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A Circus Rejected By It’s Clownish Ring Leader In A Press.

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Well I Thought, No I Was Expecting The Leader Of This Mayoral Circus Ring To Make Herself Shine From Another’s Bad Publicity. Only When Bad Press Befall’s An Opponent Does She, Christine Quinn Shine.

Like This:

In a public spanking, retired public-school teacher Peg Brunda refused to shake Anthony Weiner’s hand after telling him his pervy behavior made him unfit to be mayor.

“Had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yourself, my job would have been gone,” the 30-year teaching veteran told Weiner during a visit to Superstorm Sandy-damaged homes on Staten Island.

“In the privacy of your home?” asked Weiner defensively.

“In the privacy of my home . . . I don’t quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that’s expected of us.”


Having Been For Year’s In The City Council As A Member Then As It’s Ringleader,Who Best To Detail Another’s Dysfunction While Ignoring One’s Own Failing’s Christine Quinn Is The Epitomy Of Hypocrisy To Call Anthony Weiner Unfit To Lead NYC As It’s Mayor.While It Is True That Disgraced Former Congressman Anthony Weiner Is UNFIT To Be The leader Of NYC, We Must Never Ever Forget That The So Called Speaker A Democrat Saw Fit To Overturn Through Sheer Gall, Two Voter Referendum’s Voted On On Two Seperate Occassion’s To Limit A Mayor’s And City Council Term’s To Two, Four Year Term’s.

Like This:

“Today our government chose to empower itself rather than the people it serves,” said Thompson in 2008, who’s again running for mayor.

In an email, Thompson’s spokesman Brendan Brosh wrote, “The term limits vote was a dark moment for the people of New York where the will of voters that was expressed on two separate occasions at the ballot box was overturned by the Mayor and the Speaker of the City Council. Voters have long memories and will remember those elected officials that knowingly disregarded the will of New Yorkers in 2008.”

She Oversaw The implementation Of CityTime, The 911 Emergency System, The Theft Of Water Front Properties By The Wealthy And Well Connected Developer’s, The Explosion Of The Homeless Population To Level’s Bot Seen Since The Great Depression, The Closure And Fire Sale Of Our Precious Hospital’s, The NYPD Ticket Scandal, The Wholesale Closure’s Of NYC School’s, The Invasion Of Private Charter School’s Into Our Public School Building’s, And The Loss Of Thousand’s Of Rent Regulated Apartment’s.

The List Of Failures Is Quite Endless For This Circus Leader, More Of A BIG CLOWN If You Ask The Populace.

Of Course Next To Her Greatest Democratic Failure Of Overturning Term Limit’s There Is Her Participation In The Infamous Slushfund That Saw A Few Official’s From The City Council On Their Way To Prison, All Under Watch.

Like This:

After a spirited, emotional and at times raucous debate, the New York City Council voted, 29 to 22, on Thursday afternoon to extend term limits, allowing Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to seek re-election next year and undoing the result of two voter referendums that had imposed a limit of two four-year terms.

The vote was a major victory for Mayor Bloomberg — a billionaire and lifelong Democrat who was elected mayor as a Republican in 2001, won re-election in 2005, became an independent last year, and decided just weeks ago that he wished to seek a third term for himself in 2009 — and for the Council’s speaker, Christine C. Quinn. But the intense acrimony surrounding the decision left a sharply divided Council and could ultimately damage the mayor’s popularity. Read the rest of this entry »


He Came To Heal In A Press!

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I Am Not He That Stated….

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through

my fingers. Isaac Asimov


Michael Bloomberg


The List Is So Huge That One Writer Alone Would Have To Use Several Blog’s To Enumerate The Failure’s Of This Boston Transplant And His Connecticut Educated Scheming Sidekick, Slushfund Chris Quinn. An Invader Maximus, A Blemish In The History Of The Office Of Mayor That As History Will Bear Out, Have Made  Even The Annal’s Of The Historic Tales Of Tammany Hall BLUSH!

In 2008, Quinn backed Mayor Bloomberg on a controversial bill that overturned voter-approved term limits and allowed for the mayor, city Council Members (including her), and borough presidents to run for third terms, reversing the results of two successive public referenda.[18] The Public Advocate and Comptroller both denounced this move; neither sought a third term. In June 2009, the City Council passed a budget that imposed a 40% budget cut on the Public Advocate’s Office.[19] No other city agency had its budget cut more than 6%.[citation needed]

The Corruption, Mismanagement Of City, State And Federal Tax Payer Fund’s Is Staggering To Leave One With No Place To Hide Their Dropped Jaw’s At The Knowledge Of This 12 Year Fiasco.

The Puppet‘s Use In This Game Of Bait And Switch Is Notorious, With Local Historic Writer’s Having A Field Day In It’s Retelling Of How Mayor Bloomberg, And His Sidekick Another Notorious Hatcher Of Scheme’s Christine Quinn‘s Defacto Administrative Takeover Of The NYC Charter’s Rules, Regulation‘s And By-Law‘s….

Yes It Will Take Me Month’s To Enumerate The Failure Of The Voter’s, The Cities Agencies, The State Agencies And The Court’s On How Could One Effeminate Man And One Lesbian Could So Hypnotize A Society As A Collective, While Avoiding City Administrative And Criminal Charges.

I Will Attempt To Enumerate Several Instances Of Behavior So Egregious As To Be Borderline Criminal In It’s Scale…One Such Example Is This Story In Today’s New York Time’s A Local Paper That Opine’s And Rallies To The Aide Of This Oppressor’s Hitleristic Frame Of Mind.

At Loft Conversion, City ‘Stop Work’ Order Failed to Stop It for Long

The building sits in the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Industrial Business Zone, created by the Bloomberg administration in 2005 to Preserve Manufacturing jobs. The designation seeks to prevent the conversion of industrial buildings for Postindustrial purposes. Residences were not approved, though hotels, nightclubs and a few other uses were. The fashionable Wythe Hotel is one such exception.

