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Well That Is It. I Have Had Enough Of What Has Turned Out To Be Our New Slumlord.

I Have Had To Contact The Public Advocates Office And ( MOPD ) The Mayor‘s Office Of Person’s With Disablities.

HPD Was Contacted On The 17th Of March. I Had To Follow Up And Call Them 24 Hours Later.

I Called The Property Manager And As Usual, Her First Words Were What Does The Thermostat On My Wall Say. I Explained To Her That It Does Not Matter What It Read’s, Because It Will Read Whatever temperature It Is Outside, because There Is No Heat. One Cannot Expect For The Ambient Temperature To Rise Without Any Source Of Heat.

She Really is A Piece of Work. In Any Case I Took A Monkey Wrench And Remove The Radiator To Drain It. That Did The Trick After Tipping This Radiator That Weigh’s A Great Deal. This Is Not Something I Am Supposed To Do To Get Heat, But Damb I Was Cold.

Her response Was That I Am The Only One Complaining, My Response Was That I Do Not Care Who Did Or Didn’t Complain, I Care Only About My Apartment As I Am Only Paying Rent For My Apartment.

I Stated That She Should Not Come Here On The First of The Month, Because I Was Not Giving Her Any Rent Payment For No Service. A Little While later The landlord Called me To Apologise And To Tell me That She Has Ordered Soroya To Pay Me A Visit.

My Neighbor Upstair’s Has Moved Out After Being Threatened By Soraya The Property Manager To Be Taken To Court.

They Wanted To Raise His Rent From $800 To $1,200 Without Any Badly Needed Repair’s Done. This Is What I Call Real Slumlord’s. All Of Which Is Illegal.


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