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In HPD, HRA, Landlord, Leadership, NYC Adminstration, Service's, Uncategorized on December 28, 2010 at 5:00 PM

Well It Continues With A Morning Of Insufficient Heat. It Now Has been Seven (7) Days Since I Contacted The HPD And Made A Heating Complaint. On Friday The 24th Of December I Recieved A Phone Call From HPD. It Was A Mechanical Call That You Press A Number To Answer. Still No Visit By HPD Or The Building Manager, Or The Landlord.

The Temperature’s Have Fallen By 10 Degree’s To An Average Of 30 To 33 Degree’s During The Day. The Average Temperature During The Night Has Fallen To 15 To 20 Degree’s. The Windchill Factor Have These Temperature’s 10 Degree’s Below the Actual Temperature’s. WOW!

My Upstairs’ Neighbor Shoveled The Front Of The Building And Sidewalk Area. I Have Added Photo’s Of What My Backyard Look Like. Of Course There Is No Insulation In The Wall’s, Between The Inside And the Snow Outside.

For The First Time In This Apartment, I Have Overnight Visitor’s. My Son That I Have Not Seen In Six Year’s Has Come Down From The State Of Maine With His Girlfriend. He Is Attending College Up There. Shameful As It Is, I Have No Excuse As To Why It Is Cold In My Apartment From 8pm Until The Morning. Being From Maine I Am Sure He Is Used To The Cold And Blizzard’s.

I On The Other Hand I Am Quite Used To Living In NYC, And The Slumlord’s That So Affect The Lives Of The Many Countless New Yorker’s, With Their Lack Of Respect For Decent Living Condition’s. As Well As The Violation’s Of NYC Housing Regulation’s. So I Have Once Again, Turn To My Trusty, If I Can Call It That, Stove And Oven For Heat!

On Another Topic, The City Was Hit With What Some Say Was a Massive Blizzard Of Snow, That News Agencies And Mayor Bloomberg, Say Has Paralyzed The City. The Mayor States That No Matter What The Cost To The City, That He Will Use Funds To Get The City Functioning Again. Good Luck. This City Has Not Functioned Well, Since 1994.

This Will Not Excuse His Advice To The Populace Was, To Go Out, See A Broadway Show, Or A Movie, While A Mother In Labor Was In Labor And Had Nowhere To Go, So She Entered A Strange Hallway And Gave Birth Their. The Baby Died.

And In Another Location A Daughter Call 911 Repeatedly And Could Not Get Through, Even Other People Tried. Her Mother’s Last Words To Her Was That She Was Not Going To Make It. She Frantically Ran From Her Apartment In Her House Coat And Yelled Out To Anyone, To Please Call 911, Her mother Was Dying.

She Passed A Few Minutes Later, Not Giving Her Daughter A Chance To Say, I Love You! 

Mayor Bloomberg’s Last Word’s Were “GO SEE A SHOW”.


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