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Frozen Pipe’s In A Press

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New Update 1/16/12:

It’s 3:48 A/M/ This January 23rd, 2013 Fully One Year Later Since I Posted This In My Housing Blog. Go Figure The Pipes Are Again Frozen.

Funny That Our Infamous Slush Fund Speaker Christine Quinn Just Had A Press Conference Extolling Her Committment To Compel Slumlord’s To Maintain Their Properties Under Penalty Of Law….Empty Word’s Full Of Hot Air From One Who In 2009 Gave Appointed To Her And Her City Council Carpetbagger’s A Third Term In Office, And The Now Infamous Skirting Of 2 Citywide referendum’s Limiting Term Limit’s To Only Two Term’s. 

Shall I Call HPD?

Will It Make A Difference?

Will They Act Now That Quinny Has Put Her Bigfoot Down?

Yeah Right, Only When Her Ancestor’s Those Flying Pig’s Fly!

Well What Can I Say But That If You Continue To Do The Same Thing’s And Expecting Different Result’s, Is Considered The very Essence Of Insanity.


New Update 1/16/12:

It Is 16 Degree’s And Well Here We Are Once Again With Frozen Water Pipes. Having Previously Informed The Landlord And Property Manager That The Repair’s Made Previously Were Insufficient And Would Lead To Future Call’s To HPD Concerning This Ongoing Issue With Frozen Pipes, Because The Cause Of The Frozen Pipes Were Due To No Insulation On The Pipes Or In The Wall’s Where The Pipes Lead To The Basement Celler And Are Exposed To The Outside Environment.

Of Course They Chose To Ignore My Contention’s As All Slumlord’s Do When They Scrimp On Property Repair’s. Now Here We Are Again. I Have Contacted The Corrupt City Agency Responsible For Inspecting Residential Building Maintenance Complaint’s, Also Known As HPD, But Knowing What I Know, They Will Falsify Their Records To Show That They Inspected And Found Nothing To Warrant An Issuance Of A Housing Code Violation…One Wonders If This Is The Reason Why The Advertisement Billboard Keeled Over On The Brooklyn Queens Expressway Overpass And Adjoining Business’, In Williamsburg Last Week.

New Update 1/5/12:

The Landlord And His Father In Law Are At This Moment Under The Sink, Replacing The Flexible Water Line. However They Are Also Replacing The Faucet Attachment With An Older Used Replacement Even Though The One On There Is New, Go Figure. They Refuse To Insulate The Pipe’s In The Wall, The Culprit Of This Present Issue And The Reason Why They Will Continue To Come Back As Soon As The Temperature Hit’s The Freezing Point Of 32 Degree’s.

Update 1/5/12:

Here Is The Latest Update On The Frozen Pipe Situation:

After Arriving At 6P.M. Last Night, The Landlord And His Dutiful Father In Law, The Same One That Lowered My Kitchen Window To Yell At Me About Having The Window Opened And Complaining About Lack Of Heat, Yeah That One…Anyway They Arrived To Fool Around With The Now 1 Year Old Issue Of Frozen Pipes…Perplexed At How Is It Possible For The Pipe To Freeze If They Finished The Basement Wall’s And Ceiling…..Well I Kept On Advising Them That The Kitchen Sink Was Installed Adjacent To A New Sheetrocked Wall That Was Installed Without Insulation, Hence The Frozen Pipes. They Consulted With Each Other For About 20 Minutes….Shuffled Back And Forth, Here And There….Then The Father In Law Realized Gave A Huff, Realizing After Removing The Flexible Water Line To The Faucet That Indeed It Was The Copper Water Pipe Itself Protruding From The Really Cold Wall That Was FROZEN!!!!!!!….

Imagine My Suprise At His Discovery And The Amazement In My Own Mind At Witnessing Such An Discovery….Shit I Almost Pee’d In My Pant’s At The Sight….Containing My As Yet To Erupt Amusement And Laughter On Noticing The Worry And The Realization of The Daunting Work That Faced Him, I Aquicended And Stated That I Can Last One More Day With This Issue Being Resolved But That They Must Promise Me To Return The Next Day To Correct This Ongoing Issue And Finally Put It To Rest.

