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A Circus Rejected By It’s Clownish Ring Leader In A Press.

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Well I Thought, No I Was Expecting The Leader Of This Mayoral Circus Ring To Make Herself Shine From Another’s Bad Publicity. Only When Bad Press Befall’s An Opponent Does She, Christine Quinn Shine.

Like This:

In a public spanking, retired public-school teacher Peg Brunda refused to shake Anthony Weiner’s hand after telling him his pervy behavior made him unfit to be mayor.

“Had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yourself, my job would have been gone,” the 30-year teaching veteran told Weiner during a visit to Superstorm Sandy-damaged homes on Staten Island.

“In the privacy of your home?” asked Weiner defensively.

“In the privacy of my home . . . I don’t quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that’s expected of us.”


Having Been For Year’s In The City Council As A Member Then As It’s Ringleader,Who Best To Detail Another’s Dysfunction While Ignoring One’s Own Failing’s Christine Quinn Is The Epitomy Of Hypocrisy To Call Anthony Weiner Unfit To Lead NYC As It’s Mayor.While It Is True That Disgraced Former Congressman Anthony Weiner Is UNFIT To Be The leader Of NYC, We Must Never Ever Forget That The So Called Speaker A Democrat Saw Fit To Overturn Through Sheer Gall, Two Voter Referendum’s Voted On On Two Seperate Occassion’s To Limit A Mayor’s And City Council Term’s To Two, Four Year Term’s.

Like This:

“Today our government chose to empower itself rather than the people it serves,” said Thompson in 2008, who’s again running for mayor.

In an email, Thompson’s spokesman Brendan Brosh wrote, “The term limits vote was a dark moment for the people of New York where the will of voters that was expressed on two separate occasions at the ballot box was overturned by the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council. Voters have long memories and will remember those elected officials that knowingly disregarded the will of New Yorkers in 2008.”

She Oversaw The implementation Of CityTime, The 911 Emergency System, The Theft Of Water Front Properties By The Wealthy And Well Connected Developer’s, The Explosion Of The Homeless Population To Level’s Bot Seen Since The Great Depression, The Closure And Fire Sale Of Our Precious Hospital’s, The NYPD Ticket Scandal, The Wholesale Closure’s Of NYC School’s, The Invasion Of Private Charter School’s Into Our Public School Building’s, And The Loss Of Thousand’s Of Rent Regulated Apartment’s.

The List Of Failures Is Quite Endless For This Circus Leader, More Of A BIG CLOWN If You Ask The Populace.

Of Course Next To Her Greatest Democratic Failure Of Overturning Term Limit’s There Is Her Participation In The Infamous Slushfund That Saw A Few Official’s From The City Council On Their Way To Prison, All Under Watch.

Like This:

After a spirited, emotional and at times raucous debate, the New York City Council voted, 29 to 22, on Thursday afternoon to extend term limits, allowing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to seek re-election next year and undoing the result of two voter referendums that had imposed a limit of two four-year terms.

The vote was a major victory for Mayor Bloomberg — a billionaire and lifelong Democrat who was elected mayor as a Republican in 2001, won re-election in 2005, became an independent last year, and decided just weeks ago that he wished to seek a third term for himself in 2009 — and for the Council’s speaker, Christine C. Quinn. But the intense acrimony surrounding the decision left a sharply divided Council and could ultimately damage the mayor’s popularity. Read the rest of this entry »


Slushfund Danny Boy’s Collaboration’s In A Press.

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I Can Not Say That Should I Have Been Born In Germany, As A Jew Or A German, Witnessing The Advancement Of Rules And Edict’s  Made Only For The Purpose Of Propaganda Or Control Of A People, That I Would Not Stay Silent Or Object And Say Nothing.

No, I Would Love To Think That I Would State As A German My Opposition, And Had I Been A Jew Would Have Had The Telemetry To Flee.

