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Wow I Really Believed, Like An Idiot That The Last Conversation That I Had With The Landlord And The Property Manager Was Understandable, I Pay Rent, You Supply Heat. Apparently They Believe That I Will Not Go To Court, Of Course No One Likes To Go To Court. But I Think That I Have Had Enough Of The Lies.

There Was No Heat At All Yesterday, Sunday – April 17th 2011. This Morning I Called The Property Manager At 9AM. By 11:30 AM I Still Did Not Have Heat, So I Called The Landlord In Pennsylvania. I Asked Her Why Is It That I Don’t Have Heat, And Why Do I Have To Call Her To Ask For Heat.

She Called My Neighbor In Who’s Apartment The Thermostat Is Located, And 2 Minutes Later I Heard The Furnace And Heat Came Up 1 Minute Later.

Why Do I Have To Keep Asking For Heat, If This Is The Heating Season And The Average Temperature Has Been, 40 Degree’s At Night And 50 Degree’s During The Day.

The Other Question Is The Legality Of The Building Thermostat Being In An Apartment As Opposed To The Basement.

The Other Question Is Why Can It Be Manually Controlled At Another Rent Paying Tenant Whim, Whenever They Choose To Get Up, Or Whenever They Are Home. If They Go Out I Get Screwed And Have To Live In The Cold.

It’s Really Something…

So I Will Have To Use The Little Cash I Saved For Emergencies To Take Them To Court. I Will Call The NYC Public Advocates Office, Again. Bill De Blasio Should Follow Up On His Own Program’s.


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