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This Was The Past Three Weeks Denials Of Services That My Rent Should Be Covering…Unfortunately I Have To Document In As Many Fashions As I Can, Because For Some Reason Slumlords Think That They Can Get Away With These Things.
Please be advised that the lights went out today october 30th 2011, at approx. 7PM in the entire building except for some rooms in Super’s Apartment. I have Called Mei and left her a message about this situation. please call her to confirm.
Luis A. Ramos

To: Property Manager,

Today October 22, 2011. 10:36 AM Saturday, 50 Degree’s.

1 Hour Ago The Landlord Mei Entered The Building And I Stated That, “This Was The Reason Why She Will Not Be Getting A Rent Check Next Month, Because Of No Heat.” Her Reply Was That I Was Not Supposed To Get Heat Now.

I Stated That The Temperature Outside Was 48 Degree’s And The Time Is Now 10:00 AM. Then I Just Simply Reentered My Apartment As Not To Entertain Further Irrelevant Conversation. An Owner Must Provide And Maintain Services And Equiptment Furnished Or Required By Rent Control Or Rent Stabilization Regulatios. Required Or Essential Services Include Repairs, Heat, Hot And Cold Water, Maintenance, Painting And Janitorial Services, Elevator Services And Ancillary Services Such As Garbage And Recreational Facilities.

Fact Sheet#3 – Fact Sheet#14 –

I Have Contacted A Housing Supervising Attorney And Will Be Meeting With Them On Monday Morning In Case I Do Not Recieve Any Reasonable Services, That Affect And Continue To Violate The Warranty Of Habitability, After Today.

Thank You,

Respectfully Submitted,

Luis A. Ramos

From: Luis Ramos

To: soraya******

Sent: Mon, Oct 17, 2011 11:45 pm

Subject: Re: Refusal of Services

To: soraya******

From: Luis Ramos

Sent: Sat, Oct 17, 2011 11:45 pm

Subject: Re: Refusal of Services

Well It Is 11:44PM, And Still No Hot Water.


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