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New Update As Of December 4, 2011.

To:  Property Manager, *** Wislon Avenue, Bklyn, Ny, 11237
Re: Heat
Date: December 4, 2011
Unfortunately I Have Not Recieved My Disablity Checks And Am In The Process of Having Them Re-Issued, They Say It Will Take Over 7 Days, So Please Be So Informed.
While The Thermostat Has Been Set, It Is Not Under Lock And Key So Unless Your Present, Your Statement  Has No Bearing On Whether It Is Turned On Or Off, As It Can Be Manually Controlled, As Such Is The Case, And Tenant Is Not Required To Ask For Heat On A Daily Basis As Such Is The Current Manner In Which Heat Is Afforded, And This Issue Occur’s During The Overnight Hours When No One Is Watching Or At Night,  Afterhours When No City Agency Can Nor Are Inclined To Intervene.
I Suggest You Get Your Facts Straight As I Only Have Been Living Here For 2 Years And That Thermostat Has Been In Place For Decades. As For Any Open Windows, I Again Suggest You Halt Your Divination Methods And Be Bold And Responsible And Do Your Due Diligence, Which Brings Up The Issue Of Your Coming To My Apartment Unannounced, During Inopportune Times When I Am Showering Or Doing Other Things, To Talk About The A New Lease. On The Issue Of A Renewed Lease Seeing As You Were Not In A Rush To Present Me With Me With One At Least 1 Month In Advance Of The Ending Of The Old One, Which Is Exactly On The 14th, Just 10 Days Away From Today. I See No Point In Your Manic And  Frantic Insistence, The Least One Can Say Is That Your Customer Orientated, But Very Astute In The Sale Of Damaged Goods, You May Want To Look Into That Line Of Work, Just In Case.
This After You Called Early In The Morning And Texted That You Would Call Back The Next Day To Arrange A Date When We Could Discuss These Issues. Of Course We Have Gone Over This Issue Of Your Unannounced Visits Many Times During The Past Several Months Which Border On Harassment. I Understand That You Can’t Help Yourself Because It Was Close To Rent Day, Being The Only Time You Show Your Face Around Here. Please Do Not Continue To Harass Me On Issues That Do Not Entail You Affording Me Services, As I Will Not Entertain Them Any Further….Stick With Fact’s And Not, Heresay….
Again I Will Refer To The Running Back And Forth Of The Children Of The Tenant Above Me. While You May Be Correct In Saying That It Is Her Apartment To Do As She Please’s As Well As Her Children, It Is Another If Those Running Back And Forth Are Not Tenant’s But Those, She Has Been Put In Charge Over, After School. I Did Not Know We can Have Daycare In This Residential Building. What She Does Is Her Business Until It Affects Me And My Living Conditions. Then I Make It My Business, As Should You. I Suggest You May Want To Look At That.
Landlord Is Required To Provide Heat AND MAINTAIN THE INDOOR TEMPERATURES AS FOLLOWS.Whenever The Outside Temperature Is Below 55 Degrees Inside Temperature Should Be 68 Degrees During The Day, And Outside Temperature 44 Degrees During The Overnight Hours Temperature Should Be Maintained At 55 Degrees, What Part Of This Regulation Do You Not Understand Or Have A Problem Complying With.
In Any Case I Am In Talks With A Lawyer From HPD That Has Advised Me On The Next Course Of Actions And Remedies That Must Be Taken, Should You Continue To Deny Me Services.  
Again You Are Informed That It Is Uneccesarry For You To Stop By Until I Recieve My Disability Checks For Payment Of Decembers Rent.
Thank You.
Luis A. Ramos
—–Original Message—–
From: soraya******
To: copynow05
Sent: Sat, Dec 3, 2011 12:10 pm
Subject: Re: No Heat

Mr. Ramos,

As I have tried to explain numerous times before, the boiler is not turned off.  It is not required by law that the heat “come up” 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It is only necessary that the inside temperature not fall below the required degrees.  The thermostat is set to the degrees required by law.  You were invited by Miriam to check the thermostat for yourself , and you refused.  If the heat “came up” as you state, it was probably to keep the inside temperature at the required degrees.  Obviously, if the required daytime temperature is higher than the nighttime, the heat will “come up” in the morning, until the required inside temperature is reached.  

