Own Version.

Originally I Was Charged With PL’s – 195.05, 240.20, 240.30. And Was Offered 10 Days In Jail. That Changed As I Was Released On My Own Recognizance.

I Went To The Emergency Room Later On August 25th After Midnight For Pain In My Right Ribcage Area. I Could Not Breathe Without A Shocking Pain. I was Treated, X-rayed, And Given A Prescription For The Pain And Instructed To Take The Medicine And To Purchase Over The Counter Pain Medication’s.

On October 30,th 2014 I Was Offered 2 Day’s Community Service For Being Assaulted, Harassed, And Imprisoned By The 83rd Pct., With The Charges Against Me Staying The Same.

Nearly Five Month’s later After The Original Arrest, I Returned On December 2nd, 2014 To Learn That The Prosecutor Added 2 Extra Charges, But Still Offering 2 Days Of Community Service .

I Have A Trial Coming Up In Which It Will Be My Word Against Law Enforcement’s.

Of Course The Harassment Began o, After Three Officer’s From This 83rd. Pct. Were Found By The Civilian Complaint Review Board By A Thorough And Impartial Investigation To Have Violated My Right’s And Abused Their Authority On Seven (7) Charges. The Original Harassment Happened On April 7th, 2006 at 3 P.M. Three Blocks From Their Assigned Precinct.

Since This EventAnd Ooutcome, I Have Received Several Summon’s By The Cabal Of Officer’s Assigned To This Precinct During The Past Eight Year’s. Culminating In My Current Litigation With NYPD. Fortunately Every Summon’s That Was Given By These Offcer’s Were Dropped Or Dismissed By The Court’s.

Thankfully There I A Paper Trail As Proof Of This Continued Harassment.

I Am Hopeful This Trial Will End Soon And The Harassment End’s.

Hope Restored In A Press: A Garden Grows from Recovery and Penance in Bushwick

In Activism on March 27, 2014 at 6:59 PM

Mr. Luis A. Ramos, 46, who lives next door, started clearing the lot two years ago. “When I came to this lot, it was full of weeds this high,” said Ramos, who is five feet five, holding his hand at shoulder level.

While Bushwick has other community gardens built on formerly vacant lots, the fledgling Himrod Wilson garden may be the newest. But what’s invisible amid the greenery – and most distinctive about the plot – is the before and after of Ramos’s life. The garden showcases his journey from addiction to activism as much as it does the tomato plants that by August spill over the tops of their supporting stakes.

Miriam Gonzalez, a neighbor who has lived on the block for 13 years, says that Ramos restored what had been an abandoned corner. “We used to chase rats away that came scurrying out of that lot,” Gonzalez recalled.

Ramos hauled away garbage and cut brush. He built a compost bin, fashioned a cistern out of a blue barrel, replenished much of the soil, and erected the plywood frames that surround each bed. Just outside the garden, Ramos installed a low wooden fence around three young pin oaks. He painted the fence celeste green.

Rafael Garcia, who has worked at the glass business across Wilson Avenue for 23 years, said that before Ramos came along the city cleaned the lot once every year. “We think the guy is doing a wonderful job,” said Garcia.

These Photo’s That I Took Detailing The Progress Of My Vision And Endeavor That Seemed Like An Impossible Dream. Hope That Any Person That Visit’s My Blog May Be Able To Enjoy And Participate In My Vision For Our Community, And Thereby Donate To Our Collective Hope Restored. Thank You. Luis A. Ramos

Please Feel Free To Donate In This Endeavor, I Will Thank All With A Mention In Future Post’s, As Well As Invite All To All Future Event’s Held At This Community Garden.


A Circus Rejected By It’s Clownish Ring Leader In A Press.

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Well I Thought, No I Was Expecting The Leader Of This Mayoral Circus Ring To Make Herself Shine From Another’s Bad Publicity. Only When Bad Press Befall’s An Opponent Does She, Christine Quinn Shine.

Like This:

In a public spanking, retired public-school teacher Peg Brunda refused to shake Anthony Weiner’s hand after telling him his pervy behavior made him unfit to be mayor.

“Had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yourself, my job would have been gone,” the 30-year teaching veteran told Weiner during a visit to Superstorm Sandy-damaged homes on Staten Island.

“In the privacy of your home?” asked Weiner defensively.

“In the privacy of my home . . . I don’t quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that’s expected of us.”


Having Been For Year’s In The City Council As A Member Then As It’s Ringleader,Who Best To Detail Another’s Dysfunction While Ignoring One’s Own Failing’s Christine Quinn Is The Epitomy Of Hypocrisy To Call Anthony Weiner Unfit To Lead NYC As It’s Mayor.While It Is True That Disgraced Former Congressman Anthony Weiner Is UNFIT To Be The leader Of NYC, We Must Never Ever Forget That The So Called Speaker A Democrat Saw Fit To Overturn Through Sheer Gall, Two Voter Referendum’s Voted On On Two Seperate Occassion’s To Limit A Mayor’s And City Council Term’s To Two, Four Year Term’s.

