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Harrassment In A Press!

In Activism on December 3, 2014 at 6:15 PM

There Was A BBQ For The End Of Summer In Front Of The Community Garden, That We Hold Every Year Since The Founding And Restoration Of The Community Garden.

This BBQ Was Given By Members Of The Community.

On August 24th, 2014 At Approx. 12:30 Plus Or Minus 1 Hour. I Was Arrested, Assaulted And Had My Right’s Violated By Police Officer’s From The 83rd Pct.

The Fact’s Of The Event Prior, During And After About What Actually Took Place That Led To This Arrest Were Omitted, Switched And Replaced With The P.D.’s Own Version.

Originally I Was Charged With PL’s – 195.05, 240.20, 240.30. And Was Offered 10 Days In Jail. That Changed As I Was Released On My Own Recognizance.

I Went To The Emergency Room Later On August 25th After Midnight For Pain In My Right Ribcage Area. I Could Not Breathe Without A Shocking Pain. I was Treated, X-rayed, And Given A Prescription For The Pain And Instructed To Take The Medicine And To Purchase Over The Counter Pain Medication’s.

On October 30,th 2014 I Was Offered 2 Day’s Community Service For Being Assaulted, Harassed, And Imprisoned By The 83rd Pct., With The Charges Against Me Staying The Same.

Nearly Five Month’s later After The Original Arrest, I Returned On December 2nd, 2014 To Learn That The Prosecutor Added 2 Extra Charges, But Still Offering 2 Days Of Community Service .

I Have A Trial Coming Up In Which It Will Be My Word Against Law Enforcement’s.

Of Course The Harassment Began o, After Three Officer’s From This 83rd. Pct. Were Found By The Civilian Complaint Review Board By A Thorough And Impartial Investigation To Have Violated My Right’s And Abused Their Authority On Seven (7) Charges. The Original Harassment Happened On April 7th, 2006 at 3 P.M. Three Blocks From Their Assigned Precinct.

Since This EventAnd Ooutcome, I Have Received Several Summon’s By The Cabal Of Officer’s Assigned To This Precinct During The Past Eight Year’s. Culminating In My Current Litigation With NYPD. Fortunately Every Summon’s That Was Given By These Offcer’s Were Dropped Or Dismissed By The Court’s.

Thankfully There I A Paper Trail As Proof Of This Continued Harassment.

I Am Hopeful This Trial Will End Soon And The Harassment End’s.


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