Previous owners of 239 Banker applied to create a hotel but built lofts instead — not only exploiting a loophole in the zoning rules, in local planners’ view, but also affronting the spirit of the rezoning.

“It’s not crime and disinvestment that’s the enemy of the working-class jobs here anymore,” said Leah Archibald, the director of the East Williamsburg Valley Industrial Development Corporation, a nonprofit entity that administers the Industrial Business Zone. “It’s gentrification that’s become the enemy.”

Yet after only a few months, construction restarted. This summer, the building began filling once again, advertised on Craigslist under varying names, like “the Sweater Factory Lofts” or “the Rustic House,” for $2,800 to $3,800 a month.

And the violations piled up. The building has been cited for, among other infractions, working without a permit, lacking the necessary certificate of occupancy and violating a stop work order.

The building manager, who would give his name only as Reuven, said most violations were the responsibility of the previous owners. He said he was speaking on behalf of a company called North Side Lofts LLC, which took over in October. (The Web site of the city’s Finance Department lists different owners, but those people said they no longer owned the building.)

This Above Is Just An Example Dating Back To The 1980’s Followed By The Election Of Rudolph Guliani Who’s Only Claim To Fame And Contribution Prior To Being Elected Mayor Was To Prosecute Drug Dealer’s, Prostitution Rings And Organized Crime Syndicate’s.

Was This A Prelude To The Delusion Of The Requirements For Mayor, Could NYC Voter’s Have Elected An Educator, A Family Man Or Perhap’s A Social Worker.  Voter’s Were Given Choices And Decided That They Needed A Prosecutor As Mayor So As To Clean Up Times Square From It’s Adult Entertainment Grime As Well As The Street’s From It’s Prostitution Aura.

Poverty Level‘s Continued To Rise, People On Food Stamp’s And Welfare Rose, Indeed Things For The Poor Never Seemed Bleacker. And The Poor Never Knowing Anything Better Became Adjusted To Sustained Poverty. Indeed Crime Level’s And Homelessness Stood Stagnant Rising And Falling Unchecked, While The Public Service Sector Job’s Rose Especially In The Law Enforcement Portion Of The City’s Budget.

The Racism And Bigotry In The Public Sector Continued To Rise As More And More Of The White Population Received Work To The NYPD And NYPD, While The Number’s Of Non White’s Lowered Even Further.

It Was An Age Of Racism Capped Off By Crown Height’s Riot’s And Violence In Brooklyn’s Neighborhood’s.  The Crack Epidemic And the Ignorance Of The Ignorance Of The Mostly All White State Legislator’s In Albany Led To The Experiment Named “The Rockefeller Law’s” That Led To Thousand’s Of Arrest’s, Indictment’s And Incarceration’s (Of What We Now Know To Be The Victim’s Of Social Inequality And Racism). 

This Filled The Penal Institution’s To Full Capacity And In Many Cases Led To The Double Bunk Fiasco, Where Inmates Bed’s Were Placed In A Bunk Bed Style Configuration Making This The First Mass Use Of Air Right’s In A Human Form, Imagine The Law’s Granting The Incarcerated A Minimum Number Of Personal Space And Placing These Alloted Spaces On Top Of Each Other To Maximize Space. In Fact This Situation Threatened To Explode In Mass Riot’s In The Penal Institution Until This Concept Was Implemented Only To Be Eliminated By Court Order Year’s Later.

The Explosion Of The Development Of Newer Institution’s Boomed In Upstate New York, In Just About Every County There Was. Employment Sky Rocketed In These Area’s Where An Institution Was Erected, Yet Those Employed Were Local Resident’s And Tended To Be White, A Double Bonus For The Status Quo Of Racism And Discrimination.

Then Came 9-11 And The End Of The Giuliani Administration, Enter Bloomberg From Boston To Lead NYC Through One Of The Worst Times For Resident’s Lacking Food, Shelter, And Fund’s For Their Day To Day Existence.

While NYC And The Nation Grappled With The Aftermath Of The Attack’s Or Implementation of A New World Order Mayor Bloomberg’s Administration Took Advantage Of This Confusion And Insecurity To Bolster The NYPD Rank’s As Well As The Devastated FDNY Number’s, Still 90 Percent White….In Fact Lawsuit’s Were Filed And Won Against The Bloomberg Administration On The Racially Discriminatory Exam’s Given To Potential Candidates For The NYPD.

While The Developer’s Of Upper Income High Rises Grew And Waterfront Properties Were Being Set Aside For The Rich And Influential Population, The Homeless Steadily Grew To Overshadow And Over Burden Local Hispanic And African American  Communities Of The Poor And Disenfranchised During The Giuliani Administration’s Pogrom’s.

Developer’s Saw A Chance To Rebuild These Area’s Devastated By The Historic Black Out Of 1977, Only To Then Charge Exhorbinent Rent’s Not Affordable For Those Of The Latin And African American Communities Displaced By The Fire’s That Followed. These Area’s Witnessed A Major Influx Of Mostly White Gentrified’s Who Had The Prerequisite Disposable Income Required By These New Developer’s From Williamsburg Hasidic Community.  While These Special Developer’s Were Given Tax Break’s, Bank Loan’s. All Types Of Local Property Land Use Variances As An Incentive To Build Here, But With No Requirement That They Need To Offer Low Income Apartment’s As A Condition To Resident’s Dispossed By These Fire’s, It Was Mayor Bloomberg’s A Proponent Of Development And Wall Street’s Constant Cheerleader, That Began A Wholesale  “Fire Sale” Of The Area’s Housing The Poor And Disadvantaged.

All This While The Homeless Population Number’s Exploded To Number’s Never Before Seen Since The Great Depression. Indeed While The Mayor’s “Fire Sale” Continued The Services For The Poor Diminished, Cut Back, Sometimes Eliminated As In The Advantage Program.

