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Slushfund Danny Boy’s Collaboration’s In A Press.

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I Can Not Say That Should I Have Been Born In Germany, As A Jew Or A German, Witnessing The Advancement Of Rules And Edict’s  Made Only For The Purpose Of Propaganda Or Control Of A People, That I Would Not Stay Silent Or Object And Say Nothing.

No, I Would Love To Think That I Would State As A German My Opposition, And Had I Been A Jew Would Have Had The Telemetry To Flee.

That Slushfund Quinn Is Concerned For The Youth Of This City, That She Proposes Saving Them From Themselves By Changing Around Old Rules And Calling Them Original Is Quite Hilarious….What I Found Hilarious Was That She Loves To Label Her Greed As Concern….She Was So Concerned For The Low Wage Worker Of This City So Much Care And Concern For Them That She Stalled A Bill To Give Them Sick Days Pay For Over 1,105 Day’s….And In The Last Year Of Her ILLEGAL Third Term…..So Much Was Her Concern…

Not To Be Seen As The Weak Candidate By Those That Have No Opinion Of Her Past 8 Year’s As Leader Of A Corrupt, Often Times Dysfunctional City Council, Slushfund Tinged City Council Speaker  Christine Quinn wants to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21.  Never Mind That As Soon As Any Person Turn’s 18 Year’s Of Age They MUST By Federal Law Register With Selective Service’s For Whatever Purpose’s The U.S. Government May Need Them For In The Future.

Here Lies The All American U.S, Government's Empowered 18 Year Old's That Under  Christine Quinn's Misguided Policies Could Not Even Buy A Pack Of Cigarette's, Like Those Many African American's That Went To War Yet Came Home To Discrimination.

Here Lies The All American U.S, Government’s Empowered 18 Year Old’s That Under Christine Quinn’s Misguided Policies Could Not Even Buy A Pack Of Cigarette’s, Like Those Many African American’s That Went To War Yet Came Home To Discrimination.

That The Federal Government May Use A Person To Fight And Perhaps’ Give Their Life Over For Military Purposes Say’s That In The Eyes Of The U.S. These Individual’s Are Old Enough To Partake In Event’s That Require A Committment That May Be Detrimental To Their Own Health Speak’s To The Federal Government’s Committment In Empowering These Individual’s With Responsibilities.

Yeah Volunteer But Dont Think Of Excerting Your God Given Right's In American NYC.

Yeah Volunteer But Dont Think Of Excercising Your God Given Right’s In America, NYC.

Again As A Matter Of Point How Can You Tax Without Representation And Ignore The Fact, That Any Individual That Work’s, Pay’s Federal, State And City Taxes Can Be Denied The Right To Purchase Tobacco Product’s If Not Under The Age Of 21?

Yet Here  Once Again We Have These Selfish People Proposing And Presuming That Someone Under The Age Of 21 Cannot Make Life Changing Choices And That, The Government Knows Whats Best For Them, While At The Same Time Saying To These Very Same Individual’s That They Are Old Enough To Give Their Life For The City, State And Federal Government.

At What Point Do The Resident’s  Of NYC And NY State Say Enough Is Enough, And Enough Of This Baby Sitting Corrupt Infused Government.

That Mrs. Quinn Loves A Vagina Is Her Preference, I Myself have Had A Few Vagina’s In My Hayday……Mean’s Nothing, But To Use Her Status As An Out And Open Homosexual To Gain Voter’s That Are In The Life Is Appalling, And That Making Proposal’s Without General Consent Using Only The Approval Of Other Agencies Is Incredulous To Say The Least.

I Marveled At The Countless Homosexual’s That Volunteer For Her Campaign, Only As A Way To Be Seen, We Gay’s Do That Often, Often Occasionally Showing Off Our Vogueness, Our Face’, In Fact Only Showing Our Asses…To The Merriment Of The Many Like Myself When I Attended The Mayoral Forum At Baruch College.

Of Course The News Came Out That The Speaker Has A Whole Secret Department That Cost The Tax Payer Over A Million Dollar’s Within City Hall That Churn’s Out Political Propaganda To Benefit  Her Public Persona Under The Cover Of Constituent Services.

Tell The Homeless Youth That Her “Fangness” Will Deny Them Their Cigarette’s And We Will See These People, 18 Year Old’s Mind You, Turn Like If They Were On A Runway At Fashion Week. Many Only Volunteering For Her Because They Lack What She Passes Off As One Grande Vagina…They Have VAGINA Envy. Oh Well…….

While She Is Called A Democrat, That Is Obvious In Name Only As Far As Her Record Is Concerned And  That She Would Deny American’s Of Legal Military Age The Right To Purchase Product’s That They Choose, Regardless Of Studies That May Or May Not Be Accurate Is Anathema To The Democratic Process As Smacks Of Bloomberic Nannyism, A Condition Brought On By One Being Inferior In Height Or Status.

That 12, 13, 14 And 15 Year Old’s Are Being Infected By All Sort’s Of Infectious Sexual Diseases Leading To Death While Her Concern In This Election Year Is To Follow Suit With Her Mentor On Their Personal War On Tobacco And This Dictator Bloomberg And His Policies That Circumvent The Whole City Council And The Rules Speak’s To Her Ignorance Of Our Knowledge Of The System.

She Has Used The Tobacco Issue Only To Make Her Impression On The Voter, While Her Homeless Policy Has Lead To Almost 50,000 Families Living In Squalor, On The Street’s, In Unsecure Condition’s And Questioning Their Very Existence.

