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As Seen On The Proffered Photos: a to a(20) The Challenge Was First To Clean Up (After The Daily Regular Clean Up Of The Hope Restored/Himrod-Wilson Community Garden‘s Surrounding Sidewalk Area) The Newly Illegally Dumped Litter, Trash And Construction Material’s Placed There By Those That Do Not Understand Nor Respect That NYC Has Laws Against Such Activities, And That Those That Do So, Create Within My Local Community A Sense Of Abandonment.

In Reality It Is Far From That And I Have Taken Back This Area And Attempted To Push Back Against That Tide Of Lawlessness That Permeates The Local Neighborhood Here In Bushwick

Like The Spring/Summer Of 2010, I Spent Both Spring And Summer Of 2011 Cleaning The Sidewalk As Well As An Adjacent Empty And Abandonded Basketball Court Belonging To Hope Gardens NYCHA. I Tore Through All The Yearly Growth Of Ivy And Bamboo Trees To Find Just That, A Solid Area Of Tar And Gravel.

The Fact That Our Local Councilmember Care’s Less About The Area He Represent’s And The Other Fact There Has Been No Hair Nor Hide Seen Of Him Here In Bushwick Is A Testament On His Priorities. Mr. Dilan Keeps This False Hope That He Is Liked Here In The Area, But The Opposite Is True. I Ask Many Bushwick Residents Who Is Dilan And I Keep Getting The Same Answer, Dilan Who? It Would Regularly Be A Funny Moment If Not For The fact That Bushwick Has Been Abandoned By Politicians Such As Mr. Dilan For Most Of His Term, Really Shameful.

In Any Case There Is A New Hope For Bushwick In The Form Of A State Assembly Special Election Race That Was Called Last Month To Replace Another Useless Politician/Dynastical Individual And Former State Assemblymember Ed Towns Junior, Who’s Father is The Congressmember From NY State Ed Towns Senior. Yet What Does One Do When Ones Son Leaves State Office? Well Your Run The Next Of Kin Of Course, Such Is The Politics In NYC And NY State Politics Here. Corrupt At It’s Core And Dynatical At It’s Fringes, Never Once Giving Other Local Residential Members,  Support Or Even A Chance To Run For Local/State Office.

Fortunate For Bushwick, East New York And Bed-Stuy Residents We Have A Candidate That Has Not Read The Playbook Proffered To Him By The Ed Towns Family Dynasty, Nor The Dilan Family Dynasty. 

His Name Is Jesus Gonzalez And Has To Date Shown Some Brass Cojones To This Challenge And Has Risen And Garnered A Healthy Lead And Respect From The Community In Which He Has Worked For The Past 13 Years. On This Race I Will Keep This Blog Abreast of The Incremental Markers That Have Chipped Away On The Enrenchment Of The Dynasties….It Is An Uphill Battle And One That Is Worth Watching.

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