Indeed The NY State Legislator’s Passed A Law A Bill that would have offered more rent relief to roughly 11,000 New Yorkers with H.I.V. or AIDS, Only To Have It Vetoed By Governor Patterson.  Let’s Not Forget That Mayor Bloomberg Wrote The Governor Opposing This Legislation Stating That 10 To 15  Million Will Devastate NYC’s Deficit, All The While The Mayor’s Pet Project’s And Financial Fiasco’s Like CITYTIME Continue To Devastate The Budget’s For Social Services, Education, Housing, Hospital’s, Transportation, And Infrastructure’s Such As Highway’s.

Meanwhile Back On Earth The Homeless, The Mentally Disabled, Low Income Earner’s And The Uneducated Mass’ Suffered Further When The Cycle Of “Charter School’s” Were Created….A Concept Unheard Of Beforehand….The Idea To Allow A Private Educational Institution To Utilize And Occupy Public Education Space Is Mind Boggling If Not Criminal To Say The Least.

The Blizzard Of 2011 And Now Hurricane Sandy Have Devastated The NYC Population Causing death’s, A Few Attributed To Mayor Bloomberg Incompetence As A Planner On Emergency Preperation’s…He Just Goes With The Flow.

How Much Of The Space’s Of The Poor, The Loss Of Public Education, The Loss Of Public Hospital’s, The Increase Of Fee’s For City Service’s And The Basic Tax Base Will Be Given Away By The End of This Mayor’s Tenure….Who Know’s…..

Housing Late Fee’s In A Press

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UPDATE 1-19-2012:

Well I Found A Registered Mail Pick-Up Slip In  My Mailbox Today. I Will See Tomorrow Morning If It Is The Registered Correspondence That I Requested From The Property Manager, That I Requested From Her, Via E-Mail. Or Some Nefarious Eviction Notice, Of Which I Am Quite Sure Will Be Based Not On Anything Owed, But On Retaliation For Claiming My Right’s Under The NYC Rent Guidelines Rules Or The NY State DHCR Rules And Regulations. We’ll See.

Past Post:

Well Hello My Friends, I Have Searched And Searched This Issue About Late Fee’s And If Some Readers Are Like Me, On A Fixed Income Then I Know From Experience That This Issue Can Keep You Up At Night Worrying About When The Landlord Will Have A Process Server Hand You A Housing Court Order To Show Cause.

Believe Me I Looked And Couldn’t Find One Defense To This….That Is Until After The Crook Working As Property Manager Casually Pulled Out A Sheet Of Lined Notebook Paper, The Kind We Used For The First Grade, And Began, While Writing Out My Current Rent Payment Receipt, That I Had Accrued Late Fee’s……

I Was Flabbergasted And I Thought For A Moment What The……But Alas I Decided To Do The Next Best Thing , I Informed Her That She Will Receive As Rent Payment That Which Is Listed In My Lease And Nothing More…Not One Thin Dime And I Further Suggested, In A  Politely But Hurried Manner  To Finish Writing The Receipt And To Get The Hell Out Of My Apartment.

Here Is What I Later Found While Delving Into The Wonderful World Of The Internet:

Late fees are illegal

    Your lease says you have to pay late fees if your money is paid after the 5th of the month. You signed the lease, promising to pay them. Everybody charges late fees. Even the California Department of Consumer Affairs says you have to pay late fees. You’ve already paid late fees. Your landlord threatens to evict you if you don’t pay the late fees he charges. Judges act like late fees are the landlord’s God-given right. Property management companies, the California Association of Realtors, and apartment association “official” forms all include late fees in the printed portion. You don’t even question it. Who would?

    We went though the same scam with security deposits starting 30 years ago. Security Deposits were supposed to be returned, but landlords kept them. The Legislature said all deposits had to be refundable, so landlords started calling them nonrefundable “cleaning fees,”  to which the Legislature responded that all money, including cleaning fees, were “deposits,” under the law. The courts backed the landlords, and the official forms endorsed the thefts, and the laws have continued to be stronger and more restrictive, so that landlords now have to pay up to 3 times the amount of a wrongfully withheld deposit, and the landlord has several procedures to follow, paperwork to present, and the burden to prove everything. 

    The law regarding residential late fees is almost 30 years old. In 1978, Civil Code 1671 was amended to outlaw virtually all late fees in residential rental agreements. The problem is that it didn’t use the word “late fees,” but instead used the technical legal generic term “liquidated damages,” which would functionally include a late fee by its meaning. Here’s the actual statute:

 §1671. Validity of Liquidated Damages Provisions
(a) This section does not apply in any case where another statute expressly applicable to the contract prescribes the rules or standard for determining the validity of a provision in the contract liquidating the damages for the breach of the contract.
(b) Except as provided in subdivision (c), a provision in a contract liquidating the damages for the breach of the contract is valid unless the party seeking to invalidate the provision establishes that the provision was unreasonable under the circumstances existing at the time the contract was made.
(c) The validity of a liquidated damages provision shall be determined under subdivision (d) and not under subdivision (b) where the liquidated damages are sought to be recovered from either:
(1) A party to a contract for the retail purchase, or rental, by such party of personal property or services, primarily for the party’s personal, family, or household purposes; or
(2) A party to a lease of real property for use as a dwelling by the party or those dependent upon the party for support.
(d) In the cases described in subdivision (c), a provision in a contract liquidating damages for the breach of the contract is void except that the parties to such a contract may agree therein upon an amount which shall be presumed to be the amount of damage sustained by a breach thereof, when, from the nature of the case, it would be impracticable or extremely difficult to fix the actual damage.

    If you looked up “late fees,” this statute didn’t show up, until recently, when the case of Orozco v. Casimiro [(2004) 121 Cal.App.4th Supp. 7] was decided. There, for the first time, an appellate court identified late fees as “liquidated damages” within the meaning of Civil Code 1671, and declared them to be illegal and void, absent extraordinary circumstances.

