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My Return In A Press

In Activism on November 28, 2015 at 9:33 PM

Hi Everyone, I have Not Posted Since december 2014. A Lot has Has happened since then, i went back to college and i’m almost finished with my first semester. its been a good and bad year. My Father Passed on to his rest, a well deserved one for his age and for his afflictions. I iss Him Greatly like I miss air….

I because a cousin and an uncle all in one month this novemebr 2015 and they are beautiful. My living situation has improved greatly althought i had a heating issue it was resolved. This past spring and summer i only grew tomatoes in my back yard garden and did not do much with the community garden after march when my dad passed away….I had several run in’s with the 83rd precient, and as always it’s always over minor bullshit…..and the judge seems tired of dismissing these tickets/////well i will be back in a while to post some photos of my 2015 events and issues////