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 As We Go Out To Vote This September 10th, To Replace The Outgoing Demented Nanny Bloomberg, Let Us Never Forget And Keep Foremost In Our Thought’s That This Dementia Has Infected A Few Candidates That Have Worked As Councilmember’s During ” King Bloomberg’s ” Reign, With Dementia.
















As We Now Have Witnessed This Past August 20th, 2013 When City Councilmembers and advocates announced a plan today to slap a 10 cent charge on all plastic and paper carry-out bags at grocery and retail stores across New York City.

Customers would be required to bring their own bags or pay the fee, which stores would get to pocket, according to the proposed legislation, unveiled this afternoon at City Hall.

The legislation, which will be formally introduced at a Council meeting Thursday, is aimed at reigning in “wasteful” plastic bag use in the city, where it’s not uncommon for grocery stores to double-bag single quarts of milk.

“It is time for New york to substantially reduce our plastic bag waste!” said Councilman Brad Lander, who announced the plan on the steps of City Hall, where supporters waved sings reading “Only vampires should be this thin and last hundreds of years!” and “Plastic bags are demons and demons stink.”

The 30-plus advocates also brought with them a giant art piece, which they splayed out on the steps, representing wasted plastic bags.

Once Again We Have Been Given A Check Marked Insufficient Funds, Bringing Us Back To The Days When Slave Labor Was Extolled, And The Thought Of Earning Living Wages Was Frowned Upon By The Masters And Overseer’s, Lords That Controlled Commerce And Residential Placement, As Well As Social Status..Free Or Indentured!

Yet They Fail To Research And Ask At least one group That is not happy about the proposal. The American Progressive Bag Alliance, which represents bag manufacturers, issued a statement this afternoon calling the proponents “misinformed” and arguing that Americana-made plastic bags are 100-percent recyclable anyway.

“New York City residents already pay among the highest taxes in the nation. A 10-cent per bag tax would be a detriment to hardworking families and businesses trying to make ends meet,” said the group’s chair, Mark Daniels. “The proponents of this bill are misinformed and largely rely on science that has been hijacked by environmental activists. A grocery bag tax pushes shoppers toward less sustainable options, like reusable bags, which cannot be recycled, are made from foreign oil and imported at a rate of 500 million annually.”

“If lawmakers are interested in protecting the environment, they should consider the facts and concentrate on meaningful legislation to boost proper reuse and disposal of grocery bags,” he said.


For The Past 12 Years Mayor Bloomberg Has Been Fighting Tooth And Nail For Stricter Gun Control In New York State Going As Far As Inviting Other State Governors And Legislators To Join His Crusade For More Gun Control, All While Expanding The Manner In Which The Already Poor And Disenfranchised Evolve Into The Realm Of Self Sufficiency.

Just Recently Gun Control Had A Set Back In The Form Of Legislation That Passed One Chamber Of The House In Washington, To Allow Concealed Weapons To Be Carried From State To State, Something That Has Been Ongoing, Whilst Illegally, Practiced By The Many In This City And This State.

The Mayor Continues With His Crusade On Strict Gun Control, While On Many Occasions Ignoring The Fact That A Gun Was Used By A Law Enforcement Official’s To Murder Unarmed Individuals In New York City All The While Protecting And Defending The Officers Use Of A Weapon Against Those Individuals Without Reservations.

This Pattern Of Supporting The Rights Of One Side While Ignoring The Other, Extends To His Catering Of The Wealthy Residents Needs And Bashing The Rights Of Defenseless Residents. The Mayor Continues In His Actions Against The Homeless Population, By Advocating, Proposing, And Implementing Development Of Waterfront Properties, Using Both Private And Public Funds To Fulfill His Visions, As Blurred And Discriminatory As They Are.

The Use Of Private Funds Is Not In Question Here, But That Of The Public Funding For Projects That Benefit Not The Homeless, The Poor, Or The Working Lower Class But Benefits Only The Wealthy And Upper Class In New York City, As Well As The Wealthy Surrounding The NYC Area From The Surrounding States.

As Exampled By His Ludicrous Proposal To Extend The Queens MTA “7” Train To The Secaucus, NJ Area Across The River In Another State, Surpassing Even That Bridge To Nowhere By That Criminal Legislature In Alaska. Using Publicly Funded State Resources Of NYC Tax Payer’s Contributions, To Extend Outside Of The NY State Lines For Purposes That Are Not Clear Or That No One Really Understands.