There Is More From This Site, But I Did Not Want To Post Every Word And Infringe Upon Their Work, Please Visit The Writer’s Site Here:

Christmas Eve In A Press

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To All My Friends And Loved Ones, Wishing You All A Merry Christmas.

Well The Situation Here Has Now Morphed From A Defective Boiler With Daily Issues To

A  Newly Installed Boiler That Is Again Controlled By A Thermostat In Another


I Have Spent The Past (11) Eleven Days Calling The Super For The Thermostat To Be

Switched On, Whenever I Want  To Take A Shower.

That The Thermostat And Heat In My Apartment To Be Turned On Needs For Me To

Place  A Call To The Super Is Beyond Hysterical But Should Be Illegal

This Is Going To Be A Litigious New Year.


Leaks In A Press!

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Update 1-10-12:
For Two Years I Have Had This Radiator Blocked By Water In The Pipes Instaed Of Steam. Finally, Or So I Thought, The Landlord Installed A New One After Installing A New Boiler. That Very Same Night The Boiler Began To Shoot Out Steam That Covered The Walls And Everything Else That Was Exposed. After 2 Days The Landlord returned To Repair The Flaw, Leaving Without Checking If It Worked. It Did Not And It Began To Spew Even More Steam. After 5 Days He Returned And Replaced The Radiator With Another Used One. Well As Seen Here In This Video, I Now Have My Own Personal Water Spout. See Here:
Update 1-3-12:
Well After  It Took The Landlord Fully Six (6) Days To Return To NYC From Philadelphia To Make The Needed Repair’s. Of Course I Had To Live Those (6) Six Days Without Sufficient Heat In My Apartment Until Then.
To:     Property Manager, *** Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11237
Re:    Radiator Leak
Date: December 19, 2011
Well it Is Now Seven (7) Days Since The New Boiler Was Installed.
On The 13th I Informed The Landlord That The Radiator Was leaking Liquids. I Believed That He
Replaced The Whole Valve With A Different One.  He Left Leaving The Radiator To Leak Promising To
Return Thursday The 14th. He Indeed Returned At 6:30 P.M. After I Called Mei The Building Owner. He
Did Something And Left Without Checking To See If It Was Fixed And Not Leaking.
About An Hour Later The Heat Came Up And The Steam And Liquid Spewing From It Was Worse.(See Photo’s Here:

I E-Mailed You To Inform You Of The Events And What Was Done Following The Attempted Repair,
That Did Not Fix The Issue.
I Bought Black Sealer And Had A Plumber Check It And He Said That When It Had Two (2) Grooved
Channels Carved Across The  Inner Threads Making It Defective,  That Were Done Before In The Past
And That It Looked Like The Old Landlords Repairmen Had Attempted To Cap Them With Plastic
Sealant That Were Removed When The New Landlord Last Attempted To Stifle The Water Leak And
Steam, And Did Not Fully Inspect The Cause of The Original Leaks.
Unfortunately No Matter How Much Sealant One Uses Those Gouged Out Channel’s Cannot Be Filled
Unless One Uses Epoxy Resin To Fill Them. I Did Not Have The Money ToBuy This Material And So I’ve
Had To Keep The Valve On It’s Lowest Opening To Have Some Heat Without Having My Apartment
Filled With Steam. 
Well As I Say It Is Now Monday Morning, December 19th, 2011, And I Hope That This Repair Can Be
Made As Soon As Possible.
On Another Note I Will Mention That We Have Had No Heat After The Hours Of 10 P.M. And 6 A.M. But
I Did Not Call HPD As They Do Not Work Those Hours And It Is The Weekend, And They Are Worthless
Crooks Who Take Bribes!
It Does Not Matter. What Does Not Come Out In The Wash Comes Out In The Rinse.
Luis A. Ramos
*** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR
Brooklyn, New York 11237
 —–Original Message—–
 From: copynow05
To: sorayah*****Sent: Fri, Dec 16, 2011 4:05 pm
Subject: radiator leak
To:     Property Manager, *** Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11237
Re:    Renewal Changes And Fees
Date: December 16, 2011
Re:    Radiator Leak
I Left A Message On Your Phone. It Stated That I Have Submitted The New Lease To HRA. They Will
Send You Their Portion Together With The Increase And The Increase To The Security Deposit.
After I Last Spoke With You Concerning The Steam Leaking From The Kitchen Radiator On December
13, 2011, The Father In Law Stopped By The Following Day @ 6:30 P.M., After I Called The Landlord
Mei.  He Worked On It And Added White Sealing Tape And White Compound, And Left Without Testing
It.  Unfortunately It Began To Leak Water And Gush More Steam.
It Still Needs To Be Worked On And I Can’t Turn It On With All The Steam.
I Am A Bit Concerned For My Electronic Appliances As Well As My Toaster And Coffee Maker, I Do Not
Want To Turn Them On While This Steam Is Present..
Please Have Him Stop By To Repair It As Soon As He Has A Chance.
Luis A. Ramos
*** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR
Brooklyn, New York 11237

