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Shafted From Two Sharp Ends In A Press

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How Is It Possible That After Recieving Several Rental Assistance Check’s, My Property Manager Informs Me That She Was In Contact With My Case Worker And That He Has Sent Her Checks That Were Missing Her In Dispute And That Several Checks Were Cashed Not By Her, But By Someone Elase Or My Landlord, Or By Anyone That Has Anything To Do With My Lease, And That He Will Not Tell Her Who Has Cashed Those Checks…

I Will Request That The Federal Government Investigate This Inconsistency And Possible Fraud. Whether They Involve People From the Bloomberg Administration And/Or That The Speaker Has Anything To Do With The withholding Of Rent Payments To Landlords Under The Current Budget To Finagle The Books In An Attempt To Do What The Mortgage Housing Crisis Criminal’s Have Already Done. I Do Hope That Bloomberg’s Allegedly 2 Billion Rainy Day Fund Does Not Contain My Monthly Disability Rental Assistance Payment’s To Plug Said Budget Deficit!!!

I Have Already Informed My Neighbor’s Who Have Been here For 13 Year’s Not To Sign The Letter That Gives The New Landlord The Right To Raise Thier Rent If They Repair Specific Damages, Dangerous Violation On Their Warranty Of Habitability Right’s And Any Other Living Condition’s Protected By Housing Preservation And Development Agency, As Well As The Department Of Buildings, And The State Office Of Disability Which Protects Renter’s Who Are Disabled.

It Is Common Knowledge That UNSCRUPULOUS Agents Of New Landlords, Whether Knowingly Or Unknowingly Foist Papers To Be Signed By Existing Tenant’s Before Emergency Or Critical Repairs Have To Be Made To Their Apartment’s Is Illegal And Against DOB, HPD, And Several Other State Agencies That Oversee Tenant Right’s To Fair Treatment And Rental Protections Under The Prospective Laws. And Are On Many Cases Cannot Be Abridged By Any Waivers Foisted By Landlords.

The Enclosed Photo’s Are Part Of The Current Issue: Where A New Landlord Neglects To Make Necessary Repairs And Attempts To Have The Tenant Sign A Form, Only To Be Later Charged An Increase In Rental Fees For Repairs That Were Necessary To Begin With:

Having Posted These Photo’s Above It is My Wish That They Serve As Evidence As To The Prior State Of The Tenant’s Residential Condition’s At Present, Before Any Emergency Repairs Were Done, And To Strengthen The Contention That Indeed, yes, Emergency Repairs Were Warranted, And Not That A Simple Cosmetic And Residential Apartment Improvement Was Made.

Will Continue To Post Any Updates As They Become Available….