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Why You Were Not Allowed To Vote, In A Press

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Jumaane You Know I Support You 110%

With All Due Respect To You CM William’s. I Am Reading The Comment’s On Your Facebook Post About This Article:  


CM Jumaane D. Williams, CM Ydanis Rodriguez at Zuccotti Park 1st. Anniversary.

First And Foremost What Is Needed Is The Education Of Voter’s On How To Properly Fill Out A Ballot Form.

Whle The B.O.E Is There To Serve The Voter’s, It Is The Responsility Of The Voter’s To Get Educated.

Having Worked For 15 Straight Hour’s Serving All Voter’s As A Poll Inspector/Scanner, My Poll Site Went Well. There Are Many Issue’s That Need To Be Addressed, But They Should Be Addressed Individually. We Had 2 Scanner’s And I Ran Both Of Them.

I Also Assisted In Processing Affidavit Ballot’s, Assisting In Filling Out The Ballot Form Questionaire On The Envelope Themselves, Making Sure That All Pertinent Question’s Are Anwered By The Voter Who Was Given An Affidavit Ballot For Whatever Reason They Were Given An Affidavit. This Was Done In My 2 Language’s.

I Also Filled Out Referal Slip’s So That Any Voter That Was Not Assigned Our Location As A Poll Site Would Get The Correct Poll Site. Please Remember That All Voter’s have An Opportunity To Cast A Ballot Only 3 Times, Then They Are Required To get A Court order To Cast A Ballot Thereafter, So I Make It My Job To Inform The Voter’s The Proper Manner In Which A Ballot Should Be Cast, i.e. No Circle, X Mark’s, Check mark‘s, But To Fill In The Oval Next To Their Perfered Candidate.

I Also Reminded The Voter That They Can Only Cast A Vote For Only 1 Candidate For Any Specific Office. I Cannot Begin To Tell You That Even With All My Concise And Detailed Information, Many Voter’s Had To Return To The Inspector Tables To Request Another Empty Ballot Form. It Is Time Consuming.

So Before Any Individual Decides To Opine On The Board Of Election’s As A Whole, Please Consider The Process That I Just Detailed, And Mutltiply That By The Number Of Poll Worker That Worked This Past November 6th. Yes There Are Many Flaw’s That Need To Be Addressed, But Blaming The B.O.E. As A Whole Is Not One Of Them.

I Did Not Add That Because Of One Voter, One Of The Two Scanner’s Incurrured A Paper Jam, Causing That Scanner To Be Put Out Of Commission For 1 Hour Until A Technician Arrived To Repair It.

In An Emergency, These Scanner’s Are Equipped To Accept Emergency Ballot’s, And The Board Of Election’s Has A Process For Emergency Ballot’s And We Are Trained In This Emergency Process Procedure.

Today On WNYC They Displayed A Hearing By Coucilmember Joel Rivera Who Chair’s The Oversight Committee That Oversee’s The Board Of Election’s.

At That Meeting They Voted To Re-Comfirm A B.O.E. Commissioner from The Queen’s B.O.E.

He Practically Blamed The Poll Worker For All The Ill’s That Have Occured To The B.O.E. And He Went As far As Too State That We Lack The Knowledge To Serve The Voter’s Well.

Of Course Having Taken Many Classes I Beg To Differ…To Blame 40,000 Plus Poll Worker’s Is Just Ignorant And Dangerous.

I Suggest That Instead Of Having A City Council Committee Meeting, Where Councilmembers Shower Praise On These Commissioner’s, That Perhap’s Ciy Council Member’s Should be Required To Actually Attend These Classes So As To Ask These Commissioner’s The Correct Question’s.

It Can’t Be Said Too many Times, EDUCATION Is The Key To Finding Solution’s…..How Can You As A Council Committe Ask The Correct Question’s If You Have Not The Slightest Clue Of The Actual Work That Poll Worker Are Required To Follow?

Give A Person A Fish To Feed Him/Her For The Day, But TEACH The Person To Fish And You Would Had Fed Them For Their Entire Lifetime!

What The Coomittee needed To Ask Or Suggest To The Commissioner’s Is The Following:

Leave The Voter Roll’s ALONE.

If A Person Register’s To Vote And They Do Not Excercise The Right To Vote In Every Election, Why Are They Placed In The Inactive Status And Their Names Removed From The Voter Roll’s.

I Had One Individual Who Has Not Voted In A Few Year’s, Literally Get A Letter From The B.O.E. To Be Allowed To Vote.

The Right To Freely Cast A Ballot SHOULD Not Be Like An Experience One Has At Our Local Dentist Or Emergency Room.

If And When One register’s To Vote, Then Their name Should Never Be Removed/Erased From The Roll’s Unless That Individual Passes Away.

The Only Time That That Data Needs To Be Changed Is When They Move Or When A Maiden Name Or Name Change Has Occured.

Again, Please Educate Yourselves, Education Is Free……..

Respectfully Submitted,

Luis A. Ramos


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