Threats And Innuendo In A Press

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To: Property Manager, *** Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11237
Re: Renewal Changes And Fees
Date: December 12, 2011
You Did Not Include A Rider With The One Page lease Renewal. Please Do So At As Soon As Possible.
As To The Courtesy Given To The Tenants For Your lack Of Foresight And Negligence, Of Electrical Space Heaters, I Will Be Remitting As Stated Beforehand My Gas And My Electricity Bill’s When Rent Is Due, Which Brings Up The Overcharging Of Rent In My Renewal lease, Which I Have Reffered To The  NYSDHCR For Remedy. And I Remind You That You Were Not Allowed To Change The Terms Of My Prior Lease In That It Does Not Contain An Air Conditioning Fee. Please Adjust The Renewal lease As Stated.
To: Property Manager, *** Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11237
Re: Heat
Date: December 5, 2011
As To Certified Mailings I Have Never Recieved Any, And Would Like Copies Of Any Certified Reciepts Of This Contention, If Indeed Any Exist.
I Have A Record Of Calls Recieved During The Thanksgiving Week And Maybe One Is From You.
Please Forward To Me Records Of Damages Committed By Any Of My Guests. You Have None Because This Issue Is A Farce.
My Apartment Is Opened To My Friends And I Do Not Have A Business Flowing From It.
As For The Above Tenant, I Have Spoken Directly With Her And She Has Resolved The Issue, I Just Brought It Up Because, As You Say They Can Do Anything They Want, It’s Their Apartment, Which You Clearly Wrote In One Of Your Past E-Mail Responses.
I Have A Very Good And Healthy Relationship With All My Neighbor’s And The Community As Well As My Super, Who I Consider To Be A Friend. I Just Spoke To One Of My Above Neighbors And She Loved The Music I Was Playing A Few Days Ago.
Again I Do Not Expect You To Know Anything Because You Only Come Here During The First Of The Month.
I Did Answer The Door And Did Not Slam It In Your Face When You Appeared Unannounced, Even Though I Was In The Shower.
Again Please Bring With You These So Called Certified Copies Of Certified Mailings You Allegedly Sent To My Address, It Would Be Interesting To See Them.
If You Tried Really Hard And Went Out Of Your Way As You Contend, Where Are The E-Mails To Attest That You Tried Everything.
Rent stabilized tenants have a right to a one or two year renewal lease, which must be on the same terms and conditions as the prior lease. A landlord’s acceptance of a Section 8 subsidy is one such term which must be continued on a renewal lease. Landlords may refuse to renew a lease only in certain enumerated circumstances, such as when the tenant is not using the premises as a primary residence. For New York City rent stabilized tenants, the landlord must give timely written notice to the tenant of the right to renewal as required by law.


After the notice of renewal is given, the tenant has 60 days in which to accept. If the tenant does not accept the renewal offer within the prescribed time, the landlord may refuse to renew the lease and seek to evict the tenant through court proceedings. If the tenant accepts the renewal offer, the landlord has 30 days to return the fully executed lease to the tenant. Until returned to the tenant, the lease is not effective, and therefore the rent increase portion need not be paid.
P.S. Had I Recieved Such Rent Renewal Lease I Would Have Gladly Signed It. Again Please Forward The Date Of Certified Mailing Of The  Rent Renewal Lease Mailed.
Luis A. Ramos
***Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR
—–Original Message—–
From: sorayah*****
To: copynow05
Sent: Sun, Dec 4, 2011 9:37 pm
Subject: Lease and Non Payment
Mr Ramos,

Regarding your incorrect allegations (once again) that your were not presented with the lease renewal form, I sent you two copies via certified mail, in September 2011. You failed to respond.  I have called you and left messages, you did not answer nor return my calls.  You left me no choice but to come to your apartment.  I would love to announce my visits, but you do not answer my calls.  This last attempt I made to discuss your lease was as a courtesy to you.  I never imagined that affording you a chance to choose between a one or two year lease renewal would bother you or that you would consider it harassment.  As you have failed to respond to the certified mailing, to my phone calls and to my request to discuss your lease in person, you leave me no choice but to have your lease deemed by the landlord.  I will inform you of the landlord’s decision  in writing via certified mail. 
You claimed that I called you “Early in the Morning” on December 1st, when in fact I called you closer to 2:30 pm. When you called me, you stated that you were not available until the following week (The week of December 5th).  We agreed to meet on Monday, and that I would let you know on Sunday, today, what time I would stop by, which I complied with.  You chose to cancel.
I have explained the issue of the heat many many times and  I will gladly discuss any matters with your lawyer.  
Please be reminded that any rent payments submitted to me after the 5th of December become subject to late fees and put you in jeopardy of an eviction for non-payment. This month will be 13 months in a row that your rent is in arrears, if you do not pay in full of course.  If I remind you of these things, it is not, as you claim, Harassment.  I remind you because a) It is my job to do so and b) to help you avoid fees and eviction.  Owner is still waiting for your past due rent.  

From your email, I guess I should expect to hear from you as soon as you receive your SS checks.  If you wish to have the late fees reversed, you may submit proof that your checks were indeed re-issued.  


Soraya H*****
Property Manager, Lin’s Realty LLC.


Nothing Changes In A Press

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—–Original Message—–
From: copynow05
To: soraya******
Sent: Sun, Dec 11, 2011 10:32 pm
Subject: Fwd: No Heat, No Hot Water

To: Property Manager, 228 Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, Ny, 11237
Re: Heat
Date: December 10, 2011
Is This A Joke.
I Really Do Not Think That Giving Us Space Heaters Can Be Classified As Emergency Repair’s Of Heating Equipment.
Nowhere In Any Lease Does It State That The Tenant Is Responsible To Pay On Top Of Any Rents, Utility Fees For
Services Or To Maintain Apartments Habitable Condition’s.

Landlords Idea Of Emergency Repairs!

Luis A. Ramos
*** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR
Brooklyn, New York 11237


From: Luis A Ramos 

To: Property Manager, *** Wilson Avenue, Bklyn, Ny, 11237

Sent: Sun, Dec 11, 2011

Subject: Fwd: No Heat, No Hot Water

I Wanted To Revise And Add To My Last Message.

When Last We Spoke On Friday, You Did Not Mention That It Would Take Until Monday To Repair The Boiler. You Only

Stated That You Were On The Issue And That You Were Changing Services And Suppliers.

During Thanksgiving Holidays For Eight (8) Days The Entire Building Was Left Without Heat.

Again We Are Experiencing The Challenges Of Having A Landlord And Property Manager, That Cares About Nothing

But Money And Possessions.  Never Once Considering That People Are Human And Have Human Needs.

For The Record The Temperature Have Gone Below And Sustained At 40 Degrees And Under, For Over 24 Hour Periods.

Why The Owner Went Ahead And Rented The Three (3) Vacant Apartments Without Repairing The Vital And Crucial

Component’s Which Are Heat And Hot Water, That Are The Requirements In The Housing And Rental Habitability In

Signing A Lease Is Beyond Me.

