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Visit By HPD

In HPD, Landlord, NYC Adminstration, People, Service's, Slumlord's, Uncategorized on January 15, 2011 at 5:15 PM

Well I Got A Visit By HPD Today, They Advised Me That The Cause Of The Heat Loss In The Kitchen Was The Hole Under The Sink In The Kitchen.

They Advised Me  To Contact HPD And Make A New Complaint About The Drafty Hole Under The Sink.

I Found Out That The Previous Tenant Had Made A Complaint And HPD Had Cited The Previous Landlord And Ordered The Repair Of The Hole.

This Is The Original Complaint,:

1L 1 2009/08/04 2009/08/06 B 508- 7998586 3706732 § 27-2005
adm code repair the broken or defective plastered surfaces and paint in a
uniform color hole at east wall under sink in the kitchen located at apt 1l,
1st story, apartment at east NOV LATE 2009/10/05 2009/09/24 

What The Old Landlord Did Was To Put In A Kitchen Cabinet To Block The Hole, Instead Of Repairing The Hole.
The New Landlord Promised That The Hole Would Be Repaired When I First Met Her, Back In December, 2010.

It Is Now Janurary 2011, And No Repair.


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