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In Activism, D.H.C.R., Heating, HPD, HRA, Landlord, Maintenance, N.Y.State, NYC Adminstration, Rent Regulation, Service's on April 10, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Well As Promised, The Landlord Has Sent Her Father To Check On The Heating Situation, A Heating Situation That As Of 10pm Last Night Has Been Resolved. The Solution Was A Simple One. Turn The Thermostat On.

I Had So Much Heat Last Night That I Had To Turn Off The Radiator. Be Careful What You Ask For Comes To Mind. Why I Had To Call Everyone And Their Mother To Have Heat I Do Not Know. This Game Is Simple, Believe Me It Is A Game.

Take In All The Rent You Can And Use The Least Energy You Can Without Getting Caught, Like Forced Conservation. This Is Where City Agencies Lack Intelligence. That Is Why I Call Them Useless, And A Waste Of City Taxes. In Any Case I Got A Promise From The Grandfather To Relocate Said Thermostat, Where There Would Be No Question On It’s Activation By Human Control Method’s….I.E. Thumb’s…..


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