That Slushfund Quinn Is Concerned For The Youth Of This City, That She Proposes Saving Them From Themselves By Changing Around Old Rules And Calling Them Original Is Quite Hilarious….What I Found Hilarious Was That She Loves To Label Her Greed As Concern….She Was So Concerned For The Low Wage Worker Of This City So Much Care And Concern For Them That She Stalled A Bill To Give Them Sick Days Pay For Over 1,105 Day’s….And In The Last Year Of Her ILLEGAL Third Term…..So Much Was Her Concern…

Not To Be Seen As The Weak Candidate By Those That Have No Opinion Of Her Past 8 Year’s As Leader Of A Corrupt, Often Times Dysfunctional City Council, Slushfund Tinged City Council Speaker  Christine Quinn wants to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21.  Never Mind That As Soon As Any Person Turn’s 18 Year’s Of Age They MUST By Federal Law Register With Selective Service’s For Whatever Purpose’s The U.S. Government May Need Them For In The Future.

Here Lies The All American U.S, Government's Empowered 18 Year Old's That Under  Christine Quinn's Misguided Policies Could Not Even Buy A Pack Of Cigarette's, Like Those Many African American's That Went To War Yet Came Home To Discrimination.

Here Lies The All American U.S, Government’s Empowered 18 Year Old’s That Under Christine Quinn’s Misguided Policies Could Not Even Buy A Pack Of Cigarette’s, Like Those Many African American’s That Went To War Yet Came Home To Discrimination.

That The Federal Government May Use A Person To Fight And Perhaps’ Give Their Life Over For Military Purposes Say’s That In The Eyes Of The U.S. These Individual’s Are Old Enough To Partake In Event’s That Require A Committment That May Be Detrimental To Their Own Health Speak’s To The Federal Government’s Committment In Empowering These Individual’s With Responsibilities.

Yeah Volunteer But Dont Think Of Excerting Your God Given Right's In American NYC.

Yeah Volunteer But Dont Think Of Excercising Your God Given Right’s In America, NYC.

Again As A Matter Of Point How Can You Tax Without Representation And Ignore The Fact, That Any Individual That Work’s, Pay’s Federal, State And City Taxes Can Be Denied The Right To Purchase Tobacco Product’s If Not Under The Age Of 21?

Yet Here  Once Again We Have These Selfish People Proposing And Presuming That Someone Under The Age Of 21 Cannot Make Life Changing Choices And That, The Government Knows Whats Best For Them, While At The Same Time Saying To These Very Same Individual’s That They Are Old Enough To Give Their Life For The City, State And Federal Government.

At What Point Do The Resident’s  Of NYC And NY State Say Enough Is Enough, And Enough Of This Baby Sitting Corrupt Infused Government.

That Mrs. Quinn Loves A Vagina Is Her Preference, I Myself have Had A Few Vagina’s In My Hayday……Mean’s Nothing, But To Use Her Status As An Out And Open Homosexual To Gain Voter’s That Are In The Life Is Appalling, And That Making Proposal’s Without General Consent Using Only The Approval Of Other Agencies Is Incredulous To Say The Least.

I Marveled At The Countless Homosexual’s That Volunteer For Her Campaign, Only As A Way To Be Seen, We Gay’s Do That Often, Often Occasionally Showing Off Our Vogueness, Our Face’, In Fact Only Showing Our Asses…To The Merriment Of The Many Like Myself When I Attended The Mayoral Forum At Baruch College.

Of Course The News Came Out That The Speaker Has A Whole Secret Department That Cost The Tax Payer Over A Million Dollar’s Within City Hall That Churn’s Out Political Propaganda To Benefit  Her Public Persona Under The Cover Of Constituent Services.

Tell The Homeless Youth That Her “Fangness” Will Deny Them Their Cigarette’s And We Will See These People, 18 Year Old’s Mind You, Turn Like If They Were On A Runway At Fashion Week. Many Only Volunteering For Her Because They Lack What She Passes Off As One Grande Vagina…They Have VAGINA Envy. Oh Well…….

While She Is Called A Democrat, That Is Obvious In Name Only As Far As Her Record Is Concerned And  That She Would Deny American’s Of Legal Military Age The Right To Purchase Product’s That They Choose, Regardless Of Studies That May Or May Not Be Accurate Is Anathema To The Democratic Process As Smacks Of Bloomberic Nannyism, A Condition Brought On By One Being Inferior In Height Or Status.

That 12, 13, 14 And 15 Year Old’s Are Being Infected By All Sort’s Of Infectious Sexual Diseases Leading To Death While Her Concern In This Election Year Is To Follow Suit With Her Mentor On Their Personal War On Tobacco And This Dictator Bloomberg And His Policies That Circumvent The Whole City Council And The Rules Speak’s To Her Ignorance Of Our Knowledge Of The System.

