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In Activism on January 14, 2016 at 4:33 PM


Well a lot has occured since my last post.  I enrolled in Boricua College starting September 2015 in brooklyn and in those first months I began to get adjusted to the classes and homework. I stood up many nights completing the modules and essays for the site visits as well as planning future programs for the school since I was elected to be a part of the student council. The colloquium class had a midterm brunch that was celebrated by all with good food and conversation.



Professor Maldonado and peers

While this blog is personal in nature it has always been a blog about people, housing, services, community and politics.  In this current time the homeless population has exploded under the current DeBlasio Administration although the then candidate for mayor bill deblasio had promised that it would be his first and foremost priority DeBlasio has utterly failed. That the homeless population was lower under then most reviled mayor Bloomberg aka. (Bloombito) it is shameful that I supported the current mayor deblasio. Today’s level of homeless population exceeds 60,000 homeless,  including 25,000 children, for the first time ever.

There was a rare lunar event called the “Blood Moon” that I watched with my neighbors, it was clear so we had the chance to see this event from start to finish. IT WAS EERIE.

We created events that correspond to the season such as thanksgiving and the christmas holiday. I started a toy drive in Boricua College for our local community for the childern of bushwick and williamsburg who while I am not well off are less fortunate than I am. These events were hosted by Commissioner Tommy Torres and Assemblymember Hon. Maritza Davila

I was paid a visit by my friends Jio and Luis even though I lost two good friends Jio and Ari after they moved to another state. I also lost Ari and Jio because of my mistakes in communicating to them my needs as a friend or my future intentions and what their friendship meant to me, this I have had to accept.  I still have my photographs and video recordings of them so that eases the lonliness when I remember them. One of my friends moved away to Pennsylvania and the other just got busy with work.



This winter was one of the warmest on record for New York and we had lots of foggy nights and 60 degree temperatures.

In any case I had a great end to 2015  and I attended a parranda with Dr. Drum from Bombayo, a traditional puerto rican dance group.  I started my year 2016 with my family and friends.  I enrolled for my second semester at Boricua College and collected the toys for the community that I began back in December. I attended the 2016 Three Kings Day Parade on Graham Avenue in Brookyn and I took many photos, hanged out with my daughter and my ex.

As for me I may say that has been a year of learning and that I have matured a little at a time. May this new year bring more growth and prosperity. Selah.



I end with my last grades. Here’s looking to the future.


One Last Thought In A Press.





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