Ever Heard Of Emergency Repair’s?

Luis A. Ramos

*** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR

Brooklyn, New York 11237

—–Original Message—–

From: copynow05 To:Soraya******

Sent: Sun, Dec 11, 2011 6:59 pm

Subject: Re: No Heat, No Hot Water

To: Property Manager, *** Wislon Avenue, Bklyn, Ny, 11237

Re: Heat Date: December 10, 2011

This Is Day Three (3),

The Building Has No Heat And No Hot Water. 2 Of The 3 Had No Hot Water Or Heat For The 24 Hours Period.

I Have Been Keeping My Apartment Warm Using My Gas.

I Have Taken Bird Baths Using Heated Water On The Stove.

I Have Shaved Using Hot Water Heated Using My Stove.

All The Days Without Either Heat Or Hot Water Total Approx. 2 Months.

You And The Landlord Were Aware Of An Ongoing Problem With The Boiler/Heating System Since January 2011, Yet The Choice To Ignore This Crucial Service And Leave For Last To Work On Cosmetic Repairs And The Rehabilitation Of Three (3) Vacant Apartments For Rental Fees Reaches The Threshold Of Negligence.

Any Judge Will Agree That This Was Unacceptable And Will Be Compelled To Act.

I Will Remit January’s Rent Minus My Last Gas Bill And Will Seek Further Remedies In The Future.

Thank You,

Luis A. Ramos

 *** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR Brooklyn, New York 11237

—–Original Message—–

From: copynow05 To: soraya******

Sent: Fri, Dec 9, 2011 4:11 pm

Subject: Fwd: No Heat, No Hot Water

To: Property Manager,***Wislon Avenue, Bklyn, Ny, 11237

Re: Heat

Date: December 9, 2011


 For The Record I Am Utilizing My Oven To Heat The Apartment And The Stove To Boil Water For Necessities.

Thank You,

Luis A. Ramos 

*** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR

Brooklyn, New York 11237

—–Original Message—–

From: copynow05 

To: soraya******

Sent: Fri, Dec 9, 2011 3:39 pm

Subject: Fwd: No Heat, No Hot Water

To: Property Manager, *** Wislon Avenue, Bklyn, Ny, 11237

 Re: Heat

Date: December 9, 2011

This Is A Correction, Nu-Lite Is Not On The Premises And Were Only Notified..The landlord Is In The Building Doing The Ongoing Work That Was Started In April 2011.

I Just Hope That He Does Not Leave For The Weekend Without Making Sure That Their Tenants Have Hot Water And Heat, As They Have Done Often On Several Occasions.

I Do Not Feel Like Calling 311 As You Were Informed Of The Problem And The Landlord Is Present. Just In Case I Will Continue To Document The Progress Or Lack Of Any.

Thank You,

Luis A. Ramos 

*** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR

Brooklyn, New York 11237

—–Original Message—–

From: copynow05 To: soraya******

Sent: Fri, Dec 9, 2011 2:34 pm

Subject: No Heat, No Hot Water

 To: Property Manager, *** Wislon Avenue, Bklyn, Ny, 11237

Re: Heat

Date: December 9, 2011

I Called You To Advise You That The Building Has No Heat Or Hot Water.

Thank You For Calling Me Back Concerning The No Hot Water And No Heat.

I Believe They Are Working On The Problem At This Moment.

I Hope They Fix This Problem As Soon As Possible And That I Am Able To Shower And Visit My Friend That Is In The

 Hospital, Who Has Cancer And Is In A Controlled Environment Because He Is Undergoing Chemotherapy. His Body Is

Susceptive To Germs And Prone To Infections With A Compromised Immune System.

Luis A. Ramos 

*** Wilson Avenue, Apt. 1LR

 Brooklyn, New York 11237

It’s Dementia Stupid! In A Press.

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 As We Go Out To Vote This September 10th, To Replace The Outgoing Demented Nanny Bloomberg, Let Us Never Forget And Keep Foremost In Our Thought’s That This Dementia Has Infected A Few Candidates That Have Worked As Councilmember’s During ” King Bloomberg’s ” Reign, With Dementia.
















As We Now Have Witnessed This Past August 20th, 2013 When City Councilmembers and advocates announced a plan today to slap a 10 cent charge on all plastic and paper carry-out bags at grocery and retail stores across New York City.

Customers would be required to bring their own bags or pay the fee, which stores would get to pocket, according to the proposed legislation, unveiled this afternoon at City Hall.

The legislation, which will be formally introduced at a Council meeting Thursday, is aimed at reigning in “wasteful” plastic bag use in the city, where it’s not uncommon for grocery stores to double-bag single quarts of milk.

“It is time for New york to substantially reduce our plastic bag waste!” said Councilman Brad Lander, who announced the plan on the steps of City Hall, where supporters waved sings reading “Only vampires should be this thin and last hundreds of years!” and “Plastic bags are demons and demons stink.”

The 30-plus advocates also brought with them a giant art piece, which they splayed out on the steps, representing wasted plastic bags.

Once Again We Have Been Given A Check Marked Insufficient Funds, Bringing Us Back To The Days When Slave Labor Was Extolled, And The Thought Of Earning Living Wages Was Frowned Upon By The Masters And Overseer’s, Lords That Controlled Commerce And Residential Placement, As Well As Social Status..Free Or Indentured!

Yet They Fail To Research And Ask At least one group That is not happy about the proposal. The American Progressive Bag Alliance, which represents bag manufacturers, issued a statement this afternoon calling the proponents “misinformed” and arguing that Americana-made plastic bags are 100-percent recyclable anyway.

“New York City residents already pay among the highest taxes in the nation. A 10-cent per bag tax would be a detriment to hardworking families and businesses trying to make ends meet,” said the group’s chair, Mark Daniels. “The proponents of this bill are misinformed and largely rely on science that has been hijacked by environmental activists. A grocery bag tax pushes shoppers toward less sustainable options, like reusable bags, which cannot be recycled, are made from foreign oil and imported at a rate of 500 million annually.”

“If lawmakers are interested in protecting the environment, they should consider the facts and concentrate on meaningful legislation to boost proper reuse and disposal of grocery bags,” he said.


For The Past 12 Years Mayor Bloomberg Has Been Fighting Tooth And Nail For Stricter Gun Control In New York State Going As Far As Inviting Other State Governors And Legislators To Join His Crusade For More Gun Control, All While Expanding The Manner In Which The Already Poor And Disenfranchised Evolve Into The Realm Of Self Sufficiency.

Just Recently Gun Control Had A Set Back In The Form Of Legislation That Passed One Chamber Of The House In Washington, To Allow Concealed Weapons To Be Carried From State To State, Something That Has Been Ongoing, Whilst Illegally, Practiced By The Many In This City And This State.

The Mayor Continues With His Crusade On Strict Gun Control, While On Many Occasions Ignoring The Fact That A Gun Was Used By A Law Enforcement Official’s To Murder Unarmed Individuals In New York City All The While Protecting And Defending The Officers Use Of A Weapon Against Those Individuals Without Reservations.

This Pattern Of Supporting The Rights Of One Side While Ignoring The Other, Extends To His Catering Of The Wealthy Residents Needs And Bashing The Rights Of Defenseless Residents. The Mayor Continues In His Actions Against The Homeless Population, By Advocating, Proposing, And Implementing Development Of Waterfront Properties, Using Both Private And Public Funds To Fulfill His Visions, As Blurred And Discriminatory As They Are.

The Use Of Private Funds Is Not In Question Here, But That Of The Public Funding For Projects That Benefit Not The Homeless, The Poor, Or The Working Lower Class But Benefits Only The Wealthy And Upper Class In New York City, As Well As The Wealthy Surrounding The NYC Area From The Surrounding States.

As Exampled By His Ludicrous Proposal To Extend The Queens MTA “7” Train To The Secaucus, NJ Area Across The River In Another State, Surpassing Even That Bridge To Nowhere By That Criminal Legislature In Alaska. Using Publicly Funded State Resources Of NYC Tax Payer’s Contributions, To Extend Outside Of The NY State Lines For Purposes That Are Not Clear Or That No One Really Understands.

Having Already Spent $250,000 Of NYC Tax Funds On A Preliminary Study.*1 MTA Is A Local City Infrastructure Created For That Purpose Alone And Not For Interstate Travel. If It Were Created For Interstate Travel Then The Federal Government Would Head The MTA Agency And Would receive Federal Funding For That Purpose. We Must Not Forget That The State Legislature Did Away With The Commuter Tax That Was Supporting The Infrastructure Of Roads Within NYC, As Well As Transit Locomotion In NY State As A Whole.

The Mayor’s Dementia Goes Beyond The Rational And Feasible Proposals Of Common Sense In That He Has Allowed The Homeless Population To Explode To A Record High During The Past 12 Years, All While Cutting Funding To Education, Fire Departments Of NYC, Hospital Closures, With Proposals To Further Cut Mental Health Services, To Shorten The Cities Deficit That Has Ballooned Due To The Mayor’s Demented Vision Of Providing Tourists With More Attractions And accommodations, As In Redirecting Funds Towards Theatre’s, Parks Hotel Developments And Amusement Venue’s.

The Mayor’s Action On Directing The Illegal Midnight Raids On Protestors In Zuccotti Park Is An Example Of An Insane Mayor Listening To His Mad Advisors Instead Of Using His Independent Thought Process To Issue Orders To Deal With Lawful Actions Of Protestors And That At The End Of The Day Will End Up Costing In Damages To Litigant’s, Million’s, Not To Mention The Stress Created By The Mass Illegal Arrest’s.

As A Cover For His Blunder The Mayor And His Police Commissioner Announced The Arrest Of A Proposed Terrorist With Dramatic Visual Effects of Exploding Cars To Shock And Awe The Residents In The Hopes Of Creating A Renewed Fear, For The Purpose Of Forgetting His Earlier Actions Against The Defenseless Protestors Armed Only With Pots, Pans, Whistles And Their Voices.

After George Bush’s War On Terror And The Phantom Lies Of The Hidden Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq, NYC Residents Will Never Again Believe Hype Media, Created For The Purpose Of Directing Ones Attention And Creating A Type Of Amnesiatic Stupor On Recent Happening’s. That By Definition Pass As Current Events, And Make What Just Occurred In Zuccotti Square/Freedom Square More Of A Priority, Than What Happened Just Days Ago.

The Mayors Famous “Do More With Less” Has Exacerbated The Deficit Beyond Repair And His Leadership Has Left This City In A Terror Induced And Gripping Fear Of The Hidden And Unknown. Many More Terror Bomb Threats Will Occur Because Of The Ignorance Of This Administration To Listen, And Not Because They Were There Already, But Were Created By This Police State.

It Is Only Natural To Fight Back As One Only Knows How, Or Has Learned From Prior Experience’s Growing Up, To Lash Out. This Is Real And Concrete. These Are Nothing Less Than Examples Of The Mayor’s Health Deteriorating Beyond The Normal Thought And Actions Of A Sane Person, So Much So That We Forget His Short Comings And Blunders, That Caused Death During The Past Recent Events, Such As The 800 Million CityTime Theft, The Ticket Fixing Crimes*2, The Guilty Verdicts Of NYPD In Crimes Such As Robbery, Drug Dealing, Theft, Protection Of Drug Dealers, Gun Running*3,*4, The Deaths Of 5 People In Fires Caused By Slumlords, Due To HPD’s Ineffectual Inspections Of Violations, And The Famous Blizzard Blunder That Caused The Death Of A Mothers Newborn Son And A Woman With Asthma.