That Those According To The Bloomberg Administration Will Graduate This Year 2013 And Become ELIGIBLE To Vote But Not Be Able To Purchase Tobacco Product’s Is Anathema, Contrary To Any Known Or Practiced Political Stratgedy, No Thought By Her Homosexual Operative’s On What Count’s Or Is really Important To Our Emerging Youth…..The Right To Purchase, Be Respected As A Tax Payer, The Right To FREE Choice Has Absolutely Eluded Their Multi Colored Blind Ambition’s.

Yet This Is More Important That Living Secure In A Bed, Cooking A Meal At HOME, Showering In A Private Residence That WE All Call HOME.

Yeah I Have Witnessed The New Democratic Party Here In Brooklyn, Those So Called Progressive’s That Used Word’s Like Fuck Bill Thompson For Backing This Or That Candidate, And Fuck This And That….Many Of These So Called Progressive’s ARE Still In The Closet…..Never Actually Making The Move Forward Independent Of  A Party….Useless Fodder, That At The End Of The Day Will Get Paid But Never Actually Ever Progress, Like That One Term District Leader…WHAT A Freeken Joke…Then Kissing The New Brooklyn Democratic leader’s ASS…Yeah I Saw The Photo Op…What A Shtetl Gay Tramp. That Restlor…

Did You Think That I Would Stay Shut, While The New Democratic Party, The Gofer’s And Those That Would Ignore Corrupt Legislation And Legislator’s Who Submit Proposal’s That Interfere With Due Process, And That Our Basic Right’s As Tax Payer’s Are Offered On What I Consider “The Slave Market Back In Sharecropper Day’s”….Buy Us…Sell Us At Whim And Will…….I Have My Ball’s And My Will……F**k YOU!


Imaginary Sweatshop’s In A Press.

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So What Harm Could A Little White Lie Cause…….After All A Little White Lie Is Only Effectively Believed Only When It Is Repeated Often Until It Becomes A Natural Part Of A Person’s Persona.  That’s What John Liu The Current NYC Comptroller And Candidate For The NYC’s Highest Office, NYC Mayor Believe’s And Has Defended Today. 

City Controller John Liu officially kicked off his mayoral bid Sunday by touting that he worked in a sweatshop as a child – a biographical claim the Daily News debunked years ago.  Speaking to supporters from the steps of City Hall, Liu pitched as cherished fact his childhood work alongside his mother in a sweatshop — but his parents said during the Democrat’s 2009 campaign for controller that their son’s version of history was incorrect.  Upon Hearing This I Recalled With Much Amusement The Old Abbott And Costello Routine:

BUD: Didn’t I see you at the race track yesterday?
LOU: Yeah, I was there. I like to bet on the nags.
BUD (grabs him): Don’t talk like that about horses! Do you realize that I have one of the greatest mudders in the country?
LOU: What has your mother got to do with horses?
BUD: My mudder is a horse.
LOU: What? I will admit there’s a resemblance.
BUD: Now stop that!
LOU: Is your mudder really a horse?
BUD: Of course. My mudder won the first race at Hialeah yesterday.
LOU: You oughta be ashamed of yourself, putting your mudder in a horse race.

See Here For The Rest:

While This Newly Refreshed Controversy Play’s Out In The Public’s Eye, Let Us Really Understand Who John Liu Really Is And What He believe’s.

I Had The Privilege In 2009 To Volunteer On The Former NYC Comptroller’s Bill Thompson’s Campaign For Mayor Where I First Met John Liu During One Of My Many (GOTV) Get Out The Vote Assignment’s, Where I Was To Place Campaign Literature To A Local Political Club’s Endorsement Of Bill Thompson For Mayor.

I First Met John Liu In The Lobby Of This Hotel Where The Meeting Was Being Held In One Of Their Office Suite’s. Naturally I Was Ignored And Considered A Nobody By Mr. Liu And Seeing That He Was Then A Candidate For NYC Comptroller Meant That He Posed No Competition To Bill Thompson’s Candidacy For Mayor Of NYC.

Happy Liu

Much Later In Bill Thompson’s Campaign I Realized That Bill Supported John Liu’s Campaign For NYC Comptroller And Bill De Blasio For NYC Public Advocate  And That Mutually There Would Be A (GOTV) For All Three Candidate’s, Bill Thompson, John Liu (Candidate For NYC Comptroller) And Bill De Blasio (Candidate For Public Advocate)  That I Was Assigned To Infuse Into My Volunteer Work.

I Quickly Read The Background’s Of  These Two New Addition’s To My Volunteer Workload, And Mentally I Had No Reservation’s Except For This John Liu Character….That Coming From His Not Wanting Conversation At The (GOTV) That I Described Earlier. I Listened To The Messages That John Liu And Bill De Blasio Touted As Their Idea’s And Disapproval’s They Held Against Mayor Bloomberg’s Past Two Term’s And Their Reason’s Why He Was Not Fit To Receive A Third Term All Of Which I Agreed With.

Little Did I Know That I Would Have A Rude Awakening And A Good Damb Lesson On Politic’s As Usual From People  That I Not Only Voted For, But Freely Gave My Time And Breath And Even Marched In Parade’s Repeating And Extolling Their Qualification’s For NYC Comptroller And Public Advocate.

NYC Candidate For Comptroller, John Liu.

Not Too Soon After Becoming NYC Comptroller I Became A Facebook Friend To John Liu Who Later Went On Facebook To Solicit Nationally For Candidates To Fill Position’s In The NYC Comptroller’s Office, Something That During His Campaign He Railed On Mayor Bloomberg,  For Doing The VerySame Thing For His Administration And Contract Deal’s.

