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And so I Begin!

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2010 at 5:14 PM

I Created This Blog So That I can Be Able To Write The Thing’s That I Encounter On A Daily Basis.

Well I Woke This Morning Knowing That For the Past Three Month’s My Apartment Is Still Without Sufficient Heat Or None At All..

I Know That There Are Only 10 Day’s Left For 2011 To Begin, And I Find MySelf Once Again In A Struggle With A New Landlord.

On The 15th Of December 2009 I Signed A New 2 Year Lease For This Apartment.

This Past 15th Of December 2010 I Celebrated My First Year In This New Apartment.

Wow, One Year Already.

However I Must Say That This Has Been An Interesting Year Having To Deal With First The Broken Heating System For The First Three Months, Now At The End Of My First Year, Once Again I Am Doing Battle With The Same Issue’s Like The Last One.

On Top Of This I Have A New Landlord That Is Not Too Quick To Begin Repairing The Building That She Has Now Bought.

It Is Cold Outside And The Temperature Is 36 Degree’s, And I Have Little Heat.

Well I Will Get Back To This A Little Bit Later.


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