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In Heating, HPD, Landlord, License, Maintenance, NYC Adminstration, People, Rent Stabilized, Service's, Slumlord's on January 25, 2011 at 11:42 AM

It Is Now 24 Hour’s Since I Contacted Soraya Huerta/Property Manager For Lin’s Realty,LLC.

Yesterday She Sent An Unlicensed Individual To Check The Hole Under The Sink.

Mind You He Came Without Any Tool’s Of His Own, And The Baseboard Had To Be Unscrewed From The Cabinet.

That Job Was Left To Me. So Impatient Was He That He Was About To Leave Before I Unscrewed The Second Of The Two Screw’s That Held The Baseboard In Question.

Upon His Inspection, He Gasped,(Sic) And Confirmed My Allegation Of This Hole In The Wall.

I Led Him Down To The Basement Where The Culprit Of My Thorn Was, The 4 Inch Pipe That Descended From The Nefarious Hole In The Wall, Under The Kitchen Sink.

I Pointed Out To This Young Man The Pieces Of Insulation Dislodged By What I Dare Say, Big Grey City Rat’s, That On Occasion, Scamper Through The Wall’s Crevice’s At All Times During The Wee Hours Of The Night.

After Acknowledging That Yes, Indeed This Was The Same Pipe That Lead’s From The Now Frozen Smaller Kitchen Pipe’s, I Suggested That He Move The Haphazardly Placed, And Insufficient Fibrous Insulation Around, So As To See The Extent Of This Hole, That For So Long Has Caused Me Great Consternation.

He Stated In A Definitive Tone, I’m Not Touching That, Because Then I’ll Start Itching.

After About Four Minutes Of Visually Scanning The Rest Of The Basement Cealing He Promptly Left Without A Thought About The Frozen Pipe, That Is The Reason For My Call To Ms. Huerta.

So Here I Am In My Kitchen Table Having Just Made Another Call To HPD, To File A Complaint For Frozen Pipe’s As Per The Advice Of The 311 Operator, The Day Before.

Woo Hoo, WOW, Wee! How About That.

This Saga Is Definitely A Few Chapter’s Short Of  An Edgar Allen Poe Short Story!


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