Of Course I Answered This Status Update With A Comment Of My Own Challenging His Intelligence On This Request To Search From Outside NYC For Candidate’s To Fill Position’s In The NYC Comptroller’s Office And Questioning Him And Reminding Him That In NYC Their Are Over 8 Million People And Why He Did Not Think That He Could Find A Few Qualified Individual’s Out of This 8 Million To Fill These Position’s

Not Long After I Found That My Facebook Friend John Liu Had Deleted Me As A Friend, How Childish…..But The Story Is Not Over……

In June 2012,  The six 2013 New York City mayoral candidates appeared together on stage for the first time at a forum sponsored by City & State. The forum was part of a morning-long series of panels on MWBE issues in New York City, which also included opening remarks by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There was a bit of disagreement over whether the next mayor should create the position of “chief diversity officer.”



“We don’t need a diversity officer to make diversity a priority,” Liu said. “We need a chief executive officer who will make diversity a priority.

Mr. John Liu Repeating Some Phantom Conversation With City Hall Folk’s States That The Folk’s At City Hall Have A Sheer Lack Of Diversity And Readily Admit It, But That’s Because We Only Look For Merit….Then Get’s Offended And States The Same. I Agree With My Many Friends That NYC Voter’s Need To Take Heed From His Past, As Well As From His Current Predicament In A Campaign Corruption Scandal.

The campaign treasurer for New York City Comptroller John Liu was arrested Tuesday in a widening investigation into Liu’s fundraising practices. Liu is planning to run for mayor of New York City in 2013.

Well Here Is A Link (With A Little Music):!/photo.php?v=426276334132759

Watch How An Official Like Comptroller John Liu, That Control’s Billion’s Of NYC Taxpayer Fund’s, Lies To A General Public Of Educated Individual’s… — with John C. Liu at NYC.

The Parties Over Mr. Liu….I’ll Never Waste Another Vote On You Nor On Anyone Else Like You For That Matter, Ever Again….Your Welcome For The Free (GOTV) That You Never Thanked Me For, And Again Thanks for Deleting Me From Facebook, That Was The Best Thing That You Have Done, For Me That Is…

As For Me And My Future Vote For NYC Mayor, I Prefer Bill Thompson, Someone Who As Of Today Has Met Every Qualification To Get A Chance To Share His Vast Leadership Experience With And For The Resident’s Of NYC.

Media’s Racist Turn In A Press.

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As I Open And Turn On My Computer To Read The Latest Headline’s  I Always Try To Understand Which Paper Or Which Writer Today’s Current Event’s Stories Emerges From, Of Course This Plus The Subject Of The Articles Paints And Form’s A Clear  Picture For The Day’s Mood.

By Now We Have All Read Them And Either Cast Them Aside Or Talked About Them.  These New Story Headlines Tend To Push Aside Yesterday’s Main Topic’s, Issues And On Most Occasion’s National Concern.

Through This Manner I Paint And Form My Own Views On How Much Weight To Ply On Any Given Story.

That Gun Control And The Fiscal Cliff Agenda Are the Current HOT Topic Of The Day On A National Scale, Homelessness, Poverty, Death By COP, Racism, Hate, And The Fact That One Month Later, Affected Homes From Hurricane Sandy Are Still Without Power, Heat And Hot Water Speak’s To The Nature Of That Great Beast, The News Media

This NY Post Article Placed On The NY Post’s Online Electronic Newspaper Paper Jumped Right Out At Me, Mainly That It Was At The Top, The Very First Story My Eyes Beheld To Form My Own Agenda For The Day, That Of  Tawana Brawley And Her Then Allegation’s Of Rape.

While We Never Saw from This Newspaper The 25 Year Anniversary Of   Borough Of Queens, President Donald Manes (Who Was Embroiled In The Infamous NYC Parking Violation’s Bureau Scandal Under The NYC Mayor, Ed Koch Administration And Who Committed Suicide In His Hospital Bed While The Scandal Was Unraveling.

Racism In Media

Racism In Media

I Applaud That The Reverend Al Sharpton Faced The Onslaught Of The Racist Media And Is With Us Today Still Making Change Happen, It Is Unfortunate That Donald Manes Is Not.  Who Know’s How Far The Parking Violation Bureau Scandal Would Have Went And How Many Of Today’s Public Leader’s Would Have Been Affected Had He Lived And Not Taken The 5th (Literally) Violating Countless Biblical Percept’s And Public Trust…

That Federal Legislation Has Stalled And Relief Not Fully Delivered  En masse , Because Some Politician’s Have Decided  To Add Funds For Projects On The West Coast Even Though The Hurricane Disaster Was On The East Coast Some 1,000 Plus Miles From The Affected Area’s…Go Figure The Greed And Gall Of These Not So Few Opportunist’s., Many Beneficiaries Of The Handy Work Of Our Media Today.

That The Current Administration Lead By Mayor Michael Bloomberg Has Jumped On The Issue Of Gun Control In Such A Manner That Even His Own Supporter’s Were Taken Aback On How He Can Confuse Illegal Gun Control With the Tragedy In Connecticut, Where Legally Obtained Firearm’s Were Used Show’s The Bias Of The Media. 

His Need To Have The Last Word Is Not Suprising When They Paint Him In A Favorable Manner And The Media Eat’s it Up Like The Now Defunct Twinkies…Yet His Debacles Like Citytime, The Death’s of Citizen’s During The Blizzard Of  2011 Fumble, And Many Other Articles That Cast A Truer More Unfavorable Picture Of His Administration Are Not Remembered Nor Do They Resurface. I Have Enumerated Some, Had They All Been Named, One Could Write A Book.


