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Wow. It Has Been A While Since I Last Entered This Press.
Unfortunately Things Have Stood The Same Here. The Landlord Like Many Seem Not To Care, That Their Tenant’s Pay The Rent.

Yet Like The MTA, We Recieve The Same Service’s Or Worse Yet, None At All.

The Hallway Light Has Been Out For The Past Week And A Half,  Not Good For Us.

The Mailbox Is The Worst,  The Key Gets Stuck And I Wrestle With It Everyday,Except On Sunday.

Geez,  I Recall Back On The 18th Of December 2010,  That The New Owner’s Of The Building Promised To Make Repair’s In January 2011.

It Is Now The 21st Of March 2011, And All Is The Same, Except One Thing, That Is The Front Boor Of The Building.

They Repaired The Door Locking Mechanism, Only Because The HPD Inspector Got Stuck In The Building And Could Not Exit Out Of The Building.

Whatever Happened To Mayor Bloomberg And HPD Commissioner Cestero’s Much Touted Proactive Building Inspection’s And Preservation Program.

I Guess The City Council And The Speaker Have Much More Important Thing’s To Take Of, Like Working On A 3 Billion Dollar Citywide Waterfront Project.

Or Some Councilmembers, Like Mellissa Mark-Viverito, Have To Take Care Of Their Properties That Are Not Disclosed, Nor Their Income’s.

Hey At Least Brooklyn Got Some Bit Of Good News, When They Indicted Senator Carl Krugar And Assemblyman William Boyland, This Last One Called Me A Loser On Facebook Because I Would Not Support His Sister Tracy Boyland, Who Lost Her Bid For A City Council Seat, By A Huge Margin During The 2009 City Wide Election’s. That Is One Less Crook The City Inspector’s have To Deal With. What A Relief!

In Any Case Their Is Some Relief For NYC And NY State As A Whole. Their Corrupt Action’s Will Get Some Due Justice.

I Wrote A Letter To Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s Office, Let’s See What Relief That Bring’s.


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