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Disinfranchisement In A Press

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The Devil Is Among Us Dressed As Sheep, Be Wary!

The Following Message Was Sent To Me Via Facebook Message:

Peter Kaplan(Facebook)

Hello Mr. Ramos, my name is Peter Kaplan and I am a political reporter from, looking to interview Charles Barron supporters for a piece I am working on, I noticed that you are a participant on his Facebook page. If you are available for an interview today either via telephone or e-mail, I’m very interested in speaking!

Thank you,

Peter Kaplan


My Response Via FB Message:

Luis A Ramos

While I Support Barron 100% I Have No Daily Working Knowledge With Him. I Have Followed His Political Work Closely. I Did Attend The Campaign Kick Off For Jesus Gonzalez In Bushwick And Have A Quick Conversation With Him. I Have Voted For Him For Governor Of NY. I Really Listen And Research Politician’s Histories And Do Not Easily Accept Their Campaign Propoganda. I Think He Is The Firebrand Needed In Congress To Shake Things Up Over In D.C.I Do Not Believe That He Is Anti-Semetic But Like Myself Freely Rejects The AIPAC Ideal’s And Use Of The USA To Further A Zionist Agenda With Capital In Lives And Funds…..In Any Case I Am Willing To Have A Chat, But Don’t See How Much I Can Contribute To Your Piece.

I Do Not Give Out My Number Out, But In This Case I Will.

It Is 1-347——— And Please Feel Free To Call At Your Most Convenient Time.

Respectfully, Luis A. Ramos


I Received The Call And Mr. Kaplan Was Focused On What Mr. Barron Stated Many Years Ago, I Of Course Informed Mr. Kaplan That He Should Question Mr. Dov Hikind On His Visit To Israel To Buy Property That Belonged To The Palestinian People, And I Questioned Him On How Was It Possible For Mr. Hikind To Find Fault Of Mr. Barron When Mr. Barron Never Gave Material Aide To A Terrorist Organization Like Mr. Hikind Has Done, Whe He (Hikind) was a follower of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Jewish Defense League, which has been identified as “a right wing terrorist group” by the FBI,[9] knew Rabbi Kahane very well, and is active in right-wing Jewish causes. And That In the summer of 2005, Hikind visited the settlements of Gush Katif to express his concern for the residents who were slated to be expelled from their homes. In the summer of 2006, along with a group of fellow legislators and community leaders, Hikind visited northern Israeli communities during the time of the Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israel. He and his group spent the time there distributing funds and material aid.



Mr. Kaplan Was Present During The Latino Endorsement Of Charles Barron For Congress Covered By NY1, On The Step’s Of City Hall Last Week, Of Course As My Friend And I Approached He Immediately Pulled Her To The Side To Interview Her….She Left Perturbed After This And Felt Confused And Dumb Founded At The Thought That Mr. Barron Was An Anti Semite…I Explained To Her His Aim…We Both Laughed, But I Have Passed This On To Mr. Barron To Be On The Look Out For This Propaganda Infiltrators Of The People’s Work. Final NY1 Video Here:

The Following Are Comments Made To This Story Written By: Peter Walker Kaplan

Adam Holland · · Bard College ·

Barron has devoted a significant portion of his activism to support for Mugabe, Qaddafi and Hamas. Now that he’s running for Congress, the former firebrand seems to be pulling his punches on those issues. I also wonder what he could mean when he says that “we should establish a Palestinian state”. Does he believe that the U.S. should act unilaterally to do this? The question may give him too much credit. He seems to care less about the finer (or even broader) points of foreign policy than he does about making boilerplate allegedly anti-imperialist statements of support for various dictators and against the U.S. and its allies.


Markus Rose · Bard College ·

i am unfamiliar with him as a non-New Yorker, but he’ll be a one-termer if he makes it to congress and doesn’t quash his rhetoric. someone in the CBC or perhaps Sharpton will tutor him on what happened to Earl Hilliard and Cynthia McKinney.

My Response:

Well To You Both I Am Familiar With The Honorable Mr. Barron. He Hail’s From A Place Called Brooklyn, Once A Part Of A Racist State That Has Discriminated Against The African-American Community And The Latino Community For Decades…..He Has Never Advocated To Take Someone’s Land, House, Apartment, By Proxy, Unlike What The Zionist Movement Called AIPAC. He Knows, Like We All Do That AIPAC Is Behind The Lines Here In The US Supporting And Giving Material Aide To The Terrorist State Of Israel….Please Discontinue Acting High And Mighty Like You Do Not Know Or Were Not Aware Of The Atrocities Committed By Israel. By Doing So You Yourselves Have Committed The Very Same Thing That The German’s Committed In The 40’s..Where Did That lead To…..You Act Educated So Please Let’s Not Banter With The Past That Serves No Service To Brooklyn’s Future Or That Of The security Not Of Israel But Of America…..It Is A New World, Not Thank God Led By People Of Your Intellect…….That Leads Us Into Follies Of destruction, And Poverty!!!!!

Adam Holland · Bard College ·

Yeah, Luis. You qualify to be a Charles Barron supporter.

James Stupple · Top Commenter

Another American Traitor that should be hung.

Luis A Ramos · Top Commenter · Touro College

Funny Back In The Day You Considered African American’s As Less That The Weight Of A Full Man…When Did You Realize That We Are Legion?….Legendary….Of Course Your Use Of The Word Hung Comes Natural…Why Not Say Shot In This Modern Age……That Very Statement Deserves A Visit By The F.B.I. And Law Enforcement….Too Bad…This Could Have Been An Educational Conversation For Us Both…

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