She Has Used The Tobacco Issue Only To Make Her Impression On The Voter, While Her Homeless Policy Has Lead To Almost 50,000 Families Living In Squalor, On The Street’s, In Unsecure Condition’s And Questioning Their Very Existence.

That Those According To The Bloomberg Administration Will Graduate This Year 2013 And Become ELIGIBLE To Vote But Not Be Able To Purchase Tobacco Product’s Is Anathema, Contrary To Any Known Or Practiced Political Stratgedy, No Thought By Her Homosexual Operative’s On What Count’s Or Is really Important To Our Emerging Youth…..The Right To Purchase, Be Respected As A Tax Payer, The Right To FREE Choice Has Absolutely Eluded Their Multi Colored Blind Ambition’s.

Yet This Is More Important That Living Secure In A Bed, Cooking A Meal At HOME, Showering In A Private Residence That WE All Call HOME.

Yeah I Have Witnessed The New Democratic Party Here In Brooklyn, Those So Called Progressive’s That Used Word’s Like Fuck Bill Thompson For Backing This Or That Candidate, And Fuck This And That….Many Of These So Called Progressive’s ARE Still In The Closet…..Never Actually Making The Move Forward Independent Of  A Party….Useless Fodder, That At The End Of The Day Will Get Paid But Never Actually Ever Progress, Like That One Term District Leader…WHAT A Freeken Joke…Then Kissing The New Brooklyn Democratic leader’s ASS…Yeah I Saw The Photo Op…What A Shtetl Gay Tramp. That Restlor…

Did You Think That I Would Stay Shut, While The New Democratic Party, The Gofer’s And Those That Would Ignore Corrupt Legislation And Legislator’s Who Submit Proposal’s That Interfere With Due Process, And That Our Basic Right’s As Tax Payer’s Are Offered On What I Consider “The Slave Market Back In Sharecropper Day’s”….Buy Us…Sell Us At Whim And Will…….I Have My Ball’s And My Will……F**k YOU!

Imaginary Sweatshop’s In A Press.

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So What Harm Could A Little White Lie Cause…….After All A Little White Lie Is Only Effectively Believed Only When It Is Repeated Often Until It Becomes A Natural Part Of A Person’s Persona.  That’s What John Liu The Current NYC Comptroller And Candidate For The NYC’s Highest Office, NYC Mayor Believe’s And Has Defended Today. 

City Controller John Liu officially kicked off his mayoral bid Sunday by touting that he worked in a sweatshop as a child – a biographical claim the Daily News debunked years ago.  Speaking to supporters from the steps of City Hall, Liu pitched as cherished fact his childhood work alongside his mother in a sweatshop — but his parents said during the Democrat’s 2009 campaign for controller that their son’s version of history was incorrect.  Upon Hearing This I Recalled With Much Amusement The Old Abbott And Costello Routine:

BUD: Didn’t I see you at the race track yesterday?
LOU: Yeah, I was there. I like to bet on the nags.
BUD (grabs him): Don’t talk like that about horses! Do you realize that I have one of the greatest mudders in the country?
LOU: What has your mother got to do with horses?
BUD: My mudder is a horse.
LOU: What? I will admit there’s a resemblance.
BUD: Now stop that!
LOU: Is your mudder really a horse?
BUD: Of course. My mudder won the first race at Hialeah yesterday.
LOU: You oughta be ashamed of yourself, putting your mudder in a horse race.

See Here For The Rest:

While This Newly Refreshed Controversy Play’s Out In The Public’s Eye, Let Us Really Understand Who John Liu Really Is And What He believe’s.

I Had The Privilege In 2009 To Volunteer On The Former NYC Comptroller’s Bill Thompson’s Campaign For Mayor Where I First Met John Liu During One Of My Many (GOTV) Get Out The Vote Assignment’s, Where I Was To Place Campaign Literature To A Local Political Club’s Endorsement Of Bill Thompson For Mayor.

I First Met John Liu In The Lobby Of This Hotel Where The Meeting Was Being Held In One Of Their Office Suite’s. Naturally I Was Ignored And Considered A Nobody By Mr. Liu And Seeing That He Was Then A Candidate For NYC Comptroller Meant That He Posed No Competition To Bill Thompson’s Candidacy For Mayor Of NYC.

