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In Heating, HPD, Maintenance, N.Y.State, NYC Adminstration, Rent Regulation, Service's, Slumlord's, Uncategorized on April 5, 2011 at 12:39 PM

Not To Be Outdone By The Current Lack of Services By The New Landlord – Lin’s Realty LLC, Last Night There Was A Water Leak In The Bathroom Ceiling From One Of The Upstair’s Apartments, I Do Not Know Which One, But The One Above Me Is Vacant That Looks Like An Abandoned Run Down Warehouse.

I Did Not Notice It  Until I Took A Shower. I Took These Photos And E-Mailed Them To Our Property Manager, Soraya Huerta.

She Was Supposed To Come By This Morning To Pick Up The April Rent, But Something Came Up, Could It Be The Storm That Is Over NYC Now.

In Any Case Her Reaction Was Casual, And She Did Not Comment. She Stated That She Would Be Here Tomorrow. I Informed Her That May Not Be Possible Because I Have Thing’s To Do. But We’ll See What We Can Do.

I Had To Put Me Oven, Stove Burners On Because There Is No Heat And Because Of The Impending Rain Storm, Mixed With Sleet The tepmperature Will Fall Very Rapid, As Predicted By The Weather Forcaster’s. It Is Cold Not And I Can Imagine From Past Experiences, It Will Get Colder.

More Personal Costs For The Same Or Worst Service. Reminds Me Of The MTA And The NYC Mayor’s Administration’s.
In This Case It Has Cost More Money For Less And In Any Case Hope You See The Pictures.


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