Like This:

“Today our government chose to empower itself rather than the people it serves,” said Thompson in 2008, who’s again running for mayor.

In an email, Thompson’s spokesman Brendan Brosh wrote, “The term limits vote was a dark moment for the people of New York where the will of voters that was expressed on two separate occasions at the ballot box was overturned by the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council. Voters have long memories and will remember those elected officials that knowingly disregarded the will of New Yorkers in 2008.”

She Oversaw The implementation Of CityTime, The 911 Emergency System, The Theft Of Water Front Properties By The Wealthy And Well Connected Developer’s, The Explosion Of The Homeless Population To Level’s Bot Seen Since The Great Depression, The Closure And Fire Sale Of Our Precious Hospital’s, The NYPD Ticket Scandal, The Wholesale Closure’s Of NYC School’s, The Invasion Of Private Charter School’s Into Our Public School Building’s, And The Loss Of Thousand’s Of Rent Regulated Apartment’s.

The List Of Failures Is Quite Endless For This Circus Leader, More Of A BIG CLOWN If You Ask The Populace.

Of Course Next To Her Greatest Democratic Failure Of Overturning Term Limit’s There Is Her Participation In The Infamous Slushfund That Saw A Few Official’s From The City Council On Their Way To Prison, All Under Watch.

Like This:

After a spirited, emotional and at times raucous debate, the New York City Council voted, 29 to 22, on Thursday afternoon to extend term limits, allowing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to seek re-election next year and undoing the result of two voter referendums that had imposed a limit of two four-year terms.

The vote was a major victory for Mayor Bloomberg — a billionaire and lifelong Democrat who was elected mayor as a Republican in 2001, won re-election in 2005, became an independent last year, and decided just weeks ago that he wished to seek a third term for himself in 2009 — and for the Council’s speaker, Christine C. Quinn. But the intense acrimony surrounding the decision left a sharply divided Council and could ultimately damage the mayor’s popularity. Read the rest of this entry »

Slushfund Danny Boy’s Collaboration’s In A Press.

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I Can Not Say That Should I Have Been Born In Germany, As A Jew Or A German, Witnessing The Advancement Of Rules And Edict’s  Made Only For The Purpose Of Propaganda Or Control Of A People, That I Would Not Stay Silent Or Object And Say Nothing.

No, I Would Love To Think That I Would State As A German My Opposition, And Had I Been A Jew Would Have Had The Telemetry To Flee.

That Slushfund Quinn Is Concerned For The Youth Of This City, That She Proposes Saving Them From Themselves By Changing Around Old Rules And Calling Them Original Is Quite Hilarious….What I Found Hilarious Was That She Loves To Label Her Greed As Concern….She Was So Concerned For The Low Wage Worker Of This City So Much Care And Concern For Them That She Stalled A Bill To Give Them Sick Days Pay For Over 1,105 Day’s….And In The Last Year Of Her ILLEGAL Third Term…..So Much Was Her Concern…

Not To Be Seen As The Weak Candidate By Those That Have No Opinion Of Her Past 8 Year’s As Leader Of A Corrupt, Often Times Dysfunctional City Council, Slushfund Tinged City Council Speaker  Christine Quinn wants to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21.  Never Mind That As Soon As Any Person Turn’s 18 Year’s Of Age They MUST By Federal Law Register With Selective Service’s For Whatever Purpose’s The U.S. Government May Need Them For In The Future.

Here Lies The All American U.S, Government's Empowered 18 Year Old's That Under  Christine Quinn's Misguided Policies Could Not Even Buy A Pack Of Cigarette's, Like Those Many African American's That Went To War Yet Came Home To Discrimination.

Here Lies The All American U.S, Government’s Empowered 18 Year Old’s That Under Christine Quinn’s Misguided Policies Could Not Even Buy A Pack Of Cigarette’s, Like Those Many African American’s That Went To War Yet Came Home To Discrimination.

That The Federal Government May Use A Person To Fight And Perhaps’ Give Their Life Over For Military Purposes Say’s That In The Eyes Of The U.S. These Individual’s Are Old Enough To Partake In Event’s That Require A Committment That May Be Detrimental To Their Own Health Speak’s To The Federal Government’s Committment In Empowering These Individual’s With Responsibilities.

Yeah Volunteer But Dont Think Of Excerting Your God Given Right's In American NYC.

Yeah Volunteer But Dont Think Of Excercising Your God Given Right’s In America, NYC.

