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In Activism, Heating, HPD, Landlord, Maintenance, NYC Adminstration, People, Service's, Slumlord's on January 22, 2011 at 12:49 PM

Well What Can I Say. The Latest News Is That After Speaking On Facebook With A FB Friend Who May Or May Not Be Part Of HPD. Guess What, Ms. Huerta Has Finally Knocked On My Door.

Her Reason Was So That Could Sign A Window Guard Release Form.

She Inquired About The Hole And Requested That I Show Her The Location.

You Guys Remember It:


She Kept Insisting That She Saw No Hole And That She Did Not Feel The Draft.

I Had Her Hold The Pot’s And She Was Astonished, But Made It Look Like She Was Used To This.

In Fact She Attempted To Try And Convince Me That This Happen’s In Everyone’s Apartment.

She Said That She Would Be Back To Take Care Of It.

I Will Most Likely Not See Her Or Any Repair Until The End Of Next Month.

But In Any Case She Was Compelled For Some Reason To Pay Me A Visit.



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