Happy Liu

Much Later In Bill Thompson’s Campaign I Realized That Bill Supported John Liu’s Campaign For NYC Comptroller And Bill De Blasio For NYC Public Advocate  And That Mutually There Would Be A (GOTV) For All Three Candidate’s, Bill Thompson, John Liu (Candidate For NYC Comptroller) And Bill De Blasio (Candidate For Public Advocate)  That I Was Assigned To Infuse Into My Volunteer Work.

I Quickly Read The Background’s Of  These Two New Addition’s To My Volunteer Workload, And Mentally I Had No Reservation’s Except For This John Liu Character….That Coming From His Not Wanting Conversation At The (GOTV) That I Described Earlier. I Listened To The Messages That John Liu And Bill De Blasio Touted As Their Idea’s And Disapproval’s They Held Against Mayor Bloomberg’s Past Two Term’s And Their Reason’s Why He Was Not Fit To Receive A Third Term All Of Which I Agreed With.

Little Did I Know That I Would Have A Rude Awakening And A Good Damb Lesson On Politic’s As Usual From People  That I Not Only Voted For, But Freely Gave My Time And Breath And Even Marched In Parade’s Repeating And Extolling Their Qualification’s For NYC Comptroller And Public Advocate.

NYC Candidate For Comptroller, John Liu.

Not Too Soon After Becoming NYC Comptroller I Became A Facebook Friend To John Liu Who Later Went On Facebook To Solicit Nationally For Candidates To Fill Position’s In The NYC Comptroller’s Office, Something That During His Campaign He Railed On Mayor Bloomberg,  For Doing The VerySame Thing For His Administration And Contract Deal’s.

Of Course I Answered This Status Update With A Comment Of My Own Challenging His Intelligence On This Request To Search From Outside NYC For Candidate’s To Fill Position’s In The NYC Comptroller’s Office And Questioning Him And Reminding Him That In NYC Their Are Over 8 Million People And Why He Did Not Think That He Could Find A Few Qualified Individual’s Out of This 8 Million To Fill These Position’s

Not Long After I Found That My Facebook Friend John Liu Had Deleted Me As A Friend, How Childish…..But The Story Is Not Over……

In June 2012,  The six 2013 New York City mayoral candidates appeared together on stage for the first time at a forum sponsored by City & State. The forum was part of a morning-long series of panels on MWBE issues in New York City, which also included opening remarks by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There was a bit of disagreement over whether the next mayor should create the position of “chief diversity officer.”



“We don’t need a diversity officer to make diversity a priority,” Liu said. “We need a chief executive officer who will make diversity a priority.

Mr. John Liu Repeating Some Phantom Conversation With City Hall Folk’s States That The Folk’s At City Hall Have A Sheer Lack Of Diversity And Readily Admit It, But That’s Because We Only Look For Merit….Then Get’s Offended And States The Same. I Agree With My Many Friends That NYC Voter’s Need To Take Heed From His Past, As Well As From His Current Predicament In A Campaign Corruption Scandal.

The campaign treasurer for New York City Comptroller John Liu was arrested Tuesday in a widening investigation into Liu’s fundraising practices. Liu is planning to run for mayor of New York City in 2013.

Well Here Is A Link (With A Little Music):!/photo.php?v=426276334132759

Watch How An Official Like Comptroller John Liu, That Control’s Billion’s Of NYC Taxpayer Fund’s, Lies To A General Public Of Educated Individual’s… — with John C. Liu at NYC.

The Parties Over Mr. Liu….I’ll Never Waste Another Vote On You Nor On Anyone Else Like You For That Matter, Ever Again….Your Welcome For The Free (GOTV) That You Never Thanked Me For, And Again Thanks for Deleting Me From Facebook, That Was The Best Thing That You Have Done, For Me That Is…

As For Me And My Future Vote For NYC Mayor, I Prefer Bill Thompson, Someone Who As Of Today Has Met Every Qualification To Get A Chance To Share His Vast Leadership Experience With And For The Resident’s Of NYC.

It’s Dementia Stupid! In A Press.