Again As A Matter Of Point How Can You Tax Without Representation And Ignore The Fact, That Any Individual That Work’s, Pay’s Federal, State And City Taxes Can Be Denied The Right To Purchase Tobacco Product’s If Not Under The Age Of 21?

Yet Here  Once Again We Have These Selfish People Proposing And Presuming That Someone Under The Age Of 21 Cannot Make Life Changing Choices And That, The Government Knows Whats Best For Them, While At The Same Time Saying To These Very Same Individual’s That They Are Old Enough To Give Their Life For The City, State And Federal Government.

At What Point Do The Resident’s  Of NYC And NY State Say Enough Is Enough, And Enough Of This Baby Sitting Corrupt Infused Government.

That Mrs. Quinn Loves A Vagina Is Her Preference, I Myself have Had A Few Vagina’s In My Hayday……Mean’s Nothing, But To Use Her Status As An Out And Open Homosexual To Gain Voter’s That Are In The Life Is Appalling, And That Making Proposal’s Without General Consent Using Only The Approval Of Other Agencies Is Incredulous To Say The Least.

I Marveled At The Countless Homosexual’s That Volunteer For Her Campaign, Only As A Way To Be Seen, We Gay’s Do That Often, Often Occasionally Showing Off Our Vogueness, Our Face’, In Fact Only Showing Our Asses…To The Merriment Of The Many Like Myself When I Attended The Mayoral Forum At Baruch College.

Of Course The News Came Out That The Speaker Has A Whole Secret Department That Cost The Tax Payer Over A Million Dollar’s Within City Hall That Churn’s Out Political Propaganda To Benefit  Her Public Persona Under The Cover Of Constituent Services.

Tell The Homeless Youth That Her “Fangness” Will Deny Them Their Cigarette’s And We Will See These People, 18 Year Old’s Mind You, Turn Like If They Were On A Runway At Fashion Week. Many Only Volunteering For Her Because They Lack What She Passes Off As One Grande Vagina…They Have VAGINA Envy. Oh Well…….

While She Is Called A Democrat, That Is Obvious In Name Only As Far As Her Record Is Concerned And  That She Would Deny American’s Of Legal Military Age The Right To Purchase Product’s That They Choose, Regardless Of Studies That May Or May Not Be Accurate Is Anathema To The Democratic Process As Smacks Of Bloomberic Nannyism, A Condition Brought On By One Being Inferior In Height Or Status.

That 12, 13, 14 And 15 Year Old’s Are Being Infected By All Sort’s Of Infectious Sexual Diseases Leading To Death While Her Concern In This Election Year Is To Follow Suit With Her Mentor On Their Personal War On Tobacco And This Dictator Bloomberg And His Policies That Circumvent The Whole City Council And The Rules Speak’s To Her Ignorance Of Our Knowledge Of The System.

She Has Used The Tobacco Issue Only To Make Her Impression On The Voter, While Her Homeless Policy Has Lead To Almost 50,000 Families Living In Squalor, On The Street’s, In Unsecure Condition’s And Questioning Their Very Existence.

That Those According To The Bloomberg Administration Will Graduate This Year 2013 And Become ELIGIBLE To Vote But Not Be Able To Purchase Tobacco Product’s Is Anathema, Contrary To Any Known Or Practiced Political Stratgedy, No Thought By Her Homosexual Operative’s On What Count’s Or Is really Important To Our Emerging Youth…..The Right To Purchase, Be Respected As A Tax Payer, The Right To FREE Choice Has Absolutely Eluded Their Multi Colored Blind Ambition’s.

Yet This Is More Important That Living Secure In A Bed, Cooking A Meal At HOME, Showering In A Private Residence That WE All Call HOME.

Yeah I Have Witnessed The New Democratic Party Here In Brooklyn, Those So Called Progressive’s That Used Word’s Like Fuck Bill Thompson For Backing This Or That Candidate, And Fuck This And That….Many Of These So Called Progressive’s ARE Still In The Closet…..Never Actually Making The Move Forward Independent Of  A Party….Useless Fodder, That At The End Of The Day Will Get Paid But Never Actually Ever Progress, Like That One Term District Leader…WHAT A Freeken Joke…Then Kissing The New Brooklyn Democratic leader’s ASS…Yeah I Saw The Photo Op…What A Shtetl Gay Tramp. That Restlor…

Did You Think That I Would Stay Shut, While The New Democratic Party, The Gofer’s And Those That Would Ignore Corrupt Legislation And Legislator’s Who Submit Proposal’s That Interfere With Due Process, And That Our Basic Right’s As Tax Payer’s Are Offered On What I Consider “The Slave Market Back In Sharecropper Day’s”….Buy Us…Sell Us At Whim And Will…….I Have My Ball’s And My Will……F**k YOU!