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In Activism, Heating, HPD, Landlord, Maintenance, Rent Stabilized, Service's, Slumlord's, Uncategorized on February 5, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Well, February Brought With It Not Only Punxsutawney Phil’s Prediction’s For An Early Spring, It Brung With It A Visit By HPD To Inspect The Drafty Hole Under The Sink.

The Property Manger After 1 Month’s Time Lapse Of Delay’s And Promises, Came By To Collect Rent, On February 2nd.

Ms. Huerta Promised That The Drafty Hole Would Be Fixed By Friday.

At About 5PM HPD Inspector’s Came By As I Said Earlier, And After Leaving My Apartment, Were Stuck In The Hallway, Because The Front Door Of The Building Had A Faulty And Non Working Mechanism, That entrapped The Inspector And Prevented Him From Exiting The Building.

He Returned To My Apartment To Ask Me To Help Him With The Door, So I Went Back To My Apartment And Retrieved A Screwdriver. I Opened The Front Door And He Was Livid And Stated To Me To Inform The Landlord That This Had To Be Repaired Immediately. I Called The Landlord And They Promised That They Would Fix It The Next Day.

The Landlord Came By Friday To Repair The Front Door Locking Mechanism.

He Also Repaired The Drafty Hole Under My Sink, Using expandable Foam. Under The Base Board Area, We Installed Fiber Insulation. While it Was Not Perfect, It Stopped The Draft That Was A Constant Ache.


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