It Left A Sour Taste To Witness The Manner And Depth The NY Post And Several Other Media Outlet’s Have Downgraded Their Priorities In What To Write About, In Which Way To Post These Articles And What Weight To Give Them.

We Normally Open Our Mailboxes And Discard The Usual Junk Mail Glancing Casually Over Them For A Second And Forever Discarding Into The Trash And Our Memories.

I Glanced At These Two Pieces Of  Junk Mail 26 Year’s Ago And Discarded Them,  But Then 25 Year’s Later We Receive The Same Junk Mail.

This is Was Today’s Junk Mail In Today’s New York Post. Thank You New York Post For making My Brain Foggy With Your Clutter!

Why You Were Not Allowed To Vote, In A Press

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Jumaane You Know I Support You 110%

With All Due Respect To You CM William’s. I Am Reading The Comment’s On Your Facebook Post About This Article:  


CM Jumaane D. Williams, CM Ydanis Rodriguez at Zuccotti Park 1st. Anniversary.

First And Foremost What Is Needed Is The Education Of Voter’s On How To Properly Fill Out A Ballot Form.

Whle The B.O.E Is There To Serve The Voter’s, It Is The Responsility Of The Voter’s To Get Educated.

Having Worked For 15 Straight Hour’s Serving All Voter’s As A Poll Inspector/Scanner, My Poll Site Went Well. There Are Many Issue’s That Need To Be Addressed, But They Should Be Addressed Individually. We Had 2 Scanner’s And I Ran Both Of Them.

I Also Assisted In Processing Affidavit Ballot’s, Assisting In Filling Out The Ballot Form Questionaire On The Envelope Themselves, Making Sure That All Pertinent Question’s Are Anwered By The Voter Who Was Given An Affidavit Ballot For Whatever Reason They Were Given An Affidavit. This Was Done In My 2 Language’s.

I Also Filled Out Referal Slip’s So That Any Voter That Was Not Assigned Our Location As A Poll Site Would Get The Correct Poll Site. Please Remember That All Voter’s have An Opportunity To Cast A Ballot Only 3 Times, Then They Are Required To get A Court order To Cast A Ballot Thereafter, So I Make It My Job To Inform The Voter’s The Proper Manner In Which A Ballot Should Be Cast, i.e. No Circle, X Mark’s, Check mark‘s, But To Fill In The Oval Next To Their Perfered Candidate.

I Also Reminded The Voter That They Can Only Cast A Vote For Only 1 Candidate For Any Specific Office. I Cannot Begin To Tell You That Even With All My Concise And Detailed Information, Many Voter’s Had To Return To The Inspector Tables To Request Another Empty Ballot Form. It Is Time Consuming.

So Before Any Individual Decides To Opine On The Board Of Election’s As A Whole, Please Consider The Process That I Just Detailed, And Mutltiply That By The Number Of Poll Worker That Worked This Past November 6th. Yes There Are Many Flaw’s That Need To Be Addressed, But Blaming The B.O.E. As A Whole Is Not One Of Them.

I Did Not Add That Because Of One Voter, One Of The Two Scanner’s Incurrured A Paper Jam, Causing That Scanner To Be Put Out Of Commission For 1 Hour Until A Technician Arrived To Repair It.

In An Emergency, These Scanner’s Are Equipped To Accept Emergency Ballot’s, And The Board Of Election’s Has A Process For Emergency Ballot’s And We Are Trained In This Emergency Process Procedure.

Today On WNYC They Displayed A Hearing By Coucilmember Joel Rivera Who Chair’s The Oversight Committee That Oversee’s The Board Of Election’s.

At That Meeting They Voted To Re-Comfirm A B.O.E. Commissioner from The Queen’s B.O.E.

He Practically Blamed The Poll Worker For All The Ill’s That Have Occured To The B.O.E. And He Went As far As Too State That We Lack The Knowledge To Serve The Voter’s Well.

Of Course Having Taken Many Classes I Beg To Differ…To Blame 40,000 Plus Poll Worker’s Is Just Ignorant And Dangerous.

I Suggest That Instead Of Having A City Council Committee Meeting, Where Councilmembers Shower Praise On These Commissioner’s, That Perhap’s Ciy Council Member’s Should be Required To Actually Attend These Classes So As To Ask These Commissioner’s The Correct Question’s.

It Can’t Be Said Too many Times, EDUCATION Is The Key To Finding Solution’s…..How Can You As A Council Committe Ask The Correct Question’s If You Have Not The Slightest Clue Of The Actual Work That Poll Worker Are Required To Follow?

Give A Person A Fish To Feed Him/Her For The Day, But TEACH The Person To Fish And You Would Had Fed Them For Their Entire Lifetime!

What The Coomittee needed To Ask Or Suggest To The Commissioner’s Is The Following:

Leave The Voter Roll’s ALONE.

If A Person Register’s To Vote And They Do Not Excercise The Right To Vote In Every Election, Why Are They Placed In The Inactive Status And Their Names Removed From The Voter Roll’s.

I Had One Individual Who Has Not Voted In A Few Year’s, Literally Get A Letter From The B.O.E. To Be Allowed To Vote.

The Right To Freely Cast A Ballot SHOULD Not Be Like An Experience One Has At Our Local Dentist Or Emergency Room.

If And When One register’s To Vote, Then Their name Should Never Be Removed/Erased From The Roll’s Unless That Individual Passes Away.