As I have suggested before, it would probably help if you would keep your windows closed.  I understand that you smoke and might want to let out smoke, but this may be why you feel colder in your apartment.
As for the carbon monoxide, you have a carbon monoxide detector, so that if there were dangerous carbon monoxide present, it would be detected.  
As for your request to remove the thermostat from its current location, we were told that the previous owner had to place it there because you would interfere with the thermostat when it was in the hallway and you are the reason the thermostat was removed from the hallway.

Please review your lease, where you will find that lack of services does not give you the right to withhold rent payments.  You are free to begin a case against the landlord, but in order to do so you would need proof of “lack of services,” which of course you do not have since HPD has conducted numerous inspections regarding your allegations and yet has never issued any violations regarding heat.
I hope I have cleared up any misunderstandings.  Hope you enjoy your weekend.
Soraya ******
Property Manager, Lin’s Realty LLC.

—–Original Message—–
From: copynow05
To: soraya******
Sent: Sat, Dec 3, 2011 1:49 am
Subject: Fwd: No Heat

The Heat Just Came Up Now…Why Was It Off All Night From 9 P.M. Last Night Until Now, 6:48 A.M.  This Is Unfair And Unlawful.

—–Original Message—–
From: copynow05
To: soraya******
Sent: Sat, Dec 3, 2011 6:45 am
Subject: Fwd: No Heat
To: Property Manager / *** Wilson Avernue, Brooklyn, New York 11237
Date: December 3, 2011
Time: 6:27 A.M.
Re: No Heat
What Can I Say, I Am Exhausted From The Countless No Heat Complaints. I Am Tired Of Spending My Life In A Kitchen With No Heat After Hours. I Am Tired Of Awaking In The Middle Of The Night To A Cold Apartment When BY LAW The Heat Is Supposed To Be Running, Especially When The Outside Temperature Goes Below 44 Degree’s,  33 Degree’s Is The Outside Temperature At The Moment As I Write This, It  Is Affecting My Health, I Have A Constant  Running Nose, And I Cannot Shower Right Now If I Even If I Want To. I Can’t Have Family Member’s Staying Over Because Of The Lack Of Heat At Night. My Life Is Controlled By A Thermostat That Gets Infrequent Use, And Gets Activated Whenever Another Feels Like Switching It On. My Movements In This Apartment Are Curtailed,  I Do Not Want To Move Around Because When I Move It Shuffles The Cold Air. I Am Taking The Rent Money And Hiring A Lawyer, To Compel You And The Landlord To Remove The Thermostat From The Private Apartment. I Pay rent Like Everyone Else A nd I Demand Full Services For Full Rent. My Gas Utility Bill Has Gone Up From Usage To Heat The Apartment. The Lease Does Not Include A Clause That State’s That The Heat Shall Only Be On Until Any Tenant Ask’s For It.  Everyday My Chest Hurts From The Carbon Monoxide Coming From The Oven.
I Will End Up In The Hospital Soon And You And The Building Owner Will Be Held Accountable.
Luis A. Ramos
—–Original Message—–
From: copynow05
To: soraya******
Sent: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 2:12 pm
Subject: Fwd: No Heat
To: Property Manager/ *** Wilson Ave. Brooklyn, New York. 11237
Well I Continued To Wait And Wait For Heat To Come Up, But Unfortunately I Was Sold A Bag Of Lead, Full Of Dreams. But I Still Hope That A Resolution Would Be Coming.
It Is Now 1:41 PM And Nice Outside, Thanks To Mother Nature Who Supplies Us With Warmth, And It Is Free, I’m Sure Your Thankful For Free Stuff, Services…Funny Thing Is That Contrary To Your Contention That No Other Tenant Has Complaints, I Have Heard They In Deed Do. Seems Like, As Always You Like To Twist And Manipulate The Conversation That Is Current To Fit Your Agenda. I Was advised By The Deputy Commissioner Of HPD To Sue YOU In Housing Court For Breaching The Lease. I Declined Because I Have No Need For This Option.  