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 As We Go Out To Vote This September 10th, To Replace The Outgoing Demented Nanny Bloomberg, Let Us Never Forget And Keep Foremost In Our Thought’s That This Dementia Has Infected A Few Candidates That Have Worked As Councilmember’s During ” King Bloomberg’s ” Reign, With Dementia.
















As We Now Have Witnessed This Past August 20th, 2013 When City Councilmembers and advocates announced a plan today to slap a 10 cent charge on all plastic and paper carry-out bags at grocery and retail stores across New York City.

Customers would be required to bring their own bags or pay the fee, which stores would get to pocket, according to the proposed legislation, unveiled this afternoon at City Hall.

The legislation, which will be formally introduced at a Council meeting Thursday, is aimed at reigning in “wasteful” plastic bag use in the city, where it’s not uncommon for grocery stores to double-bag single quarts of milk.

“It is time for New york to substantially reduce our plastic bag waste!” said Councilman Brad Lander, who announced the plan on the steps of City Hall, where supporters waved sings reading “Only vampires should be this thin and last hundreds of years!” and “Plastic bags are demons and demons stink.”

The 30-plus advocates also brought with them a giant art piece, which they splayed out on the steps, representing wasted plastic bags.

Once Again We Have Been Given A Check Marked Insufficient Funds, Bringing Us Back To The Days When Slave Labor Was Extolled, And The Thought Of Earning Living Wages Was Frowned Upon By The Masters And Overseer’s, Lords That Controlled Commerce And Residential Placement, As Well As Social Status..Free Or Indentured!

Yet They Fail To Research And Ask At least one group That is not happy about the proposal. The American Progressive Bag Alliance, which represents bag manufacturers, issued a statement this afternoon calling the proponents “misinformed” and arguing that Americana-made plastic bags are 100-percent recyclable anyway.

“New York City residents already pay among the highest taxes in the nation. A 10-cent per bag tax would be a detriment to hardworking families and businesses trying to make ends meet,” said the group’s chair, Mark Daniels. “The proponents of this bill are misinformed and largely rely on science that has been hijacked by environmental activists. A grocery bag tax pushes shoppers toward less sustainable options, like reusable bags, which cannot be recycled, are made from foreign oil and imported at a rate of 500 million annually.”

“If lawmakers are interested in protecting the environment, they should consider the facts and concentrate on meaningful legislation to boost proper reuse and disposal of grocery bags,” he said.


For The Past 12 Years Mayor Bloomberg Has Been Fighting Tooth And Nail For Stricter Gun Control In New York State Going As Far As Inviting Other State Governors And Legislators To Join His Crusade For More Gun Control, All While Expanding The Manner In Which The Already Poor And Disenfranchised Evolve Into The Realm Of Self Sufficiency.

Just Recently Gun Control Had A Set Back In The Form Of Legislation That Passed One Chamber Of The House In Washington, To Allow Concealed Weapons To Be Carried From State To State, Something That Has Been Ongoing, Whilst Illegally, Practiced By The Many In This City And This State.

The Mayor Continues With His Crusade On Strict Gun Control, While On Many Occasions Ignoring The Fact That A Gun Was Used By A Law Enforcement Official’s To Murder Unarmed Individuals In New York City All The While Protecting And Defending The Officers Use Of A Weapon Against Those Individuals Without Reservations.

This Pattern Of Supporting The Rights Of One Side While Ignoring The Other, Extends To His Catering Of The Wealthy Residents Needs And Bashing The Rights Of Defenseless Residents. The Mayor Continues In His Actions Against The Homeless Population, By Advocating, Proposing, And Implementing Development Of Waterfront Properties, Using Both Private And Public Funds To Fulfill His Visions, As Blurred And Discriminatory As They Are.

The Use Of Private Funds Is Not In Question Here, But That Of The Public Funding For Projects That Benefit Not The Homeless, The Poor, Or The Working Lower Class But Benefits Only The Wealthy And Upper Class In New York City, As Well As The Wealthy Surrounding The NYC Area From The Surrounding States.

As Exampled By His Ludicrous Proposal To Extend The Queens MTA “7” Train To The Secaucus, NJ Area Across The River In Another State, Surpassing Even That Bridge To Nowhere By That Criminal Legislature In Alaska. Using Publicly Funded State Resources Of NYC Tax Payer’s Contributions, To Extend Outside Of The NY State Lines For Purposes That Are Not Clear Or That No One Really Understands.