The Only Time That That Data Needs To Be Changed Is When They Move Or When A Maiden Name Or Name Change Has Occured.

Again, Please Educate Yourselves, Education Is Free……..

Respectfully Submitted,

Luis A. Ramos

Disgrace In A Press!

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Latest Update:

August 30,2012

I”m Hearing On 1010WINS News That More Female Staff Have Come Out To Denounce The Disgraced Chairman Of The Kings County Democratic Party…It Really Does Not Look Good For Vito Or For Sheldon Silver….

Latest Update:

August 29,2012

Vito Lopez

Brooklyn‘s longtime Democratic powerhouse, is resigningfrom his powerful leadership post but keeping his Assembly seat, he announced this afternoon.

Lopez, who was censured by the Assembly for allegedly sexually harassing staffers, denied the allegations in a statement but said the pressure has become too great for him to continue serving as Brooklyn Democratic Chairman.

“I will not be seeking the position of party chair,” he said. “The onslaught of character attacks has put enormous emotional pressures on my family and close friends. I cannot sit by and allow that to continue.”

The Assembly paid $103,000 in hush money to settle some of the claims against Lopez but sources say there were other complaints as well.

Disinfranchisement In A Press

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The Devil Is Among Us Dressed As Sheep, Be Wary!

The Following Message Was Sent To Me Via Facebook Message:

Peter Kaplan(Facebook)

Hello Mr. Ramos, my name is Peter Kaplan and I am a political reporter from, looking to interview Charles Barron supporters for a piece I am working on, I noticed that you are a participant on his Facebook page. If you are available for an interview today either via telephone or e-mail, I’m very interested in speaking!

Thank you,

Peter Kaplan


My Response Via FB Message:

Luis A Ramos

While I Support Barron 100% I Have No Daily Working Knowledge With Him. I Have Followed His Political Work Closely. I Did Attend The Campaign Kick Off For Jesus Gonzalez In Bushwick And Have A Quick Conversation With Him. I Have Voted For Him For Governor Of NY. I Really Listen And Research Politician’s Histories And Do Not Easily Accept Their Campaign Propoganda. I Think He Is The Firebrand Needed In Congress To Shake Things Up Over In D.C.I Do Not Believe That He Is Anti-Semetic But Like Myself Freely Rejects The AIPAC Ideal’s And Use Of The USA To Further A Zionist Agenda With Capital In Lives And Funds…..In Any Case I Am Willing To Have A Chat, But Don’t See How Much I Can Contribute To Your Piece.

I Do Not Give Out My Number Out, But In This Case I Will.

It Is 1-347——— And Please Feel Free To Call At Your Most Convenient Time.

Respectfully, Luis A. Ramos


I Received The Call And Mr. Kaplan Was Focused On What Mr. Barron Stated Many Years Ago, I Of Course Informed Mr. Kaplan That He Should Question Mr. Dov Hikind On His Visit To Israel To Buy Property That Belonged To The Palestinian People, And I Questioned Him On How Was It Possible For Mr. Hikind To Find Fault Of Mr. Barron When Mr. Barron Never Gave Material Aide To A Terrorist Organization Like Mr. Hikind Has Done, Whe He (Hikind) was a follower of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Jewish Defense League, which has been identified as “a right wing terrorist group” by the FBI,[9] knew Rabbi Kahane very well, and is active in right-wing Jewish causes. And That In the summer of 2005, Hikind visited the settlements of Gush Katif to express his concern for the residents who were slated to be expelled from their homes. In the summer of 2006, along with a group of fellow legislators and community leaders, Hikind visited northern Israeli communities during the time of the Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israel. He and his group spent the time there distributing funds and material aid.



Mr. Kaplan Was Present During The Latino Endorsement Of Charles Barron For Congress Covered By NY1, On The Step’s Of City Hall Last Week, Of Course As My Friend And I Approached He Immediately Pulled Her To The Side To Interview Her….She Left Perturbed After This And Felt Confused And Dumb Founded At The Thought That Mr. Barron Was An Anti Semite…I Explained To Her His Aim…We Both Laughed, But I Have Passed This On To Mr. Barron To Be On The Look Out For This Propaganda Infiltrators Of The People’s Work. Final NY1 Video Here:

The Following Are Comments Made To This Story Written By: Peter Walker Kaplan

Adam Holland · · Bard College ·

Barron has devoted a significant portion of his activism to support for Mugabe, Qaddafi and Hamas. Now that he’s running for Congress, the former firebrand seems to be pulling his punches on those issues. I also wonder what he could mean when he says that “we should establish a Palestinian state”. Does he believe that the U.S. should act unilaterally to do this? The question may give him too much credit. He seems to care less about the finer (or even broader) points of foreign policy than he does about making boilerplate allegedly anti-imperialist statements of support for various dictators and against the U.S. and its allies.


Markus Rose · Bard College ·

i am unfamiliar with him as a non-New Yorker, but he’ll be a one-termer if he makes it to congress and doesn’t quash his rhetoric. someone in the CBC or perhaps Sharpton will tutor him on what happened to Earl Hilliard and Cynthia McKinney.

