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In Activism, Erik Dilan, Leadership, Maintenance, N.Y.State, Nydia Velazquez, People, Popular, Service's, Uncategorized on July 29, 2011 at 7:10 PM

How Is It Possible That After Recieving Several Rental Assistance Check’s, My Property Manager Informs Me That She Was In Contact With My Case Worker And That He Has Sent Her Any Checks In Dispute And That Several Checks Were Cashed Not By Her, My Landlord Or By Anyone That Has Anything To Do With My lease, And That He Will Not Tell her Who Has Cashed Those Checks…

I Will Request That The Federal Government Investigatate This Inconsistency And Possible Fraud. Whether They Involve People From the Bloomberg Administration And/Or That The Speaker Had Prior Knowledge Or Had Anything To Do With The Witholding Of Rent Payments To Landlords Under The Current Budget To Balance The Books In An Attempt To Do What The Mortgage Housing Crisis Criminal’s Have Already Done To Add To The Start Of The Meltdown And Berni Madoff’s Infamous Scandal…i.e. Fending Off Creditor’s, I Do Hope That Bloomberg’s Alledgedly 2 Billion Rainy Day Fund Does Not Contain My Monthly Disability Rental Assistance To Plug Said Budget Shortfall, Is It True…We Will See! 


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