Having Already Spent $250,000 Of NYC Tax Funds On A Preliminary Study.*1 MTA Is A Local City Infrastructure Created For That Purpose Alone And Not For Interstate Travel. If It Were Created For Interstate Travel Then The Federal Government Would Head The MTA Agency And Would receive Federal Funding For That Purpose. We Must Not Forget That The State Legislature Did Away With The Commuter Tax That Was Supporting The Infrastructure Of Roads Within NYC, As Well As Transit Locomotion In NY State As A Whole.

The Mayor’s Dementia Goes Beyond The Rational And Feasible Proposals Of Common Sense In That He Has Allowed The Homeless Population To Explode To A Record High During The Past 12 Years, All While Cutting Funding To Education, Fire Departments Of NYC, Hospital Closures, With Proposals To Further Cut Mental Health Services, To Shorten The Cities Deficit That Has Ballooned Due To The Mayor’s Demented Vision Of Providing Tourists With More Attractions And accommodations, As In Redirecting Funds Towards Theatre’s, Parks Hotel Developments And Amusement Venue’s.

The Mayor’s Action On Directing The Illegal Midnight Raids On Protestors In Zuccotti Park Is An Example Of An Insane Mayor Listening To His Mad Advisors Instead Of Using His Independent Thought Process To Issue Orders To Deal With Lawful Actions Of Protestors And That At The End Of The Day Will End Up Costing In Damages To Litigant’s, Million’s, Not To Mention The Stress Created By The Mass Illegal Arrest’s.

As A Cover For His Blunder The Mayor And His Police Commissioner Announced The Arrest Of A Proposed Terrorist With Dramatic Visual Effects of Exploding Cars To Shock And Awe The Residents In The Hopes Of Creating A Renewed Fear, For The Purpose Of Forgetting His Earlier Actions Against The Defenseless Protestors Armed Only With Pots, Pans, Whistles And Their Voices.

After George Bush’s War On Terror And The Phantom Lies Of The Hidden Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq, NYC Residents Will Never Again Believe Hype Media, Created For The Purpose Of Directing Ones Attention And Creating A Type Of Amnesiatic Stupor On Recent Happening’s. That By Definition Pass As Current Events, And Make What Just Occurred In Zuccotti Square/Freedom Square More Of A Priority, Than What Happened Just Days Ago.

The Mayors Famous “Do More With Less” Has Exacerbated The Deficit Beyond Repair And His Leadership Has Left This City In A Terror Induced And Gripping Fear Of The Hidden And Unknown. Many More Terror Bomb Threats Will Occur Because Of The Ignorance Of This Administration To Listen, And Not Because They Were There Already, But Were Created By This Police State.

It Is Only Natural To Fight Back As One Only Knows How, Or Has Learned From Prior Experience’s Growing Up, To Lash Out. This Is Real And Concrete. These Are Nothing Less Than Examples Of The Mayor’s Health Deteriorating Beyond The Normal Thought And Actions Of A Sane Person, So Much So That We Forget His Short Comings And Blunders, That Caused Death During The Past Recent Events, Such As The 800 Million CityTime Theft, The Ticket Fixing Crimes*2, The Guilty Verdicts Of NYPD In Crimes Such As Robbery, Drug Dealing, Theft, Protection Of Drug Dealers, Gun Running*3,*4, The Deaths Of 5 People In Fires Caused By Slumlords, Due To HPD’s Ineffectual Inspections Of Violations, And The Famous Blizzard Blunder That Caused The Death Of A Mothers Newborn Son And A Woman With Asthma.

All Of The Mayor’s Propositions Are Way Beyond Eccentric Norms And Take Away From What Should Be His Priorities And Obligations To The Residents Of NYC As A Whole, Safe Streets, Clean Living Condition’s, Affordable Transportation For All Income Class’, Cheaper Utility Fees, More Responsible Landlords And A Respect For Individual Freedom’s.

He Is Looney, El Senor Bloombito. Worse Yet, He Is A Mayor Who Is Looney And By Definition Dangerous And Unhealthy For This City And It’s Future And So Will Anyone He Endorses To Continue His Contentious Administration. Maria Antoinette Lost Her Head, From Sheer Inattention And Ignorance Of The Populace And The Masses, Poor The Whole Lot.

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