My Response:

Well To You Both I Am Familiar With The Honorable Mr. Barron. He Hail’s From A Place Called Brooklyn, Once A Part Of A Racist State That Has Discriminated Against The African-American Community And The Latino Community For Decades…..He Has Never Advocated To Take Someone’s Land, House, Apartment, By Proxy, Unlike What The Zionist Movement Called AIPAC. He Knows, Like We All Do That AIPAC Is Behind The Lines Here In The US Supporting And Giving Material Aide To The Terrorist State Of Israel….Please Discontinue Acting High And Mighty Like You Do Not Know Or Were Not Aware Of The Atrocities Committed By Israel. By Doing So You Yourselves Have Committed The Very Same Thing That The German’s Committed In The 40’s..Where Did That lead To…..You Act Educated So Please Let’s Not Banter With The Past That Serves No Service To Brooklyn’s Future Or That Of The security Not Of Israel But Of America…..It Is A New World, Not Thank God Led By People Of Your Intellect…….That Leads Us Into Follies Of destruction, And Poverty!!!!!

Adam Holland · Bard College ·

Yeah, Luis. You qualify to be a Charles Barron supporter.

James Stupple · Top Commenter

Another American Traitor that should be hung.

Luis A Ramos · Top Commenter · Touro College

Funny Back In The Day You Considered African American’s As Less That The Weight Of A Full Man…When Did You Realize That We Are Legion?….Legendary….Of Course Your Use Of The Word Hung Comes Natural…Why Not Say Shot In This Modern Age……That Very Statement Deserves A Visit By The F.B.I. And Law Enforcement….Too Bad…This Could Have Been An Educational Conversation For Us Both…

<photo id=”1″ />

Backyard & Basement Use In A Press

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When In Doubt

Search It Out!

I Recently Had A Discussion With The Property Manager Of My Building Regarding Use Of The Backyard.


She Has Stated That She Does Not Want Me, Not The Landlord But She, To Use The Backyard And That It Was Not Part Of My Lease Amenities.


She Stated That She Would Put That In Writing.


I Countered That The Landlord Has On Several Occassion’s Complimented Me On The Upkeep And The Vegetable Garden That I Have Sown In The Outer Area’s Not Covered By Concrete, As It Was Intended For.


I Stated That No Matter What She States I Will Continue To Freely Use This Enclosed Area, Since My Back Window And That Of My Neighbor’s Window Is The Only Access Apart From The Basement Exit Door On The Ground.


I Have Always Had Access To This Area Prior To Her Company Purchasing The Property, As Well As The Basement Area.


As Noted By The Enclosed Court Hearing On The Matter, The Tenants Had Property Confiscated By The New Landlord, Thereby Acknowledging That The Area’s In Question Were Previously Used By The Tenant’s.


Here Is The Garden Area As Well As The Enclosed DHCR Administrative Court Hearing Minutes.


                                                STATE OF NEW YORK
                           OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                                      92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                                      JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433

         APPEAL OF                                                                              DOCKET NO.:              
                                                  JANET BRAND
                                              HSUAN PING YUAN,              RENT ADMINISTRATOR‘S
                                                                                                       DOCKET NO.:
                                                   PETITIONERS                       EJ230152B


         The above-named petitioner-owners filed a timely petition for
         administrative review (PAR) of an order issued on April 23, 1993
         concerning the housing accommodations known as 382 12th Street,  
         Brooklyn, New York, various apartments, wherein the Rent
         Administrator determined the tenants’ complaint of a reduction of
         certain building-wide services.

         The Commissioner has reviewed all of the evidence in the record and
         has carefully considered that portion of the record relevant to the
         issues raised by the petition.            

         Three rent stabilized tenants commenced this proceeding by filing
         a complaint asserting that the current owners discontinued the
         tenants’ access to the basement for storage and of the backyard,
         permitted by the prior owner.

         The owners denied the allegations set forth in the complaint, and
         asserted that they were never services provided by the former
         owner, who was aged and infirm, and not able to prevent unauthor-
         ized use.  The owners also stated that neither of the services were
         registered by the then owner in the initial 1984 services registra-
         tion, nor provided for in the tenants’ leases.

         In response to a request for additional information, the tenants
         reiterated that they had always had access to the basement for
         storage and to the backyard for recreational and other uses.  The
         tenants also stated that the owners had removed and discarded the
         tenants’ property from the backyard.  Copies of the tenants’
         responses were mailed to the owner.  There is no record of a
         response from the owner.


         Thereafter, an inspection of the subject premises was conducted by
         the DHCR inspector who confirmed that the tenants did not have
         access to the storage facilities and backyard at the time of the

         The Rent Administrator ordered restoration of these services, and
         further, ordered a reduction of stabilization rents.

         In the appeal the owners reiterates that access to the basement
         storage space and to the backyard were never required services, and
         that such services were not registered nor authorized, and not set
         forth in the tenants’ leases.

         After careful consideration, the Commissioner is of the opinion
         that the petition should be denied.

         Pursuant to Section 2523.4 of the Rent Stabilization Code, DHCR is
         required to order a rent reduction, upon application by a tenant,
         where it is found that an owner has failed to maintain required

         The tenants asserted and the owners denied basement storage space
         and use of the backyard were services provided by the owners.  
         However, on appeal the owners confirmed that the tenants had been
         directed to remove their possessions from the basement and to cease
         use of the backyard .  The owners also stated on appeal that from
         1986 through 1988 the building was managed by a professional
         managing agent and thereafter by the executrix of the incapacitated
         prior owner until transfer of title.  If the services were not
         authorized initially, failure to take appropriate action when the
         facts became apparent to them constituted a waiver.  Accordingly,
         the owners, as successors in interest, remain obligated to continue
         these services.

         The owners are in error in raising the initial 1984 building regis-
         tration to establish that the basement storage space and use of the
         backyard were not contemplated as services.  Tenants can assert
         decreases of required or essential services at any time.  Whether
         or not the services were listed in the tenants’ leases is also not
         relevant.  Required or essential services are not confined to
         services set forth in the lease.  It is the actual services
         provided on the base date or thereafter, not lease provisions or
         registered services, that control.


