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So What Harm Could A Little White Lie Cause…….After All A Little White Lie Is Only Effectively Believed Only When It Is Repeated Often Until It Becomes A Natural Part Of A Person’s Persona.  That’s What John Liu The Current NYC Comptroller And Candidate For The NYC’s Highest Office, NYC Mayor Believe’s And Has Defended Today. 

City Controller John Liu officially kicked off his mayoral bid Sunday by touting that he worked in a sweatshop as a child – a biographical claim the Daily News debunked years ago.  Speaking to supporters from the steps of City Hall, Liu pitched as cherished fact his childhood work alongside his mother in a sweatshop — but his parents said during the Democrat’s 2009 campaign for controller that their son’s version of history was incorrect.  Upon Hearing This I Recalled With Much Amusement The Old Abbott And Costello Routine:

BUD: Didn’t I see you at the race track yesterday?
LOU: Yeah, I was there. I like to bet on the nags.
BUD (grabs him): Don’t talk like that about horses! Do you realize that I have one of the greatest mudders in the country?
LOU: What has your mother got to do with horses?
BUD: My mudder is a horse.
LOU: What? I will admit there’s a resemblance.
BUD: Now stop that!
LOU: Is your mudder really a horse?
BUD: Of course. My mudder won the first race at Hialeah yesterday.
LOU: You oughta be ashamed of yourself, putting your mudder in a horse race.

See Here For The Rest:

While This Newly Refreshed Controversy Play’s Out In The Public’s Eye, Let Us Really Understand Who John Liu Really Is And What He believe’s.

I Had The Privilege In 2009 To Volunteer On The Former NYC Comptroller’s Bill Thompson’s Campaign For Mayor Where I First Met John Liu During One Of My Many (GOTV) Get Out The Vote Assignment’s, Where I Was To Place Campaign Literature To A Local Political Club’s Endorsement Of Bill Thompson For Mayor.

I First Met John Liu In The Lobby Of This Hotel Where The Meeting Was Being Held In One Of Their Office Suite’s. Naturally I Was Ignored And Considered A Nobody By Mr. Liu And Seeing That He Was Then A Candidate For NYC Comptroller Meant That He Posed No Competition To Bill Thompson’s Candidacy For Mayor Of NYC.

Happy Liu

Much Later In Bill Thompson’s Campaign I Realized That Bill Supported John Liu’s Campaign For NYC Comptroller And Bill De Blasio For NYC Public Advocate  And That Mutually There Would Be A (GOTV) For All Three Candidate’s, Bill Thompson, John Liu (Candidate For NYC Comptroller) And Bill De Blasio (Candidate For Public Advocate)  That I Was Assigned To Infuse Into My Volunteer Work.

I Quickly Read The Background’s Of  These Two New Addition’s To My Volunteer Workload, And Mentally I Had No Reservation’s Except For This John Liu Character….That Coming From His Not Wanting Conversation At The (GOTV) That I Described Earlier. I Listened To The Messages That John Liu And Bill De Blasio Touted As Their Idea’s And Disapproval’s They Held Against Mayor Bloomberg’s Past Two Term’s And Their Reason’s Why He Was Not Fit To Receive A Third Term All Of Which I Agreed With.

Little Did I Know That I Would Have A Rude Awakening And A Good Damb Lesson On Politic’s As Usual From People  That I Not Only Voted For, But Freely Gave My Time And Breath And Even Marched In Parade’s Repeating And Extolling Their Qualification’s For NYC Comptroller And Public Advocate.

NYC Candidate For Comptroller, John Liu.

Not Too Soon After Becoming NYC Comptroller I Became A Facebook Friend To John Liu Who Later Went On Facebook To Solicit Nationally For Candidates To Fill Position’s In The NYC Comptroller’s Office, Something That During His Campaign He Railed On Mayor Bloomberg,  For Doing The VerySame Thing For His Administration And Contract Deal’s.

Of Course I Answered This Status Update With A Comment Of My Own Challenging His Intelligence On This Request To Search From Outside NYC For Candidate’s To Fill Position’s In The NYC Comptroller’s Office And Questioning Him And Reminding Him That In NYC Their Are Over 8 Million People And Why He Did Not Think That He Could Find A Few Qualified Individual’s Out of This 8 Million To Fill These Position’s

Not Long After I Found That My Facebook Friend John Liu Had Deleted Me As A Friend, How Childish…..But The Story Is Not Over……

In June 2012,  The six 2013 New York City mayoral candidates appeared together on stage for the first time at a forum sponsored by City & State. The forum was part of a morning-long series of panels on MWBE issues in New York City, which also included opening remarks by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There was a bit of disagreement over whether the next mayor should create the position of “chief diversity officer.”



“We don’t need a diversity officer to make diversity a priority,” Liu said. “We need a chief executive officer who will make diversity a priority.

Mr. John Liu Repeating Some Phantom Conversation With City Hall Folk’s States That The Folk’s At City Hall Have A Sheer Lack Of Diversity And Readily Admit It, But That’s Because We Only Look For Merit….Then Get’s Offended And States The Same. I Agree With My Many Friends That NYC Voter’s Need To Take Heed From His Past, As Well As From His Current Predicament In A Campaign Corruption Scandal.

The campaign treasurer for New York City Comptroller John Liu was arrested Tuesday in a widening investigation into Liu’s fundraising practices. Liu is planning to run for mayor of New York City in 2013.

Well Here Is A Link (With A Little Music):!/photo.php?v=426276334132759

Watch How An Official Like Comptroller John Liu, That Control’s Billion’s Of NYC Taxpayer Fund’s, Lies To A General Public Of Educated Individual’s… — with John C. Liu at NYC.

The Parties Over Mr. Liu….I’ll Never Waste Another Vote On You Nor On Anyone Else Like You For That Matter, Ever Again….Your Welcome For The Free (GOTV) That You Never Thanked Me For, And Again Thanks for Deleting Me From Facebook, That Was The Best Thing That You Have Done, For Me That Is…

As For Me And My Future Vote For NYC Mayor, I Prefer Bill Thompson, Someone Who As Of Today Has Met Every Qualification To Get A Chance To Share His Vast Leadership Experience With And For The Resident’s Of NYC.


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