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NYC Blizzard Of 2010!

In DHS, HPD, Landlord, NYC Adminstration, People, Uncategorized on December 27, 2010 at 8:41 PM

I Recieved A Call From My New Property Manager. In That Call She Made A Request For The December Rent. I Explained To Her That I Refuse To Pay For No Service. I Also Informed Her That Since She Refuses To Provide Me With Any Heat That She Should Expect A Call from The NYC Housing Preservation Department. I Was Also Informed That The Landlord Know’s That The Boiler Is Damaged And That It Has To Be Replaced.

She Just Bought The Building And Has Now Begun, The Landlord Games Of Hiding Fact’s And Suppressing Vital Information That Is Detrimental To The Daily Living Condition’s For Tenant’s.
We Have Now Entered Day One Of The 2010 NYC Blizzard. And As Always It Began With a Wallup. How Does One Survive With Insufficient Heat Or No Heat, For One Month.

  1. Hello, I am an advocate for renters’ rights and I just wanted to offer some information on refusal to pay rent for lack of services: 1. Establish your tenancy agreement. Make sure that you understand what your rights are with respect to that unit in that building. Do you have a month-to-month agreement? Did you sign a lease agreement that states what your recourse is? These are the things we all should think about, if we rent, before we take any seemingly drastic steps. Once you have established where you stand, you could consider: 2. The money that you normally would have paid rent with should be set aside, preferably in a new interest-drawing account – it shows intent and not evasion; or instead 3. Consider with-holding only the part of the rent that you believe fairly covers the services you are not receiving.

  2. Well I Thank You For The Time That You Have Given In Your Response. I Have Been Living With A Two Year Lease. I Have One More Year On This Lease And As Of December 8th, The Building Has A New Owner And A New Property Manager.
    They Are Both Aware Of The Condition’s Of The Building. They Both Have Assured Me And The Other Tenant’s That In January 2011, They Will Begin Renovation’s. As Info I Have Renovated My Apartment From Top To Bottom, In Two Room’s. The Previous Owner Promised To Do The Kitchen, Which Of Course Is Moot.

    I Have Paid My Rent And Have Not Had A Problem Until This October, When The Sale Of The Building Were In Talk’s And The Prospector’s Were Visiting My Unit.

    Am I To Wait Until January, While They Still Require Rent Payment’s. They Are From A Pennsylvania Realty That Is Incorporated And That Being Said May Think That NYC Rental Guidline’s Are Not The Same Here As They Are In Pennsylvania. That Will be Seen On A Later Date.

    As I Stated To The Landlord And The Property Manager, I Do Not Want To Live Here For Free, But I Refuse To Pay For No Service’s. Period. In The Not Too Distant Future I Will Post Photo’s Of Living Condition’s In The Entire Building. Look For Them And I Do Appreciate Your Input. Thank You.

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