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Hope Restored In A Press: A Garden Grows from Recovery and Penance in Bushwick

In Activism on March 27, 2014 at 6:59 PM

Mr. Luis A. Ramos, 46, who lives next door, started clearing the lot two years ago. “When I came to this lot, it was full of weeds this high,” said Ramos, who is five feet five, holding his hand at shoulder level.

While Bushwick has other community gardens built on formerly vacant lots, the fledgling Himrod Wilson garden may be the newest. But what’s invisible amid the greenery – and most distinctive about the plot – is the before and after of Ramos’s life. The garden showcases his journey from addiction to activism as much as it does the tomato plants that by August spill over the tops of their supporting stakes.

Miriam Gonzalez, a neighbor who has lived on the block for 13 years, says that Ramos restored what had been an abandoned corner. “We used to chase rats away that came scurrying out of that lot,” Gonzalez recalled.

Ramos hauled away garbage and cut brush. He built a compost bin, fashioned a cistern out of a blue barrel, replenished much of the soil, and erected the plywood frames that surround each bed. Just outside the garden, Ramos installed a low wooden fence around three young pin oaks. He painted the fence celeste green.

Rafael Garcia, who has worked at the glass business across Wilson Avenue for 23 years, said that before Ramos came along the city cleaned the lot once every year. “We think the guy is doing a wonderful job,” said Garcia.

These Photo’s That I Took Detailing The Progress Of My Vision And Endeavor That Seemed Like An Impossible Dream. Hope That Any Person That Visit’s My Blog May Be Able To Enjoy And Participate In My Vision For Our Community, And Thereby Donate To Our Collective Hope Restored. Thank You. Luis A. Ramos

Please Feel Free To Donate In This Endeavor, I Will Thank All With A Mention In Future Post’s, As Well As Invite All To All Future Event’s Held At This Community Garden.



New Landlord In A Press.

In Antonio Reynoso, Bill De Blasio, Education, Landlord, Leadership, Martin M. Dilan, Raphael Espinal, Service's on March 1, 2014 at 9:21 PM

Well Folk’s Sorry I Have Not Written In A Long While.  I Have A New Landlord, For The Past Year And He Is Much Better Than The Last Ywo.

Bill DeBlasio Is Now Mayor And Has So Far Suggested Many Good Program’s That Will Change The Character And Focus Of NYC.

He Has In Fact Placed 3 Private Charter School’s Use Of Public School Building’s On Hold. As Soon As He Announced This Decision, All Hell Broke Loose From Proponent’s Of Charter School’s As Well As One Of Their Bigger Crook’s Eva Moskowitz, President And CEO Of Success Academy, Who Was Slated To Shove Her Company On Public Property With The Bloomberg Buck’s Behind Her This Time Around.

Last week, DeBlasio pulled $210 million from the budget for new charter schools and gave it to an expanding preschool program. There will be no new charter school buildings in New York City, thanks to a “moratorium” on new buildings for charter schools. If they wish to remain in the city, they will have to continue to share buildings with other schools. – See more at:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) accused New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio of waging a “war” against children after the mayor announced Thursday that he will rescind approvals for three public charter schools to be located inside traditional public schools.

Two of the three schools were proposed by Success Academy Charter Schools, a nonprofit group, and without the public space will most likely be unable to open. Success Academy, which was also involved in the plan to expand the third school, is run by Eva S. Moskowitz, a former city councilwoman whom Mr. de Blasio Frequently Criticized during the mayoral campaign. He singled out Ms. Moskowitz in expressing his frustration with education in the city, declaring last year: “She has to stop being tolerated, enabled, supported.”

In a statement on Thursday, Ms. Moskowitz said she was startled by the decision — “no parent should have to go through this” — and later spoke to hundreds of parents, students and staff members at Success Academy Harlem 4, the third school affected. She has estimated that the mayor’s plan would affect about 600 students, who are likely to attend public schools instead.