         The one tenant’s request to withdraw the complaint cannot be con-
         sidered since the order was issued properly, and must therefore be

         The automatic stay of retroactive abatements that resulted by the
         filing of the petition is vacated upon issuance of this Order and

         The owners may file a rent restoration application if the facts so

         THEREFORE, in accordance with the Rent and Eviction Regulations for
         New York City, the City Rent Control Law, and the Rent Stabiliza-
         tion Law and Code, it is

         ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby is, denied, and
         that the Rent Administrator’s order be, and the same hereby, is


                                               JOSEPH A. D’AGOSTA
                                               Deputy Commissioner


Housing Late Fee’s In A Press

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UPDATE 1-19-2012:

Well I Found A Registered Mail Pick-Up Slip In  My Mailbox Today. I Will See Tomorrow Morning If It Is The Registered Correspondence That I Requested From The Property Manager, That I Requested From Her, Via E-Mail. Or Some Nefarious Eviction Notice, Of Which I Am Quite Sure Will Be Based Not On Anything Owed, But On Retaliation For Claiming My Right’s Under The NYC Rent Guidelines Rules Or The NY State DHCR Rules And Regulations. We’ll See.

Past Post:

Well Hello My Friends, I Have Searched And Searched This Issue About Late Fee’s And If Some Readers Are Like Me, On A Fixed Income Then I Know From Experience That This Issue Can Keep You Up At Night Worrying About When The Landlord Will Have A Process Server Hand You A Housing Court Order To Show Cause.

Believe Me I Looked And Couldn’t Find One Defense To This….That Is Until After The Crook Working As Property Manager Casually Pulled Out A Sheet Of Lined Notebook Paper, The Kind We Used For The First Grade, And Began, While Writing Out My Current Rent Payment Receipt, That I Had Accrued Late Fee’s……

I Was Flabbergasted And I Thought For A Moment What The……But Alas I Decided To Do The Next Best Thing , I Informed Her That She Will Receive As Rent Payment That Which Is Listed In My Lease And Nothing More…Not One Thin Dime And I Further Suggested, In A  Politely But Hurried Manner  To Finish Writing The Receipt And To Get The Hell Out Of My Apartment.

Here Is What I Later Found While Delving Into The Wonderful World Of The Internet:

Late fees are illegal

    Your lease says you have to pay late fees if your money is paid after the 5th of the month. You signed the lease, promising to pay them. Everybody charges late fees. Even the California Department of Consumer Affairs says you have to pay late fees. You’ve already paid late fees. Your landlord threatens to evict you if you don’t pay the late fees he charges. Judges act like late fees are the landlord’s God-given right. Property management companies, the California Association of Realtors, and apartment association “official” forms all include late fees in the printed portion. You don’t even question it. Who would?

    We went though the same scam with security deposits starting 30 years ago. Security Deposits were supposed to be returned, but landlords kept them. The Legislature said all deposits had to be refundable, so landlords started calling them nonrefundable “cleaning fees,”  to which the Legislature responded that all money, including cleaning fees, were “deposits,” under the law. The courts backed the landlords, and the official forms endorsed the thefts, and the laws have continued to be stronger and more restrictive, so that landlords now have to pay up to 3 times the amount of a wrongfully withheld deposit, and the landlord has several procedures to follow, paperwork to present, and the burden to prove everything. 

    The law regarding residential late fees is almost 30 years old. In 1978, Civil Code 1671 was amended to outlaw virtually all late fees in residential rental agreements. The problem is that it didn’t use the word “late fees,” but instead used the technical legal generic term “liquidated damages,” which would functionally include a late fee by its meaning. Here’s the actual statute:

 §1671. Validity of Liquidated Damages Provisions
(a) This section does not apply in any case where another statute expressly applicable to the contract prescribes the rules or standard for determining the validity of a provision in the contract liquidating the damages for the breach of the contract.
(b) Except as provided in subdivision (c), a provision in a contract liquidating the damages for the breach of the contract is valid unless the party seeking to invalidate the provision establishes that the provision was unreasonable under the circumstances existing at the time the contract was made.
(c) The validity of a liquidated damages provision shall be determined under subdivision (d) and not under subdivision (b) where the liquidated damages are sought to be recovered from either:
(1) A party to a contract for the retail purchase, or rental, by such party of personal property or services, primarily for the party’s personal, family, or household purposes; or
(2) A party to a lease of real property for use as a dwelling by the party or those dependent upon the party for support.
(d) In the cases described in subdivision (c), a provision in a contract liquidating damages for the breach of the contract is void except that the parties to such a contract may agree therein upon an amount which shall be presumed to be the amount of damage sustained by a breach thereof, when, from the nature of the case, it would be impracticable or extremely difficult to fix the actual damage.

    If you looked up “late fees,” this statute didn’t show up, until recently, when the case of Orozco v. Casimiro [(2004) 121 Cal.App.4th Supp. 7] was decided. There, for the first time, an appellate court identified late fees as “liquidated damages” within the meaning of Civil Code 1671, and declared them to be illegal and void, absent extraordinary circumstances.

There Is More From This Site, But I Did Not Want To Post Every Word And Infringe Upon Their Work, Please Visit The Writer’s Site Here:

Christmas Eve In A Press

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To All My Friends And Loved Ones, Wishing You All A Merry Christmas.

