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Media’s Racist Turn In A Press.

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As I Open And Turn On My Computer To Read The Latest Headline’s  I Always Try To Understand Which Paper Or Which Writer Today’s Current Event’s Stories Emerges From, Of Course This Plus The Subject Of The Articles Paints And Form’s A Clear  Picture For The Day’s Mood.

By Now We Have All Read Them And Either Cast Them Aside Or Talked About Them.  These New Story Headlines Tend To Push Aside Yesterday’s Main Topic’s, Issues And On Most Occasion’s National Concern.

Through This Manner I Paint And Form My Own Views On How Much Weight To Ply On Any Given Story.

That Gun Control And The Fiscal Cliff Agenda Are the Current HOT Topic Of The Day On A National Scale, Homelessness, Poverty, Death By COP, Racism, Hate, And The Fact That One Month Later, Affected Homes From Hurricane Sandy Are Still Without Power, Heat And Hot Water Speak’s To The Nature Of That Great Beast, The News Media

This NY Post Article Placed On The NY Post’s Online Electronic Newspaper Paper Jumped Right Out At Me, Mainly That It Was At The Top, The Very First Story My Eyes Beheld To Form My Own Agenda For The Day, That Of  Tawana Brawley And Her Then Allegation’s Of Rape.

While We Never Saw from This Newspaper The 25 Year Anniversary Of   Borough Of Queens, President Donald Manes (Who Was Embroiled In The Infamous NYC Parking Violation’s Bureau Scandal Under The NYC Mayor, Ed Koch Administration And Who Committed Suicide In His Hospital Bed While The Scandal Was Unraveling.

Racism In Media

Racism In Media

I Applaud That The Reverend Al Sharpton Faced The Onslaught Of The Racist Media And Is With Us Today Still Making Change Happen, It Is Unfortunate That Donald Manes Is Not.  Who Know’s How Far The Parking Violation Bureau Scandal Would Have Went And How Many Of Today’s Public Leader’s Would Have Been Affected Had He Lived And Not Taken The 5th (Literally) Violating Countless Biblical Percept’s And Public Trust…

That Federal Legislation Has Stalled And Relief Not Fully Delivered  En masse , Because Some Politician’s Have Decided  To Add Funds For Projects On The West Coast Even Though The Hurricane Disaster Was On The East Coast Some 1,000 Plus Miles From The Affected Area’s…Go Figure The Greed And Gall Of These Not So Few Opportunist’s., Many Beneficiaries Of The Handy Work Of Our Media Today.

That The Current Administration Lead By Mayor Michael Bloomberg Has Jumped On The Issue Of Gun Control In Such A Manner That Even His Own Supporter’s Were Taken Aback On How He Can Confuse Illegal Gun Control With the Tragedy In Connecticut, Where Legally Obtained Firearm’s Were Used Show’s The Bias Of The Media. 

His Need To Have The Last Word Is Not Suprising When They Paint Him In A Favorable Manner And The Media Eat’s it Up Like The Now Defunct Twinkies…Yet His Debacles Like Citytime, The Death’s of Citizen’s During The Blizzard Of  2011 Fumble, And Many Other Articles That Cast A Truer More Unfavorable Picture Of His Administration Are Not Remembered Nor Do They Resurface. I Have Enumerated Some, Had They All Been Named, One Could Write A Book.


It Left A Sour Taste To Witness The Manner And Depth The NY Post And Several Other Media Outlet’s Have Downgraded Their Priorities In What To Write About, In Which Way To Post These Articles And What Weight To Give Them.

We Normally Open Our Mailboxes And Discard The Usual Junk Mail Glancing Casually Over Them For A Second And Forever Discarding Into The Trash And Our Memories.

I Glanced At These Two Pieces Of  Junk Mail 26 Year’s Ago And Discarded Them,  But Then 25 Year’s Later We Receive The Same Junk Mail.

This is Was Today’s Junk Mail In Today’s New York Post. Thank You New York Post For making My Brain Foggy With Your Clutter!


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