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Well The Landlord Did As I Expected, Her Property Manager Came By For The Rent This Morning, The Heating Was Quite Well And Toasty Warm.  I Went To Take A Nap, And Woke Up A While Later To Find The Heat Off And The Apartment Frozen In A Press…..

I Will Be Screwed This April, Because Just Like Shopping In A China Shop, If You Break It, You Bought It..So I Already Paid April’s Rent And I Know Next Time I See Her Will Be May 1st.

I Meant To Comment On The Last Post About The Prior Post: Public Advocate de Blasio
Launches 8-point Housing Initiative to Repair Run-down Apartments & Protect Tenants.

Specifically This Point:

•City legislation to bar landlords with a long history of severe housing violations from receiving taxpayer dollars through rent programs like Section 8 and Advantage.

Will The City Stop Rent Check’s From Going To These Landlord’s And Yet Protect These Tenant/Client’s From Eviction Proceedings And From Being Evicted In A Capricious And Vindictive Manner.

About The Water Leak In The bathroom, I Said The Property Manager Came By To Collect the rent And Asked To See The leak. She Twisted Her Head, Looked And Exited The bathroom. Not One Word As To When It Will Be repaired, But Judging From My Next Door neighbor’s Wall’s, With It’s History Of Water Damage, NEVER!

So I Contracted Someone To Repair It And Paint It. I Guess I Will Give her The Bill Along With Next Month’s Rent.

Of Course The Rent Minus The Expenses For The Damage. Here Is The Progress:


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