Well The Situation Here Has Now Morphed From A Defective Boiler With Daily Issues To

A  Newly Installed Boiler That Is Again Controlled By A Thermostat In Another


I Have Spent The Past (11) Eleven Days Calling The Super For The Thermostat To Be

Switched On, Whenever I Want  To Take A Shower.

That The Thermostat And Heat In My Apartment To Be Turned On Needs For Me To

Place  A Call To The Super Is Beyond Hysterical But Should Be Illegal

This Is Going To Be A Litigious New Year.


Threats And Innuendo In A Press

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To: Property Manager, *** Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11237
Re: Renewal Changes And Fees
Date: December 12, 2011
You Did Not Include A Rider With The One Page lease Renewal. Please Do So At As Soon As Possible.
As To The Courtesy Given To The Tenants For Your lack Of Foresight And Negligence, Of Electrical Space Heaters, I Will Be Remitting As Stated Beforehand My Gas And My Electricity Bill’s When Rent Is Due, Which Brings Up The Overcharging Of Rent In My Renewal lease, Which I Have Reffered To The  NYSDHCR For Remedy. And I Remind You That You Were Not Allowed To Change The Terms Of My Prior Lease In That It Does Not Contain An Air Conditioning Fee. Please Adjust The Renewal lease As Stated.
To: Property Manager, *** Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11237
Re: Heat
Date: December 5, 2011
As To Certified Mailings I Have Never Recieved Any, And Would Like Copies Of Any Certified Reciepts Of This Contention, If Indeed Any Exist.
I Have A Record Of Calls Recieved During The Thanksgiving Week And Maybe One Is From You.
Please Forward To Me Records Of Damages Committed By Any Of My Guests. You Have None Because This Issue Is A Farce.
My Apartment Is Opened To My Friends And I Do Not Have A Business Flowing From It.
As For The Above Tenant, I Have Spoken Directly With Her And She Has Resolved The Issue, I Just Brought It Up Because, As You Say They Can Do Anything They Want, It’s Their Apartment, Which You Clearly Wrote In One Of Your Past E-Mail Responses.
I Have A Very Good And Healthy Relationship With All My Neighbor’s And The Community As Well As My Super, Who I Consider To Be A Friend. I Just Spoke To One Of My Above Neighbors And She Loved The Music I Was Playing A Few Days Ago.
Again I Do Not Expect You To Know Anything Because You Only Come Here During The First Of The Month.
I Did Answer The Door And Did Not Slam It In Your Face When You Appeared Unannounced, Even Though I Was In The Shower.
Again Please Bring With You These So Called Certified Copies Of Certified Mailings You Allegedly Sent To My Address, It Would Be Interesting To See Them.
If You Tried Really Hard And Went Out Of Your Way As You Contend, Where Are The E-Mails To Attest That You Tried Everything.
Rent stabilized tenants have a right to a one or two year renewal lease, which must be on the same terms and conditions as the prior lease. A landlord’s acceptance of a Section 8 subsidy is one such term which must be continued on a renewal lease. Landlords may refuse to renew a lease only in certain enumerated circumstances, such as when the tenant is not using the premises as a primary residence. For New York City rent stabilized tenants, the landlord must give timely written notice to the tenant of the right to renewal as required by law.


After the notice of renewal is given, the tenant has 60 days in which to accept. If the tenant does not accept the renewal offer within the prescribed time, the landlord may refuse to renew the lease and seek to evict the tenant through court proceedings. If the tenant accepts the renewal offer, the landlord has 30 days to return the fully executed lease to the tenant. Until returned to the tenant, the lease is not effective, and therefore the rent increase portion need not be paid.
P.S. Had I Recieved Such Rent Renewal Lease I Would Have Gladly Signed It. Again Please Forward The Date Of Certified Mailing Of The  Rent Renewal Lease Mailed.
Luis A. Ramos
***Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR
—–Original Message—–
From: sorayah*****
To: copynow05
Sent: Sun, Dec 4, 2011 9:37 pm
Subject: Lease and Non Payment
Mr Ramos,

Regarding your incorrect allegations (once again) that your were not presented with the lease renewal form, I sent you two copies via certified mail, in September 2011. You failed to respond.  I have called you and left messages, you did not answer nor return my calls.  You left me no choice but to come to your apartment.  I would love to announce my visits, but you do not answer my calls.  This last attempt I made to discuss your lease was as a courtesy to you.  I never imagined that affording you a chance to choose between a one or two year lease renewal would bother you or that you would consider it harassment.  As you have failed to respond to the certified mailing, to my phone calls and to my request to discuss your lease in person, you leave me no choice but to have your lease deemed by the landlord.  I will inform you of the landlord’s decision  in writing via certified mail. 
You claimed that I called you “Early in the Morning” on December 1st, when in fact I called you closer to 2:30 pm. When you called me, you stated that you were not available until the following week (The week of December 5th).  We agreed to meet on Monday, and that I would let you know on Sunday, today, what time I would stop by, which I complied with.  You chose to cancel.
I have explained the issue of the heat many many times and  I will gladly discuss any matters with your lawyer.  
Please be reminded that any rent payments submitted to me after the 5th of December become subject to late fees and put you in jeopardy of an eviction for non-payment. This month will be 13 months in a row that your rent is in arrears, if you do not pay in full of course.  If I remind you of these things, it is not, as you claim, Harassment.  I remind you because a) It is my job to do so and b) to help you avoid fees and eviction.  Owner is still waiting for your past due rent.  

From your email, I guess I should expect to hear from you as soon as you receive your SS checks.  If you wish to have the late fees reversed, you may submit proof that your checks were indeed re-issued.  


Soraya H*****
Property Manager, Lin’s Realty LLC.