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“Liar’s Ball” In A Press

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The Real Estate Board of New York banquet, sometimes called the “Liar’s Ball” for all the hot air it produces, is the biggest party of the year for the business of building, buying and leasing New York.

The   Rotten   Apple   And   The   Culprit!


The average real estate executive is against all of that, but they have to get along. Developers need city approvals for almost everything they do. The pols who give the approvals need cash to run for higher office. And the developers have cash to give.

So there was City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, an ardent supporter of rent regulation. She also controls the Council’s development agenda, and has raised oodles of cash from real estate as she prepares to run for mayor.

Other politicians showed, too – Council members, Sen. Chuck Schumer, state Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos – to court the only business in town that can never move away.

Of Course Like Their Predecesor’s Some End Up Here:

“They show up here because everybody shows up here,” said REBNY President Steven Spinola. “I believe we’re the most important industry in the city.”

This Reader Believe’s That They Are The Biggest Crook’s, Packed With Slumlord’s In Suit’s.

DOWNSTAIRS in the Hilton lobby, a small group of protesters complained that REBNY is pouring money into the Committee to Save New York, which is backing Gov. Cuomo’s fight to cut union benefits, slash spending and not raise taxes.

“Hey, you millionaires: Pay your fair share!” they shouted – not loud enough to be heard in the ballroom – before security chased them out.





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