I Again Want To Thank you For Making This A Memorable Day Of Thanksgiving. Thanks To My Mother Who Lives Around The Corner, She Had Heat And Cooked A Big Turkey And A Roast Pork. It Was Good And Not Having A Place That Is Comfortable Meant A Lot. Funny Thought You Never Bring Up That My Lease Is Due To End In December, With No Request For Me To Sign A New One. That Usually Happens When A Tenant Does Not Pay Rent. Have I Missed Something Or Is Lin’s Realty Not Happy With My Cash, Or My Outspoken Demeanor. I Understand That Many Slumlords Do Not Like Tenants That File Complaints And Defend Their Lawful Rights Afforded Under The NY State Constitution And By Laws, Many Need To Advance Their Knowledge Of Them. As For Me I Will Continue To Demand My Tenant Rights When They Are Violated, Sorry It Is Something That Is Inherent In My Nature. As An American And As A Resident Of NYC, NY State I Require That They Be Respected, And Not Ignored Like Trash That You Throw Out On A Daily Basis. Yet It Is My Hope That People Learn Their Value. Funny That I Have Just Spoken With Another Tenant That Indeed has Made The Owner Aware Of lack Of Heat On Tuesday. November 22, 2011. I Was Present During That Conversation. The Fact of The Matter is That The Thermostat Needs To Be Placed In An Area That Is Accessable As Per our Past Conversations. Until Then The Heat Issue Will Always rear It’s Ugly head An We The Tenants Will Continue To End Up having Decreased Services As We Have In The Past Year. You Ask Us To Accommodate The Refurbishment Of The Edifice, Yet This Simple Solution Is Not Worthy Of Implementation., Something That Was Already Discussed And Promised By The Building Owner.
Thank You For Your Time And Patience In These Matter’s.
Luis A. Ramos
—–Original Message—–
From: copynow05
To: soraya******
Sent: Thu, Nov 24, 2011 12:40 am
Subject: Re: No Heat
To: Property Manager / *** Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11237
RE: No Heat
November 24, 2011
In Any Case I Will Just Wait For The Heat To Come On If It Is As You State, That It Is Set, Since There Is Nothing That Can Be Done. I Have Learned Patience, And I Will Practice It. As For My Utility Bill I Know That Nothing Can Be Done About That Either, But I Will Use My Gas To Heat The Apartment. If I Am Cold And I Percieve That The Heat Is Not On, I Have No Choice But To Inform You, I Can’t Be Faulted For That. I Am Only Doing What You Requested That I Do And Inform You. Funny Thing, Sometimes We Just Have To Accept Things As They Are…Oh Well, Hopefully It Will Be Warm Before December Arrives.
Thank You,
Luis A. Ramos
New Update As Of December 1, 2011.
Well As I Knew What Would Happen, The Super Did Not Return From Out Of State Until Tuesday Mid Morning.
The Property Manager Never Stopped By, Nor Did The Landlord, That Returned To His Residence In Pennsylvania On November 22, 2011 In The Evening. That Is The Pattern Of Previous Issues, That Is Their Motis Operandi When There Are Problems, Knowing Well That HPD Were Not Going To Pay A Visit During The Holiday’s, They Never Do Until Someone Loses Their Life Or Property And Damage Occur’s. This Is Another Pattern That Has Many People Under Conditions That Humans Cannot Live Under.
What Is Funny Is That Today, Thursday, December 1, 2011 I Both Recieved A Call And Text Message From The Property Manager Soraya Stating That She Would Call To Arrange A Meeting For My New Lease. Unfortunately As She Always Does, She Knocked On My Door Not More Than An Hour Later While I Was In The Tub Soaking My Feet. I Answered The Door And She Began To Say That If I Had Time To Talk About The New Lease And At I Answered That Now Is Not A Good Time As I Did Not Feel Well And I Was Taking Care Of My Needs. Wow I Could Not Believe That This Is Happening, Was Not One Of The Agreements When She Needed Something To Call First To Set An Appointment When Both Parties Are Free. She is Like A Super Property Manager Stalker When She Needs Something, But A Mutt When I Need Services. Wow….
New Update, Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, 2011.  6:22 PM.
From: copynow05 
To:   soraya H*****
Date: Thu, Nov 24, 2011
Time: 12:21am       Attachement: Untitled.jpg    
To: Property Manager / *** Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11237
RE: No Heat
November 24th, 2011  5:00 P.M.
Well I Waited And Waited And The Heat Did Not Come Up. The Boiler Did Not Kick In, Because I Hear When It Kick’s In. None Of The Ceiling To Floor Heating Pipes Are Warm. But Thanks For The Burning Hot Water. My Turkey Which I Put In The Sink To Defrost Is Still Frozen, Thanks….
 It Is Over 96 Hours Since We Last Had Heat.
I Will Keep You Updated As Best That I Can.
P.S. You Never Did Tell Me What The Registered Legal Rent Rider Means….I Am Still Looking On Line For A Definition…
O.K. Take Care And Enjoy Your Turkey….
Luis A. Ramos