All Of The Mayor’s Propositions Are Way Beyond Eccentric Norms And Take Away From What Should Be His Priorities And Obligations To The Residents Of NYC As A Whole, Safe Streets, Clean Living Condition’s, Affordable Transportation For All Income Class’, Cheaper Utility Fees, More Responsible Landlords And A Respect For Individual Freedom’s.

He Is Looney, El Senor Bloombito. Worse Yet, He Is A Mayor Who Is Looney And By Definition Dangerous And Unhealthy For This City And It’s Future And So Will Anyone He Endorses To Continue His Contentious Administration. Maria Antoinette Lost Her Head, From Sheer Inattention And Ignorance Of The Populace And The Masses, Poor The Whole Lot.

*1.NY POST. PAUL BRUINOOGE/patrickmcmullan.c Last Updated: 10:58 PM, October 26, 2011 Posted: October 27, 2011

*2. _cops_racist_talk_caught_on_tixfix_wiretaps.html

*3. smuggling-guns.html?pagewanted=2&hpw

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Trials In A Press!

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This Was The Past Three Weeks Denials Of Services That My Rent Should Be Covering…Unfortunately I Have To Document In As Many Fashions As I Can, Because For Some Reason Slumlords Think That They Can Get Away With These Things.
Please be advised that the lights went out today october 30th 2011, at approx. 7PM in the entire building except for some rooms in Super’s Apartment. I have Called Mei and left her a message about this situation. please call her to confirm.
Luis A. Ramos

To: Property Manager,

Today October 22, 2011. 10:36 AM Saturday, 50 Degree’s.

1 Hour Ago The Landlord Mei Entered The Building And I Stated That, “This Was The Reason Why She Will Not Be Getting A Rent Check Next Month, Because Of No Heat.” Her Reply Was That I Was Not Supposed To Get Heat Now.

I Stated That The Temperature Outside Was 48 Degree’s And The Time Is Now 10:00 AM. Then I Just Simply Reentered My Apartment As Not To Entertain Further Irrelevant Conversation. An Owner Must Provide And Maintain Services And Equiptment Furnished Or Required By Rent Control Or Rent Stabilization Regulatios. Required Or Essential Services Include Repairs, Heat, Hot And Cold Water, Maintenance, Painting And Janitorial Services, Elevator Services And Ancillary Services Such As Garbage And Recreational Facilities.

Fact Sheet#3 – Fact Sheet#14 –

I Have Contacted A Housing Supervising Attorney And Will Be Meeting With Them On Monday Morning In Case I Do Not Recieve Any Reasonable Services, That Affect And Continue To Violate The Warranty Of Habitability, After Today.

Thank You,

Respectfully Submitted,

Luis A. Ramos

From: Luis Ramos

To: soraya******

Sent: Mon, Oct 17, 2011 11:45 pm

Subject: Re: Refusal of Services

To: soraya******

From: Luis Ramos

Sent: Sat, Oct 17, 2011 11:45 pm

Subject: Re: Refusal of Services

Well It Is 11:44PM, And Still No Hot Water.

Slushfund Speaker Christine Quinn, Queen Of Housing In A Press!

In Activism, Erik Dilan, HRA, Landlord, Maintenance, NYC Adminstration, People, Rent Stabilized, Service's, Slumlord's on October 8, 2011 at 2:05 AM

How Is It Possible That After Recieving Several Rental Assistance Check’s, My Property Manager Informs Me That She Was In Contact With My Case Worker And That He Has Sent Her Any Checks In Dispute And That Several Checks Were Cashed Not By Her, My Landlord Or By Anyone That Has Anything To Do With My Lease, And That He Will Not Tell her Who Has Cashed Those Checks… I Will Request That The Federal Government Investigate This Inconsistency And Possible Fraud.

Whether They Involve People From the Bloomberg Administration And/Or That The Speaker Had Prior Knowledge Or Had Anything To Do With The Witholding Of Rent Payments To Landlords Under The Current Budget To Balance The Books In An Attempt To Do What The Mortgage Housing Crisis Criminal’s Have Already Done To Add To The Start Of The Meltdown And Berni Madoff’s Infamous Scandal…i.e. Fending Off Creditor’s, I Do Hope That Bloomberg’s Alledgedly 2 Billion Rainy Day Fund Does Not Contain My Monthly Disability Rental Assistance To Plug Said Budget Shortfall, Is It True…We Will See!

Well This Should Help In Explaining WHY The Homeless Population In NYC Continues To Rise. Artificially Creating A Crisis Was Recently Accomplished By The US Government When It Came To The Credit Rating, As Well As Cuomo And That Round Kid From N.J. Christie, Who By The Way Says He Has Lost Some Calories, Yes He Has Lost Calories But Has Not Reduced His Weight By 1 Gram….In That Scandal, The Port Authority Of NY/NJ Proposed Toll Hikes Of 10 Dollars And Above That So That The 2 Idiots Who Head The Twin State Administration Governments Can Be Excused.. They Settled To Sign A 3 To 4 Percent Hike So That The The Tax Payer Can Fork Over Fund/Fees To Build The World Trade Center Edifice’s That I And The Rest Of NYC Cannot Live In…

I Continue To Say Over And Over Again, Continue To Do The Same Thing’s And Expect Different Result Is Akin To Insanity. But Heck What Do I Know. In Any Case Here Are the Relevant Sources:

Not For Nothing But How Is This Possible When The Voter’s Elected A New Public Advocate, Had Spekaer Quinn Develop And Implement A New Housing/HPD Protocol Invloving The HPD/FDNY/HRA/DOB…That Involves All Agencies To Coordinate Together That These Things Do NOT Happen Again, And That With The Public Advocates Input Do Not Get Overlooked…I Will Post Photos, Sound Bites Of Just How The City Of New York, HRA And The Department Of Homeless Services Are In Favor And Involved In A Criminal Enterprise To Expand Their Budget’s, Sustain There Services Without Actually Having Clients Afford Stable Housing…..What Say You…You Want To Go For A Hands On Visual Tour?…..