Having Already Spent $250,000 Of NYC Tax Funds On A Preliminary Study.*1 MTA Is A Local City Infrastructure Created For That Purpose Alone And Not For Interstate Travel. If It Were Created For Interstate Travel Then The Federal Government Would Head The MTA Agency And Would receive Federal Funding For That Purpose. We Must Not Forget That The State Legislature Did Away With The Commuter Tax That Was Supporting The Infrastructure Of Roads Within NYC, As Well As Transit Locomotion In NY State As A Whole.

The Mayor’s Dementia Goes Beyond The Rational And Feasible Proposals Of Common Sense In That He Has Allowed The Homeless Population To Explode To A Record High During The Past 12 Years, All While Cutting Funding To Education, Fire Departments Of NYC, Hospital Closures, With Proposals To Further Cut Mental Health Services, To Shorten The Cities Deficit That Has Ballooned Due To The Mayor’s Demented Vision Of Providing Tourists With More Attractions And accommodations, As In Redirecting Funds Towards Theatre’s, Parks Hotel Developments And Amusement Venue’s.

The Mayor’s Action On Directing The Illegal Midnight Raids On Protestors In Zuccotti Park Is An Example Of An Insane Mayor Listening To His Mad Advisors Instead Of Using His Independent Thought Process To Issue Orders To Deal With Lawful Actions Of Protestors And That At The End Of The Day Will End Up Costing In Damages To Litigant’s, Million’s, Not To Mention The Stress Created By The Mass Illegal Arrest’s.

As A Cover For His Blunder The Mayor And His Police Commissioner Announced The Arrest Of A Proposed Terrorist With Dramatic Visual Effects of Exploding Cars To Shock And Awe The Residents In The Hopes Of Creating A Renewed Fear, For The Purpose Of Forgetting His Earlier Actions Against The Defenseless Protestors Armed Only With Pots, Pans, Whistles And Their Voices.

After George Bush’s War On Terror And The Phantom Lies Of The Hidden Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq, NYC Residents Will Never Again Believe Hype Media, Created For The Purpose Of Directing Ones Attention And Creating A Type Of Amnesiatic Stupor On Recent Happening’s. That By Definition Pass As Current Events, And Make What Just Occurred In Zuccotti Square/Freedom Square More Of A Priority, Than What Happened Just Days Ago.

The Mayors Famous “Do More With Less” Has Exacerbated The Deficit Beyond Repair And His Leadership Has Left This City In A Terror Induced And Gripping Fear Of The Hidden And Unknown. Many More Terror Bomb Threats Will Occur Because Of The Ignorance Of This Administration To Listen, And Not Because They Were There Already, But Were Created By This Police State.

It Is Only Natural To Fight Back As One Only Knows How, Or Has Learned From Prior Experience’s Growing Up, To Lash Out. This Is Real And Concrete. These Are Nothing Less Than Examples Of The Mayor’s Health Deteriorating Beyond The Normal Thought And Actions Of A Sane Person, So Much So That We Forget His Short Comings And Blunders, That Caused Death During The Past Recent Events, Such As The 800 Million CityTime Theft, The Ticket Fixing Crimes*2, The Guilty Verdicts Of NYPD In Crimes Such As Robbery, Drug Dealing, Theft, Protection Of Drug Dealers, Gun Running*3,*4, The Deaths Of 5 People In Fires Caused By Slumlords, Due To HPD’s Ineffectual Inspections Of Violations, And The Famous Blizzard Blunder That Caused The Death Of A Mothers Newborn Son And A Woman With Asthma.

All Of The Mayor’s Propositions Are Way Beyond Eccentric Norms And Take Away From What Should Be His Priorities And Obligations To The Residents Of NYC As A Whole, Safe Streets, Clean Living Condition’s, Affordable Transportation For All Income Class’, Cheaper Utility Fees, More Responsible Landlords And A Respect For Individual Freedom’s.

He Is Looney, El Senor Bloombito. Worse Yet, He Is A Mayor Who Is Looney And By Definition Dangerous And Unhealthy For This City And It’s Future And So Will Anyone He Endorses To Continue His Contentious Administration. Maria Antoinette Lost Her Head, From Sheer Inattention And Ignorance Of The Populace And The Masses, Poor The Whole Lot.

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