To: Property Manager / *** Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11237
RE: No Heat
November 24, 2011

In Any Case I Will Just Wait For The Heat To Come On If It Is As You State, That It Is Set, Since There Is Nothing That Can Be Done. I Have Learned Patience, And I Will Practice It. As For My Utility Bill I Know That Nothing Can Be Done About That Either, But I Will Use My Gas To Heat The Apartment. If I Am Cold And I Percieved That The Heat Is Not On, I Have No Choice But To Inform You, I Can’t Be Faulted For That. I Am Only Doing What You Requested That I Do And Inform You. Funny Thing,

Sometimes We Just Have To Accept Things As They Are…Oh Well, Hopefully It Will Be Warm Before December Arrives.
Thank You,
Luis A. Ramos

—–Original Message—–

Mr Ramos,
In response to your email please rest assured that just because Miriam G******* will not be in town until Sunday, 11/27/2011,

it does not mean that you will not have heat until her return.  Yes, the thermostat is located in her apartment, but she does not have to be present for it to function.  The thermostat has been programmed and set to 68 degrees.  Whenever the inside temperature falls below 68 degrees, the boiler will be activated and heat will rise.  If you do not feel heat coming from the radiators it is because the inside temperature has not fallen below 68 degrees.  In addition, it has been set to 68 degrees 24 hours a day, even during the evening hours when the law requires that the inside temperature only has to be 55 degrees. 

I have been informed that you have spoken to other tenants and have taken it upon yourself to inform them that the entire building will be without heat until this coming Sunday.  I would like to ask how you know this to be a fact.  Again, Miriam does not have to be present in her apartment in order for the thermostat to work. I have also been informed that you have told the other tenants that they must call 311.  The other tenants have informed me that they have no complaints regarding the heat. 

Soraya H*****
Lins Realty LLC, Property Manger

—–Original Message—– 

Update:    Day Three (3) Without No Heat  Wednesday 23,2011……. 
Hi Everyone, Just Thought That I Update The Current Happening In This Press. Let Me Just Say That It Has Been An Experience, With The Living Conditions Being Forced On Me Here in Bushwick, With These New Owners From Philadelphia.
To:  Property Manager/*** Wilson Avenue.
This Is To Inform You That The Entire Building Has No Heat Since Yesterday, 11-21-11.
I Called Mei To Let Her Know.
Miriam Called Me Back To State That She Was Out Of  The State.
The Owner Was Painting The Hallway Stairs And After Knocking On Her Door, I informed Him That She Went Out Of State.
The Owner Was In Contact With The Building Super And Informed That She Was Out Of State.
I Recall When The Property Owner Left friday Back To Philadelphia Leaving Us With No Hot Water until monday Afternoon, 4 Days Later.
Miriam is Not Expected To Return Until Sunday Afternoon 11-27-11.
Just Thought That I Would Inform You, So That No One Can Say That It Was Just Me, And That I Did Not Inform The Property Manager Or The Owner, To Have This Problem Resolved.
Thank You,
Luis A. Ramos
Before The Current Situation Here Is The Last Thing That Happened In Our Building.
To:  Property Manager
         Brooklyn, New York
Please be advised that the lights went out today october 30th 2011, at approx. 7PM in the entire building except for some rooms in miriams apartment. I have Called Mei and left her a message about this situation. please call her to confirm.
Luis A. Ramos
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