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In HPD, Landlord, Leadership, People, Service's, Slumlord's, Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 8:34 AM

After Contacting Soraya Huerta/Property Manager And Mei Chen/Owner/Landlord I Had To Call HPD Again.

Today I Used The 311 System Online To Make A No Heat/Insufficient Heat Complaint. It Was Quick, And I Got A Confirmation In My E-Mail.
I Made A Complaint For Insufficient Heat On 1-7-11, And When HPD Contacted Me There Was Heat, Then The Heat Off At 8PM.

Today, The Heat Came On At 8AM Then Shut Off At 1PM. Then Went Back On At 7PM Only To Be Off Again At 8PM.

It Seem’s To Me That It Is On A Timer.

I Am Tired Of Staying In My Kitchen With No Heat. And I Am Tired Of Having To Go To Bed When There Is No Heat And Wrap Myself In Blankets.

I Contacted The NYC Public Advocate’s Office Today As Well.


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