Well Not Knowing What Work The Old Man Had Performed, Imagine My Suprise When I Turned On The Hot Water And Only Cold Water Spewed Out Of The Kitchen Faucet…I Was Literally Shock Into Conscienseness While Yet Perplexed….I Immidiately Bent Down To Look Under The Kitchen Sink Thinking That The Old Man Had Disconnected The Wrong Connection And Low And Behold I Witnessed Something Extraordinary, Something That Never In My 46 Years Have Ever Witnessed Before, Yes I Have Seen It In An Electrical Circuit Perhap’s, But Never In My Wildest Dream’s Would I Have Even Concieved Of Such A Ingenious Idea….Here Is This Handy Work:

Update 1/4/12:

Well How Time Flies When Your Having Fun…The Slumlord’s And Landlord’s That Is. Today I Woke Up To Have A Cup Of Joe, Only To Discover That I Had No Running Cold Water…Of Course I Kind Of Expected This To Be The Next Issue As I Remember Around This Time Last Year That I Wrote About This Issue Before…. I Went Back To My Post’ And Lo And Behold Here It Is, I Wrote This Back On January 24, 2011 And At That Time Both The Hot And Cold Water Pipes Were Frozen. 

Perhaps This May Be The Reason Why Nothing Works In NYC With Mayor Michael Bloomberg (The Crook) Of N.Y. Who Has For The Past 12 Year’s, As The Billionaire Mayor Of N.Y.C., Deliberately And Criminally Ignored The Needs Of The City’s Poor And The Countless Homeless Families. Bloombito Decides Instead, Being The Greedy And Hitler’s Personage That He Is, Deep Down Inside, He Decides To Ignore Those Less Fortunate, To Instead Radically Funds Perks For The Wealthy, His Friends And If I May Say, Those Closest To His Skin Tone And Racial Make-Up, As Indicated By This Recent Revelation Here:

Since 2003, City Hall has provided an astonishing $155 million for 65 new Ball fields, new bike and hiking paths, comfort stations, and shoreline reconstruction at Randalls, and plans to spend another $22 million by 2013, according to the Independent Budget Office.
I Have heard In Many Circles That When Bloomberg Dies There Will Such Festivities Not Yet Ever Before Seen in NYC.

Original Post:

Well I Woke Up To Find That, Both The Hot Water Pipe And The Cold Water Pipe’s Were Frozen.

Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi Has Struck Again, Only This Time It Is The Coffee Nazi. NO COFFEE FOR YOU!

I Now Have No Hot Water And No Cold Water. Funny That Mayor Bloomberg And Speaker Quinn, Both  Held A Press PR Blitz Touting The New And Improved HPD Initiative. I Posted This NEW Initiative’s Press Release A Little Earlier.

The Purpose Of This New Initiative And The Expected Outcome Is To Prevent Landlord’s From Shirking Thier Responsibilities To Their Tenant’s On A Timely Manner.

Let’s Use My Situation As An Example Of When This New Initiative Would Help The Lease Holder.

I Called HPD On Three Occasion’s For Insufficient Heating. HPD Inspector’s Came Two Time’s.

During The Last Inspection, The HPD Inspector Stated That The Landlord, If She So Chooses To, Can Remove The Only Floor Radiator In My Apartment, As Long As It Is Not In The Bedroom. He Also Stated that The Landlord Was Only Required To Give Me Heat In The Bedroom.

This Same Inspector Suggested That I File A Complaint Concerning The Hole In The Wall That Allow’s The Outside Cold Air To Enter My Apartment From Under the Sink Area. I Did File A Complaint With HPD On January 16th, 2011.

Guess What They Have Not Been Here Yet For That Call. And It Is Now January 24, 2011. A Good 168 Hour’s have Blissfully Gone By. Now I Know Why Those People Died During The NYC Blizzard Of 2010.

 Well This Would Have Been A Great Candidate, To Begin Mayor Bloomberg’s And Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s New And Improved HPD Initiative, Don’t You Think So.

In Any Case, I Called Both The Property Manager And The Landlord ( Who Lives In Pennsylvania). The Property Manager Called Me Back To Tell Me To Call Her When The Water Comes Back ON!


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