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Thought’s In A New Year.

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For The First Time In This Apartment, I Have Overnight Visitor’s. My Son That I Have Not Seen In Six Year’s Has Come Down From The State Of Maine With His Girlfriend. He Is Attending College Up There. Shameful As It Is I Have No Excuse As To Why It Is Cold In My Apartment From 8pm Until The Morning. Being From Maine I Am Sure he is Used To The Cold And Blizzard’s. I On The Other Hand I Am Quite Used To Living In

NYC, And The Slumlord’s That So Affect the Lives Of The Countless New Yorker, With Their Lack Of Respect For Decent Living Condition’s.

As Well As The Violation’s Of NYC Housing Regulation’s. So I Have Once Again, Turn To My Trusty, If I can Call It That, Stove And Oven For Heat!

On Another Topic, The City Was Hit With What Some Say Was a Massive Blizzard Of Snow, That News Agencies And Mayor Bloomberg, Say Has Paralyzed The City. The Mayor States That No Matter What The Cost To The City, That he Will Use Funds To Get The City Functioning Again. Good Luck. This City Has Not Functioned Well, Since 1994.

For The first Time That I Can Remember, There Was No Mail Delivery Yesterday.

On December 28th, 2010 The Landlord Came To The Building With A An Unlicensed Worker To Repair The Boiler That Nu-Lite Had Told Her Not To Repair Piece Meal. Nu-Lite Advised The Landlord That The Boiler had To be Replaced. She Refused to Pay The Cost And Instead Used Someone With No Certification’s Or Licenses.

December 29, 2010. Had A Visit From 2 HPD Inspector’s. They tested The Pipes And Hot Water.

December 30, 2010. The landlord Stopped By And Asked If Her Repairman Can Go To the Bedroom, To Test The Pipe for Heat. The Building Repairmen Came By To Change The Valve On The Pipe. There Is Finally Some Heat In My Bedroom.

January 6th, 2011. Soraya Huerta the New Building Manager Came By To Collect Some Rent And Had Me Sign An Agreement For December’s Rent Payment. I Requested That The Landlord Redude My Cost Of $127.78 From December’s Rent As Part Of The Full Monthly Rent. She Refused And She Further Stated “How Does Zin’s Realty,LLC Know That I Did Not Just Turn On My Light And Gas And Left The Apartment Alone All Day For The Month, To Incur The Extra Cost”.

I Now Do Not Have To Just Pay The December Rent But Also Have To Eat The Cost Of Keeping Myself Warm. A Service That Had To Be Provided In Our Rental Lease. I Will Seek Remedy.

At This Statement Which Is In Fact Calling Me A Liar, I Have Decided To Publish The Name Of The Real Estate Company, The Address, Their Phone Number. As Well As The Property manager’s Name And Telephone Number.


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