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In Uncategorized on April 9, 2011 at 7:25 PM

I Wrote To The NYC Public Advocate’s Office And Complained That I Have No Heat And Have Not Had Any Since The Last Rent Payment On The 4th of April. I Explained That It Is Unjust That I Have To Pay Rent Without Any Service’s Rendered.The Other Apartments All Have Heat And Have Had Heat For The Past Three Month’s, And It Is Unacceptable That I Should Be Made To Suffer These Past 4 Month’s.

I Forgot To Mention That The Thermostat Is In Another Tenant/Super’s Apartment And Can Be Controlled Manually. Second, The Property Manager Refuses To Give Me Her Address To Her Business Office. I Have Asked Her For The Past Four Months.

Thank You Hon. Mr. De blasio And Giovanni, For Your Time And Patience In This Manner. I Have Called HPD Today.

The Property Manager Maintain’s That I Am The Only One Complaining. It Is A Six Apartment Residential Building With Only Three Tenant’s Who Occupy Three Apartment’s.

I Apologise For The Trouble. I Just Got Off The Phone With The Landlord Who Stated That The 20th Is The Day That She Will Come To Begin The Repairs To The Building, And That Is The Day That She Will Fix The Radiator That Is Waterlogged. I Told Her That, This is Unacceptable And Unjust That I Have No Heat And Would Not Get Any Until Then. She Stated That Monday Her Father Will Stop By To Check The Radiator. All I Can Say Is, WOW…..

I Just Recieved A Call From Ms. Huerta Saying That She Would Call Me Back When She Get’s Off The Train???

In Other Developments, I Had The Water Leak Damage In The Bathroom Repaired. It Had To Be Recaulked And Repainted. The Cost Was Paint, Caulk, Labor. About 50 Bucks. I Am Now Heating The Apartment Using The Oven, Stove And Electric Heater So That I can take A Shower.

Here Are The New Photo’s Of The Repair:


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