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Charred And Feathered In A Press

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Well I Know That I Have Not Written In Quite Some Time, But Let Me Keep You Up On The Situation On This Never-ending Press That I Call Home.
On Monday My Neighbor Plugged Her Coffee Maker And As There Was A Gas leak, Unbeknown To Her, It Caused A Small Torch Like Flame To Burn Her Washing Machine, Leaving A Prominent Charred Mark On The Washing Machine Wall.
I Was Awoken By A Loud Banging On My Door, With Scream’s Of FIRE! At The End Of This Drama, The Cause Of This Leakage Was The Daily Construction Of The Upper Apartments. More To Follow.



  1. Good to know you are a real person who commented with his real ID:

    Let me surprise you by informing you I actually volunteered for Fernando Ferrer when he last ran for Mayor. To the point he came to actually know me. I was not active in the last race. I did show up for a few John Liu events.

    I do national and global primarily, I am a Third World guy.

    I guess you are a Bill Thompson supporter. Respect. Well, I was Barack Obama’s first full time volunteer in New York City. I see me putting some time in 2012. But I will likely be too busy with my tech startup to take any real interest in 2013.

    It was nice to have John at this last event recently. With John Liu

    • Hey Sorry That I Did Not reply…..Thanks For The Comments….Well John Liu Does Not Look Like He is Going Anywhere At The Moment. The Fact That As Soon As he became Comptroller He Went On Facebook To Begin A National Search To Fill Slot’s In The NYC Comptroller’s Office Spoke Volumes About His Character. While NYC Residents Are Out Of Work, One Would Think That He Could Have Found many Qualified Ny’ers To Fill Those Spot’s…After I Told Him That And blasted Him On Facebook He deleted Me As A Friend….It Was All Good…Look What Position He Has Himself In Now…..Well Thanks Again… Luis A. Ramos

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