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A Blackhole In A Press

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A Blackhole In A Press Is The Title For This Post Because It Feel Like All The Complaint’s Noted Went In A Blackhole, With No Evidence Of Ever Being Noticed Or Addressed.

Let’s Just Add Some More Thing’s To This Black Hole Shall We,  Also Let Me Add Some Proposal’s To Correct Deficiencies In Proof Of Complaint Vs Action’s Taken To Correct Those Deficencies.

When One Calls HPD To Make A Complaint One Should Get A Letter From The City Agency Comfirming The Complaint, The Evidence Found Or Not Found And A Statement Of Correction Or No Proof Of A Violation. This Will Absolve Both The Landlord And The HPD Agency Charged In Investigating The Complaint’s. As It Stands Now, One Makes A Call, Gets A Visit 72 Hour’s After That, Then Nothing Else. Nada!

These Are The Last Things That Have Occured In My Ordeal With This Landlord And My Dealings With HPD Since The New Landlord Bought The Building In December 2010.

On August 10,2011 The Landlord That Lives Above Was Rehabilitaing The Apartment Above And Somehow Made This Hole At The Top Of My Kitchen Wall. He Knocked On My Door To See What Damage He Caused, Since I Was Sleeping And Did Not Notice This Hole In My Kitchen Wall Until He Made Me Aware What He Caused.

That Was About 18 Days Ago. They Patched It And I Painted It.

Not Be Outdone By This Hole. This Happened Yesterday August 26,2011 To My Livingroom Ceiling While They Pounded Upstairs.


That Was One Crack And Collapse Of One Part Of The Ceiling In The Livingroom, Here Is Another Crack That Has Formed With All The Pounding Upstairs.



This Was Yesterday And It Is Still As Is.

There Was No Hot Water Yesterday And Like A Fool I Thought That Since The Landlord Is Living Temporarily Above Me While The Rehabilitate The Apartment That He Would Take Care Of The Lack Of Hot Water, Yeah Right….They Went Last Night At 7PM To Their Home In Philadelphia To Take Care Of Their Home Because Hurricaine Irene Was Expected Here In The North East Portion Of The U.S.

In Any Case It Is The Next Day And I Still Do Not Have Any Hot Water And I Called 311 And Made A Complaint With HPD.

We’ll See What Becomes Of This.



No Permit’s In A Press

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See This Is Why The Landlords Can’t Do Work In Empty Apartment’s And Must Have A Permit To Do Construction Work In Residential Building’s, Especially When They Are Occupied.

DSNY In A Former Press

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Well Here We Are And I Was On The Phone This Morning With To Memebr’s Of The DSNY Enforcement. They Have Been Trying To Rech For The Past Week,

I Finally Got Together On The Phone And We Discussed The Various Times That Illegal Dumping Has Occured And They Have Arranged To Have Some Surveillance of This Block.

We Will See The Outcome In A Few Weeks. But In Any Case I Want To Thank Them For Their Hard Work.

Renter’s Guide In A Press

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I Encountered This Site While Surfing The Web:

Living in New York City means we are paying more than our fair share of rent, but it doesn’t mean we have to pay even more money for conditions or repairs that are not our responsibility. The following is a short guide to what you should and should not pay for when you have certain apartment troubles.

More Here: